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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #2210423
Sophie meets Leo at the park, but things quickly turn dark with this newfound friendship
Sophie was a 6 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed girl. She loved playing at the playground and having tea parties with her dolls. Her favorite doll was Molly, a plush doll with a white dress and black hair.
One day, Sophie was playing at the neighborhood park, with Molly. Her favorite things to do at the playground was to see-saw. However, Sophie didn't really have any friends. She had Molly, and she wasn't exactly the ideal see-saw partner.
"Mind if I play with you?" came a small voice behind her, as she sat alone on the see-saw. Sophie looked over her shoulder and saw a boy about her age.
"I love to see-saw, but I didn't want to interrupt you two," he said with a smile, looking from Sophie to Molly.
"R-Really? You want to play with me?" she asked in surprise.
The boy nodded. "Yeah! You looked a little lonely. I thought maybe I could be your friend and play."
Sophie smiled and moved molly off the opposite end of the see-saw, so the boy could sit.
"My name is Leo," the boy introduced. He began to move the see-saw up and down as he continued the conversation. "What's yours?"
"Sophie," she answered. "And this is Molly."
"Well, it's very nice to meet you both. You must be new to town."
"Just a few days ago," Sophie explained.
Leo simply smiled. Both children were happy to have made a new friend. They both spend the next hour talking and laughing on that see-saw.
"You are the coolest! I'm so glad you're here!"
Sophie grinned. "Me too! I'm glad to have finally made a friend, especially one like you!"
Leo smiled. "Do you mind if I ask you something?"
She shook her head. "Not at all!"
Leo nodded. "How did you end up in this town?"
Sophie studied him for a second, then got off the see-saw, Leo following closely behind. She led him to the edge of the fence that surrounded the park. That's when she leaned over the fence and pointed down at the scene below them.
Down on the street was a horrific car accident. You could hardly tell which car was which. There was a pregnant woman who was being loaded into an ambulance, and a man who obviously had broken both legs, bone and muscle protruding from the wounds.
"We were on our way to see my grandma," she said, turning her attention to the pregnant woman, and held her doll tighter. "I told Molly to take care of mommy and daddy..."
Leo looked at her in confusion, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw something that made his blood run cold.
The first responders were pulling a small figure out of the back of one of the cars. Despite there being so much blood, and neer indistinguishable features, Leo instantly knew who it was.
He looked over at Sophie, who was not as she had been before. Her beautiful blonde hair was now tangled and matted, dyed red with blood. Her right arm was bent in an inhuman positions, and there was chunks of flesh missing from her face. Blood soaked her clothes, and she turned from Leo to face back towards the scene.
"Now, the real question is why you're here..."
"My dad and i come here every weekend to ride bikes and hike. We..." His voice trailed off as Sophie pointed to another sight. It was a man sitting on the curb, crying. Near by, under the front wheel of one of the demolished cars, was a smashed bike and the small lifeless body of Leo.
"No..." Leo whimpered softly. He didn't need an explanation. It all came back to him. He knew, this all happened because of him. He wasn't looking, and he was too far ahead of his dad. He knew. It was all his fault...
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