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Keep your manners no matter how success you got
Bustling sound can be heard anywhere
Grumbling stomach have you heard it somewhere?
What am I talking about, you say?
My office just had a Chinese New Year celebration day.
You may not understand where I am heading.
But I assure you that I’m ranting.

I was chose to be the MC for the celebration
So delighted and so excited
But the fear and nervousness conquering me
At the end I just brush it off and do it happily

Foods were prepared for everyone to enjoy
Attended by educated, high class guests
Vice Chancellor, deans, professors and lecturers
Vice-Chancellor and the deans consider most VIP of them all
I have high respect for them for their intellectual

Sadly that respect didn’t stand long
The table they sat on is the dirtiest of them all
They did not have the audacity to put the plate and glass to the basin on their own
Not only that, they event throw rubbish everywhere on the table alone.
I understand their status perfectly
Is sorting or pile up the plates and make it easier to pick up will make them lose their faces eternally? 

This is a basic manner
It was embarrassing for our outside caterer to see
I know some of you may not agree
But I was taught manner does not come with ages or status
You did not gained the status to be cocky
Instead you should show better example than most of us

I’m not saying they should clean their own table.
But if it is your mess you should be able.
That little of basic manner would not show your weaknesses
Doing it will definitely bring you greatness
Make life easier for others, they will make your life easier as well.

Respect is not given, they are gain
What’s the use having high status while you put many in pain?
They’ll fear you, not respecting you.
But looking on how the world goes nowadays
No one actually cares
The stronger will always oppress the weaker
Yet we ought to live in a harmonization.

I wish the world would change for the better
I wish I’m strong enough to make it less bitter

Thank you for reading you makes my life happier
Now I am signing off and hope to see you later.

Hi everyone, this is my first try in writing poem..
i don't know if this is consider a Poem.
If anyone kind enough would leave me some tips or word of advice, I thank you so much in advance.

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