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by K.HBey
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James finds a new index about Nefertiti mummy.

The archeologist James is quiet sure to find an index of Nefertiti mummy. This day the weather is hot and among the paths in the Valley of the Kings, he chooses this one full of some turquoise pebbles. Early at six AM, he follows the direction of the tomb entrance number forty-six. With engaged steps and enthusiasm, he reaches it. He takes his breath and kneels a while so that to regain energy. As a man of seventy, he seems like a young fresh archaeologist at the beginning of his career still showing excitement and curiosity to discover something new about this enigmatic ancient Egyptian civilization.

Even though some researchers have discovered Nefertiti mummy, he still preserves some reserve. A long dark corridor surrounded by walls drawn with vivid hieroglyphs. With both torch and camera, he tries to find some indexes. He believes that Nefertiti was buried with her husband Akhenaten who is buried here. With his brush that he used to work with, he sweeps thoroughly the ground where a ring was found there a year ago. The ring was carved in a piece of marble let there. He thinks that the Nefertiti corpse was hidden intentionally because of both policy and religious reasons. But he does not arrive to find another index.

Nevertheless his scientific intuition lets him follow thoroughly the drawings on Akhenaten sarcophagus. The Nefertiti mummification process is there well emphasized. But during her burial ceremony, her mummy was put into a little box used ritually in order to put the heart. That is why he thinks that just her heart was buried with Akhenaten's sarcophagus and that the entire corpse was destroyed. He arrives at this pertinent conclusion but he does not find this famous box yet adding another enigma to this issue.

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