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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2210545
A short story about a dalmatian that can do something other dalmatians don't know how to.

"I already told you, I don't want to have a dalmatian here," said fireman chief, Howard to Ron.

"This is a special one though chief. She's trained to help us out in the field," said Ron.

"Let me at least think about it Ron. I don't want to have to take care of a dog here though," said chief Howard while nervously scratching his head.

"Chief, we'll all take care of her, there won't be any problems," said Ron while his face lit up with happiness hoping that chief Howard would change his mind quickly.

"Oh, alright. You can get her today if you want to then," said chief Howard while walking away and going about his business.

         Ron chose Larry to go pick up the special dalmatian with. They were excited to meet her. They were thinking of a name to call her. They didn't know it was a female though so they were just thinking of male names instead.

"Well, here she is! She's only three but was heavily trained to help firemen on the field. She can do nearly anything!" exclaimed Mr. Harold.

"A she? We thought it was going to be a he. Oh well, that's alright. She's welcome anyway!" said Ron excitedly.

"She's a beauty!" said Larry merrily.

"Yes, that she is! Give her a good name, a good home and lots of love! She's a diamond in the rough I tell ya!" said Mr. Harold the pet store owner.

"We certainly will! Consider it done already!" said Ron while the dalmatian jumped right into his arms and licked his face as though she's known him forever already.

         On the way back to the fire station, Ron and Larry were thinking of a name to call her. They were having difficulty thinking of a female name. All of the sudden, Larry's face lit up.

"How about Stella?" asked Larry to Ron.

"No. That doesn't seem to suit her right," said Ron disappointingly.

"I know! I know! Let's named her Loretta! That was my grandmother's name! She also had blue eyes and loved dalmatians," said Ron happily.

"That sounds wonderful! Wait until we tell and show the chief her!" exclaimed Larry.

         As soon as Ron and Larry got to the fire station, chief Howard was standing there waiting to see the dalmatian. He didn't look too happy. He was also hoping that it would at least be a male.

"Well chief Howard, here she is! Her name's Loretta! Isn't she a beauty?" asked Larry merrily.

"Yes chief Howard, she's named after my grandmother. She loved dalmatians and also had blue eyes," said Ron happily.

"Oh no...not a female. I already didn't want to have a dog here..." said chief Howard unhappily.

"She's special trained though. She can do all kinds of tasks out in the field chief Howard," said Ron.

"Oh, alright. I'll give her a week. Then, that's it, we're going to get a male instead if she doesn't show her worth," said chief Howard grouchily.

"Thanks chief Howard," said Ron.

"Thanks chief Howard," said Larry.

         Shortly after this, Ron and Larry introduced Loretta to the rest of the team. Then, the alarm sounded and they took Loretta along with them. They put a fireman's hat on her too to protect her head. There's a cat stuck up in a tree.

"I don't know how we're going to get this cat down. She's not being cooperative. She won't let go of the tree!" said Ron.

"Hey, why don't we try Loretta!" said Larry.

"Yes! That's a great idea! I wonder if she's trained to help get cats out of trees. Let's give her a try then," said Ron.

         They made Loretta go to the tree where the cat was. Loretta sat there panting. She didn't know that the cat was up in the tree yet. After the cat meows, Loretta looks up and see's the cat.

"Bark, bark, bark!" said Loretta.

"Meow!" said the cat.

         For some reason, the cat still hung on to the tree trunk and still wouldn't come down with Ron. Everyone was becoming impatient. Ron came down and took the ladder back to the fire truck disappointed, especially in Loretta.

"I thought you were trained to help in all of these situations Loretta. Come on girl! We need this cat to come back down out of the tree. Please help us!" said Ron while scratching his head, wondering what to do next.

         All of the sudden, the owner of the cat came out of the home. He was watching everything through his window. He was wondering why they were having difficulty with his cat coming down from the tree. He went back into the home and got a small fish and gave it to Ron.

"Well, here you go. Try luring Prissy down with this fish. It's her favorite treat," said Mr. Gerald.

"Alright Mr. Gerald," said Ron.

         Ron waved the fish and kept calling out Prissy's name to come down. Even this didn't work. Suddenly, Loretta grabbed the fish out of Ron's hand. Ron got upset at her for doing this. Loretta put the fish down near herself and barked at Prissy. Prissy slowly decided to come back down the tree. She got the fish right near Loretta. After she ate the fish, she purred and circled and rubbed up against Loretta as though she was thanking her for giving her the fish.

"Wow! Prissy never behaves like this around dogs! You're dog must be special! What's her name anyway?" said Mr. Gerald.

"It's Loretta sir! Yes, she's special and is special trained to help us out," said Larry.

"Yes, she does have a gift! Maybe she can talk to cats?" said Ron all happy that Prissy was finally out of the tree due to Loretta's help.

"Well, whatever it is, she's happy and safe again! Thank you!" exclaimed Mr. Gerald.

         When everyone got back to the fire station, Ron and Larry told chief Howard about what Loretta did. The chief was happy. The firemen had many more tasks of cats getting stuck up in trees that week. For some reason the town loved cats and many people had one over having a dog. Loretta was able to prove her worth to chief Howard.

"Alright everyone. I'd like to make an announcement. Loretta is now a part of the team. She certainly has proved her worth!" said chief Howard happily.

         Everyone then threw a party and even gave a small vanilla cake to Loretta. Loretta spent the rest of her life helping to serve the firemen. Everyone loved her! She even got in the newspaper! Many people not only bought a dog that owned a cat, they bought a dalmatian too.

~ The End! ~

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