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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2210565
Cursed for what she never did this woman can't break her own spell.

My family worries, but there’s nothing I can do. I’m helpless, trapped in a world that is not my own, in a life that is not my own. I used to sit on this very rocking chair going back and forth laughing and stroking Cindy’s blonde hair glowing golden in the sunlight. Only dreams seemed to bother me, but not anymore. Doctor’s told me there was nothing they could do, prescribed medicine that only made it worse, now I sit in this chair trance-like not noticing my surroundings, young Cindy caressing my graying hair, her mother Helene trying to get me to eat the now cold soup. I sat and screamed things they didn’t understand. I don’t feel the drop of salty liquid coming from Cindy. I can’t see or hear them, I’m truly in a different world.

“Sunrise,” I manage to whisper not hearing even myself.

“No, no it’s-it’s night now.” chokes Helene.

I scream.

“Blue Sword,” I say in horror.

“No, no it left. No more sword.”

I scream again.

“Sword,” I whisper again.

“No, it’s gone.” she pleaded.

I mutter one last word quietly, but everyone can hear.

“Blood,” I said not hearing the eerie ring it left as it left my tongue. I awoke, but I wasn’t sitting in a rocking chair, I wasn’t staring listlessly into the deep midnight, I wasn’t even me.

Chapter 1

I stood on a cliff watching day turn to night. The sun woke, creating pink cotton candy-like clouds drifting lazily through an orange and red sky.

I never saw words or even heard any; it's more like I sensed them, knew they were there, but couldn't figure out their meaning.

Trek you shall against the sun
Be warned you shan't prevail
Don't consider your journey done
'cause in 10 days you shall fail

What exactly was that supposed to mean? My guess: Taking a competitive hike, me v.s. the sun, failing miserably and...
Yeah, that's all I got.
How I could have randomly thought up some poetry, I don't know. I suck at poetry. I had just enough time to process that much and by that time the sky was as black as the abyss below. The wind blew stronger like a hand hitting me from behind. I fell, enveloped in darkness and very impossibly emerged in front of a stone wall. Even though it was night it seemed brighter than the abyss.

Only heart loyal and true
Will unlock with blade of blue

A sword flew straight into the stone and it became rubble and as said (or what do you call it if you can't see it or hear it) it was glowing a calm turquoise. I caught a glimpse of a glowing turquoise crescent at the tip of the hilt. The debris dispersed opening up into a large cavern. I could hear thumping, which was most likely my heart's workout for the day.

Release one of her clasp,
but not escaping Silver's grasp

With the final word, giant hands came from the gloom. The pale hands were complete with long silver nails.

The hands wrapped around me most likely busting my rib-cage. The pressure steadily decreasing my air supply. I gasped like a fish who was left to die on the bridge where it had been caught. I went limp, everything aching, pressure intensifying. Pain swallowed my thoughts and rationality and my vision became hazy and dim (not like there was much to look at).

Chapter 2

Bright light dissolved my surroundings. I sat up gasping and wincing at the first light that shone into my bedroom. The first thing I noticed besides the painful light was that my sheets and I were drenched in cold sweat. I brushed off the blonde hair that was plastered on my forehead.

I blinked taking in my surroundings I was in a cream-colored room with a white ceiling and an off-white carpet. I sat on a messy gray and white bed whose frame was made of dark brown wood. A built-in closet sat in front of me, the door to my right, and a window to my left everything else was a clutter. I looked out the window to see the sun had already started it's hike.
Oh, yay. I thought sarcastically It got a headstart.

That's when I noticed my reflection I saw a very average-sized boy, in both weight and height, with long scraggly dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. I noted my terrible slouch but didn't address it. I calmed my breathing which when haywire because of the strange cryptic dream.

Despite my horrible memory, I recalled everything. The words, scenery, and even feeling it gave me. Just the thought of it made me shutter.

Trek you shall against the sun
Be warned you shan't prevail
Don't consider your journey done
'cause in 10 days you shall fail

Only heart loyal and true
Will unlock with sword of blue
Release one of her clasp,
but not escaping Silver's grasp

I pondered these words when someone rapped sharply on the white door.

"Get up, get changed, get ready.", stated a female voice firmly.

"I will." I half said half groaned.

"Fifteen minutes...... max"

I let out another groan and was lucky not to get lectured.

Exactly fifteen minutes later I was out the door and on my way to the bus.

In a little less than seven hours I was on the bus home, my gears still turning from this morning's questions. You see, once I set my mind on something I rarely turn back.
Sun. Against. That's it!
I thought back to my science lecture.
Mr. Stevenson, a tall man with perfectly pressed blue and white shirt with pearl white buttons and dark gray pants held in place by a black belt that had a silver latch. He wore black panto-shaped glasses with silver studs slightly magnifying his deep brown eyes almost as dark as his slicked-back hair, spoke of science cheerfully saying the sun always moved east to west.

Trek you shall against the sun. I repeated this over and over in my mind. I now knew what I must do, I must travel east.

Chapter 3

"Clem, where do you think you're going?" rang my mother's voice and emerged a woman of average size, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a nose sharp enough to poke an eye out.

"Friend's," I said quickly.

"Which one?"

"Uh,... Charlie's." I said quickly. I silently cursed myself Charlie, the most popular boy in the 5th grade, would never invite me for anything. Knowing my mother she'd like to meet all my "friends".

Before she could continue I shouldered my leather pack.

"Got to go," I said topping my heap of lies with a cherry. Then ran out the door.

"Have fun and be home before-!" she called as I slammed the door shut leaving me to finish her sentence.

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the very device that would lead me east. A phone.

"Let's see here," I muttered to myself. After a bit of self debate, I strode confidently in one direction.
I hope this is correct. Maybe. I'll just walk all the way to Antarctica if it isn't.

Warm sunlight greeted my face as I walked passed trees holding leaves of all colors. My thoughts turned back to the dream.
Gosh, I thought to myself you're obsessed with one stupid nightmare. What do you expect to find?
I stopped in my tracks I observed something I hadn't before, the sun's dying light from the dream reflected into a perfect shape of a small cabin.

Chapter 4

My throat would have been raw, but I didn't scream well, at least not after the first few minutes. I quickly noted my short supply and gave in. I sang throat dry, but not burning as it would be if I had screamed the whole time I was trapped in there.

I had an itch to write, so I grabbed a black notepad inscribed with a white crescent out of my gray sweatshirt pocket.
Weird, I seemed to find everything when I needed it.
Except food and water, I thought bitterly.
"Quiet," I told myself aloud.
I grabbed a stick from the ground that I had pre-sharpened and dipped it in the mud. I brushed the dark brown hair out of my face and I wrote until writer's block overcame me. My makeshift pencil hovered over the next line I stared frustrated. Finally, I tossed the pad on the floor and stood.

There's gotta-


I jumped. In the farthest left corner sat two items a stick of flint looped with a thin piece of leather and a dull rusty machete. I snatched up both and scratched them together.
I sighed with relief and grabbed the driest things in the cellar.

The flames danced warming the musty damp cellar. I laid my head on my knees wrapping my arms across my folded in legs. I sat tired but unable to sleep my long dark brown hair sweeping the ground, my deep brown eyes watching the flames. It felt like forever.

"Anyone there?" yelled a male voice.

I lifted my head and observed my options. None very good. I pocketed the flint rubbing the shape engraved in it and did something I hadn't done in a while today, I screamed in reply.

Chapter 5

You're wrong, I thought to the phone. I stood in the middle of nowhere, urban meeting forest. The G.P.S beckoned me forward, I stayed put. I've already turned it all sorts of directions and it stubbornly led me the same direction. I was already debating myself. I looked ahead into the greens and browns and stepped through.

I emerged in a small clearing. I stood stunned in the shade of the forest sat a small cabin made of dark wood, smoke rising gently from the chimney.

A voice jarred into my thoughts, "Anyone there?"
It was the voice of a tall, dark-skinned policeman with a thick mustache.
I was about to wonder if anyone was going to tell this guy off when I heard,

"Down here!"

Female, I noted with a slightly ragged voice.
He looked around trying to pinpoint it's source.

"Moldy cellar, to your left," she called almost bored.

He put his hand to the double doors. As I walked closer I realized the metal on the doors were wielded together.
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