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Bio for Halley de Silva
Halley de Silva (formerly The Honourable Halley Acton) is the Chief Engineer of The Luna. She is the newest member of the group, and although has no previous railway experience, Halley is a prodigy in the field of mechanical engineering.

Halley was born on the 14th of April, 1845 in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Her father is Lord Acton, a wealthy industrialist and businessman who holds vast amounts of power in the Iron Industry. Her mother is Sofia de Silva, a Colombian coffee farmer who met Lord Acton while he was in the country overseeing the construction of a new mine. They wed and returned to England. A prominent member of the Upper Class, Acton holds traditional and conservative views, which he foisted upon Halley, and raised her to strict, patriarchal rules. Halley would often defy him and skip school to visit the shipyards, as she showed great aptitude for engineering, and was encouraged to pursue this by her Mother. Frequent clashes with her father caused Halley to run away aged 17 to Manchester, and adopted her mother's surname as a mark of respect. Here she met Kari, an enterprising young aeronaut who recognised Halley's potential, and took her under her wing to train her as an engineer.

Halley is a very shy and sensitive woman, owing to her father's harsh bullying, and often lacks confidence. But she is very well spoken and well mannered when she needs to prove her point. As a prodigy, she can come across as quite scatterbrained and stressful, but she is a very empathetic person with a kind heart.

Halley is 20 years old and has a tall and lanky build. Her natural hair colour is rusty brown, but she has since dyed it pink in response to Lord Acton's merciless teasing. She wears her hair in fluffy bunches, often accompanied by her goggles. Her usual clothes include a grey shirt under a brown waistcoat, with a red bandanna, an ankle length layered skirt and “sensible” red boots.

As the newcomer to the gang, Halley's relationships aren't as deep or as close as the others. Despite this, Halley is closest with Juno. Because of her time with Kari, She feels it is her duty to pass down her knowledge and experience, in honour of Kari and as a big middle finger to her father. Additionally, she empathises heavily with Juno as a fellow ginger. Halley is quite close with Eris, but her loud, extroverted nature can feel overwhelming sometimes. She admires her tenacity but often struggles to be heard. Halley sometimes feels intimidated by Parker, due to her cynical and abrupt mannerisms, and she can sense the tension caused by the class division, which Parker frequently brings up. Halley does try to patch things up but is often stopped by her social anxiety.

Halley's Personal Goals relate to her childhood and relationships with Kari and her father. She wants to prove herself as an engineer and honour her friendship with Kari. Her arc revolves around the idea of self confidence and rebelling against tradition. My Ideological Goal is based on the idea of Gender. The character will be used to explore themes relating to feminism, patriarchy and the shift away from traditionalism. This will be shown through her attitudes towards her father, her disillusion with the upper class and her relationship with Juno.

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