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Poems/ Lyrics. Some poems are in stories I wrote.
When hearts break uneven

I will go
the extra mile
even though,
the road is long
and all the while,
think of your smile
and forget the tears, and regret the fears,
that brought us here
on this winding road-


so what happens when hearts dont mend
and we are no longer friends
we find ourselves
lost within ourselves
so when hearts break uneven
can they be put back together again
like it all once was


I dont know
how we got here
but I know,
we cant stop here-
we fought all along the way,
to take a detour we hate
now its killing everything
we fought for


But Ill do it all again,
before I ever lose you again


Im trying to tell you, its hard to stand out when it seems, you just blend in...
Into a desecrated world-
destitute in love and emotion, at times hoping these oceans implode, and-
it was already flooded once...
This is my only attempt, in intent to get your attention,
you dont read between lines,
and call me pretentious-
when everything I am is limited in your opinions,
and this is,
my only way when you speak...To even get mentioned-
When did everything start counting against honesty,
and honestly,
I cant stomach your society,
maybe this is the reason you dont notice me...
When I put it all on the line, to show you me...
To ask for nothing in return,
I felt I owed you me,
when you realize one day,
itll be hard to get over me-
but hes more your speed, only because Im slow to speak,
or maybe because when I see you, I cant help but freeze.


My notebook is filled with heartbreak and images,
that are best kept quiet...
And I have a hard time keeping quiet,
when theres nothing left to say-
If actions really spoke louder than words,
Id find the nerve,
to just be near you...
Just to hear you breathe, and envy the air,
thats always around you-
This is a night were I can tell you anything about me,
and if theres anything about me without you,
I dont care...
I stare into space, confined in that space,
in my mind
thats occupied by your face-
Youre my genuine smile, thats impossible to hide, thats contagious
to everyone that walks by...
Theres no time in your eyes, and everytime I look into your eyes,
my heart skips a beat-


You end the letter with sincerely...
When my pen is the only one that bleeds with sincerity...
Will we ever be-
ever be, honest enough to admit if we end it, we'll just bleed out
honest enough to admit we cant be without-
I need you...
Your mascara runs onto the ink, and now it bleeds through...


I just need to be your type for once
to save you-
I need to be in your system,
I cant blame you,
I just want to be in your life...
I dont have the strength to say just stay,
Im so sorry,
I push you away


Can we stop the bleeding?..
Its staining...
our memory of what we once was,
and if it does...
We both know how hard it is to get it out...
my head is spinning,
and Im trying so hard to keep from blacking out-
will you come too?..
Will you still be here when I come to?


how long will you hold it in?
beneath the surface
but the lies will surface-
or is it easier to be...
Hold your breath, or dare to breathe again,
deal with whats being fed, or avoid whats seeping in-
throw a fit or adjust to fit,
calm down...
Its just a fit-
Is this how you want it to be
I wanted to be
an air supply, if we ever survive, this tidal wave of pain that will not subside
with my last breath, Ill breathe into you
I believe in you
keep us from sinking

My heart sees colors


My timings awful,
but awkward words escape me-
and I want to stop the words,
I really did it this time
but maybe this time,
and notice me
this time...
my heart sees colors,
but my lips cant paint the picture of how you look to me,
and it looks to me
I really did it this time


If I were your type
Id probably be a probability in your world


My timings awful,
but when is it ever a good time?
its hopeless again, holding this back, and holding this in,
its draining...
I really did it this time
you are what my dreams look like,
and even at your worst, to me youre perfect,
I really did it this time


I would probably be the type you like, if I were the type to lie
to you, like he does...

Always Be


I dream of meeting someone like you
I write to occupy time
because obviously it takes time
and when I close my eyes, all I can see is you and I
then I know I made good use of time


Living up to any expectancy
isn't expected of you
you'll always be good enough for me
and I hope I'm good enough for you
that's all I dream to do


I never said it wouldn't take work
but in my heart, I know this is worth it
and you don't deserve this
to cry, feeling vulnerable
and all I dream, is to be able to comfort you
I ignore these words that come from you
that come from fear
but there's no need as long as I'm here


You'll always be good enough for me
and I don't care what they say, I'll be with you anyway
in our lives sacrifice will arise
and I'll leave it all behind
I just want to be good enough for you


Living up to any expectancy
isn't expected of you
you'll always be good enough for me
and I hope I'm good enough for you
thats all I dream to do



Let's get it out in the open
I'm the only one that knows that,
You call me to fix things broken-
and between me and you,
We both know
Your heart is broken in two,
And you're broken too...
You show us,
you love playing charades...
You love parades...
And you love to dance in the rain,
As long as it doesn't rain on your parade...


The side of you noone ever sees,
that you keep locked away,
locked away like a diary...
You tell your friends
that you lie to me,
and you're tired of me,
but you always cry to me...


You better hope one day,
people don't read into the things
you really say...
Because all of that rage,
is from a page of regret,
And you're to blame...

...Its out in the open...
And you're so scared....
Like your diaries been stolen...

Final Chapter ( Diary Pt. 2)


You have a hold on me-
and you wont release-
a hold that turned into a squeeze...
A lucid fairy tale,
and you use it well to tell,
the ending of me...
Retained by angst and grief-
contained in tainted ink-
you rewrite lies, and place the blame on me...


Its the same sad story
how I keep coming back to you,
running back to you,
after I thought
I closed this chapter...


page after page,
just says Im the subject
of all your rage


You cant rewrite history-
your re-enactment of kissing me,
is a suppressed memory-
booked marked by misery-
when you look for things and know how it ends,
thats a twisted mystery...


Its the same d*mn story
how I keep coming back to you,
running back to you,
after I thought I closed this chapter,
its so old in...
Page after page,
just says Im the subject
of all your rage-


She says I'm contagious,
but doesn't want to catch any feelings...
In other words, not feel a thing-
I told her, I'm not that way...
If your heart is filled with doubt, promise me, you'll make room for me...
You can't be immune, in the same room with me-
because I can't go through these empty motions,
my heart is open, and you refuse to notice, that I can be good for you...
I can be good for you...
I know it's hard to take, but in our case your heartbreak
is just a phase I can make go away,
I'm the remedy that can get you through these hard days...
I can be good for you...
I can be good for you...

In this moment

What a night ,
to be alive, and to be here with you-
The stars stand out,
on a beautiful canvas...
Just like your eyes...
And I can see, everything thats right in this world in you,
as the moon light shines down on you...
I forget anything that isnt the truth,
As I wait for you to tell me anything,
because I will listen to anything from you...
Id give anything to be your breath,
as you say my name,
so perfectly...
How did I end up in this moment,
were everything falls in line,
and Im trying so hard,
not to hold you nervously...
And I know, as I stand here and look at you in this occasion,
there is no evolution,
only creation...

Silly Boy


If the pressure dont kill you, the fall will-
theres something down there, it needs to be left alone
silly boy, its just like you not to leave well enough alone
you better hope its worth it-
youre falling so fast, unaware that youre burning
so brace for the impact, or embrace the facts,
This could go all wrong...


you ignore all the signs, and all this time
you clutch your chest-
cause theres a hole were your heart used to be,
and everybody remembers how you used to be-
its written all over your face
and if you would think with your head and not your heart,
youll see the mistake


Running is not going to help, especially when youre running from yourself-
I can count on one hand all the reasons...
Its painful when your mind and heart try to reason...
Silly boy- you never count yourself as a possible casualty, everything is a war to you, and possibly, you could be outgunned...Just wave the white flag, and forfeit


My love, how are you?
Are you,
thinking of me when he-
whispers "I love you," in your ear
and your fear
is he means it,
but when its convenient...
My love, not to bother you,
but does it bother you
when I get into your thoughts?
And if I get close to you,
will you do what youre supposed to do?
My love, with excuses,
you tell him the excuse is,
youre busy-
but youre here with me,
so were is he?
you know what gets me,
is that you get me...
And I get you, and if I get you,
Ill really get to you-
My love, when you lay in your bed,
what do you say in your head?
What do you see instead?
Is it me instead
of him
kissing you?
My love, do you want to see me?
Right at this moment-
at this hour,
out of your house,
knowing noone will notice?
My love, I know you want me, and you want to want me,
but you cant want me-
I want you to want me...
My love, how are you with excuses?

Bride To Be
Song Written For "The Day Love Died:


Long cold nights fused into memories
of what we once was, hoping you remember me
believed to be your destiny, eternity
won't wait for me...
Consider me, considerate, for considering, the misery
after all, this is all, it was meant to be
you're so mean to me, and I breathe it into me
don't I deserve your touch again, I disassemble easily...


It seems it's always broken
we're foolish for hoping
leave me were everyone doesn't believe in this...


You're one with me, how do you not resemble me
resenting me, I hold you like a perfect fit to me
the altercations, your alterations, don't fit me
it's fitting, I alter myself to fit you
so you'll believe in me...

Bride to be Pt 2

The tainted wings you fly on to save me,
requires a payment of the pain you gave me...
You deliberately delivered me to safety
just so you can say you're the one that saved me-

You're h*ll on Earth,
your help is worst than your antidote
cause your side effects are always what damage the most
tell me you need me...

It seems it's always broken
we're foolish for hoping
Leave me were everyone doesn't believe in this,

It's dark in here, but I can see quite clear-
I love how you hate how it's so quiet here
quiet my dear,
quiet your heart,
and quiet your fears...

I'm quite alive, and even though you lied,
you'll die here
How you beg for quiet,
during a riot, but that doesn't quite, work here
Tell me you need me...


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