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Rated: E · Novella · Writing · #2210588
A story about a young woman taking her first step in a new direction on her journey.
The weekend was over and a new week was about to begin Sandra wished the weekend was still on, it had gone by

way too fast. She had decided to do something different with her life, to take an art class at the Library. It made her anxious

since it had been awhile she'd been out amongst people. It was her New Year's resolution to do something new she had been

at home for too long. This was going to be her first step in getting out into the real world, she knew that once she crossed

over to the outside she was on her way.

Sandra would be taking the bus it was cold outside she had to bundle up, also it was her first bus ride she had gotten

her bus tickets. She gathered up her things, her art supplies and off she went to the Library she was excited, elated, she

had wanted to do this for a long time. Then there had been always something stopping her or getting in the way, not this

time. This time she was going to go all the way and follow through she loved to paint it was a passion of hers, and now

she could do it amongst people. Which gave her a thrill, sending prickles up her spine she didn't have to wait log for the


When the bus arrived she got on smiled at the bus driver as she went to take her seat she had her cell phone, she was

all set. Sandra wasn't late for the class she was right on time, and the room was already filling up with people. There was

butterflies bouncing around in her tummy. She smiled at the people not once trying to let her anxiety show and took her seat

in the front. She wasn't here to be a social butterfly that would come in time, because she was very serious about being

apart of this class and the community.

She set up her painting and was getting her paints in order she was doing a picture of a tiger lily, one of her favorite

flowers. Where she took her pencil out and began to draw her flower she was so engrossed in her work see the lady that

stood in front of her.

''Your a newbie I haven't seen you here before. My name is Larissa.'' Sandra looked up at the petite young lady with

the bright warm brown eyes they where smiling at her.

''That is correct, I just started today. My name is Sandra Anderson, glad to meet you.'' She extended out her hand,

and Larissa took it happily.

''I am sitting over there, right across from you, we are practically neighbors.'' Sandra smiled she could see that her
new friend meant well. She wanted to take things one step at a time, since she was all new to this, and she didn't want to

rush into things.

''Thanks.'' Sandra went back to her drawing she wasn't trying to be a snob but she wanted to get as much painting in

if she could.

The teacher came by to see her five minutes later to introduce herself her name was Patty with a y she stressed it and

Sandra just smiled. She showed her the picture of the Lily she was going to draw it first and then paint she had her own


''That's a great idea, you must like flowers a lot to paint them.'' That she did Sandra agreed she nodded her head she

was anxious to get to her drawing.

''I can see that your anxious to get back to your painting, best of luck, looks like your off to a great start.'' Sandra only

smiled not saying anything. The first step she wanted to observe people and then she would warm up to them, she could

tell from the teacher that she was a friendly person.

''Yes I am.'' Sandra said to herself, but her eyes spoke volumes to the teacher. An hour later Sandra had completed her

drawing of the lily, and now it was time to paint. She had to start and stop numerous times but she finally had done it, and

there was another hour for the class.

The teacher came by to see how her painting was coming along and was surprized how much she had done on her painting

it looked pretty good. Sandra had even drew a butterfly for her special mark they where her logo, and she could see that the

art teacher agreed. Patty could tell that her new student was ambitious, creative, and was determined to get some where with

her art. It was all the makings of what a new art would be too get far ahead in her class she had a strong feeling that this one

was going to go far.

Then before she knew it the time was up and the class was over, Larissa had come over to talk with her when they had a

break. This time Sandra talked more to her and Larissa told her she was doing a painting of a Lion, one of Sandra's favorite

animals and she told her. Well she had done it she had gone to the art class all on her own, had taken the first step, the next

time wouldn't be so hard. It would get easier and easier it was good for her well-being, her creativity, and have an open mind

about her independence.

On the bus ride home Sandra was glad that she had gone and that she was going to go again and again, also she was

going to finish her picture. It gave her a good feeling and she knew that this time she had taken a step in the right direction,

because it was all she was going to do. From now on she was getting back on track and going in the right direction, she

was going to do it all.

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