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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2210607
About a dalmatian and panda bear who create art together to help out their owners.

"Honey, I don't know what we're going to do. It's going to take time for me to find and get another job. I still can't believe they laid me off. It's even becoming tough being able to feed Benjamin and Frank. We've already been eating bean soup for the past two weeks and I'm growing tired of it," said John worriedly.

"It's alright honey. We'll find a way to make it. I know something will probably appear out of the blue to help us, you just wait and see," said Jill positively to John while smiling and patting him on his right shoulder.

"I'm going to go paint for a bit then. Maybe something will become of it," said John positively.

"Wait John. Why not take Benjamin and Frank with you? I'm sure they'd love to spend more time with you anyway," said Jill happily.

"Alright sweetheart. Benjamin! Frank! Come here you two!" shouted John in their direction.

         Benjamin came because he's a dog, but Frank didn't because he's a panda bear. So, John placed Benjamin in his art studio and shut the door. He went to bring Frank in to the art studio. When John returned, the studio had paint all over the place, including on a canvas John was going to work on.

"Bad boy!" shouted John to Benjamin.

"I left you here for only two minutes and this is what you did?" asked John upset to Benjamin.

         John cleaned up the mess and made sure that Frank was in the room too before he shut the door. Jill called John for lunch. John was anxious to see what she made because she always seems to make what he really loves to eat. John wasn't thinking and left Benjamin and Frank in the art studio.

"Wow! Thanks sweetheart! I love chicken quesadillas!" exclaimed John while scarfing them down hungrily.

"You're welcome honey. Hey honey...where's Benjamin and Frank at?" asked Jill with one raised eyebrow.

"Oh no! I left both of them in the art studio! I'll go right away now to see them since I'm finished eating anyway," said John nervously.

         When John entered the art studio, it was a complete mess! There were tubes of paint everywhere and brushes with paint on them, even paint on the floor. Right before John was going to yell at Benjamin and Frank, he saw the canvas had paw prints and paint all over it.

"Wow you two sure made a mess! But, what's this? A painting that you both did? I'm impressed! Hey sweetheart, come in here quickly!" shouted John to Jill.

"What's this mess John? Wow! What happened in here John?" asked Jill.

"Benjamin and Frank did a painting for us, look!" exclaimed John happily.

"Wow! That's amazing! I love that! Look at all of the different colors they used too!" said Jill impressed.

"Yes! Hey! Let's put this on ebay and on my myspace websites and let's see what happens Jill," said John positively.

"Sounds great honey!" said Jill.

         John took a photo of Benjamin and Frank's painting. He then put it on ebay and on his myspace website account. A week went by and not one person wanted to buy one.

"Sweetheart, we're having no luck whatsoever on this painting," said John disappointingly.

"Give it some more time honey," said Jill.

"Alright. I still am having no luck in finding another job too Jill. I'm sorry," said John sadly.

"Cheer up honey! I'm sure something great will happen for us soon!" said Jill happily.

         All of the sudden, there was a small bell chime that appeared on John's computer. He looked at it and it was just an email spam. But, when he looked at it more, it wasn't a spam! It was someone asking about the price of Benjamin and Frank's painting.

"Honey! I got a response from someone wanting the painting! I'm going to make it $100.00," said John merrily.

"Alright honey, that's wonderful!" said Jill.

         The response was yes from the buyer. John then put Benjamin and Frank into the art studio and shut the door with an empty canvas again so they'd make more for him. When John returned five minutes later, they were just sitting there doing nothing but staring back at him.

"What's wrong guys? I need you to make more art for me please!" said John confused.

"Honey, maybe you just need to give them some treats first. Try it!" said Jill who also came to see what Benjamin and Frank did.

"You're absolutely right sweetheart!" said John going to get some of their favorite treats.

         After John gave them some treats and closed the door, John and Jill heard them eating their treats. They stood by the door with their fingers crossed. All of the sudden, everything went quiet. Then suddenly, there was all kinds of noise in the art studio! John and Jill waited for it to become quiet again, then when it did, they opened the door to look into the room.

"Wow! You were right sweetheart! Look at that awesome art work they both did again!" said John happily.

"This is amazing! Let's keep doing this with them! We've got a business going now John! Our prayers have been answered for you getting another job!" said Jill enthusiastically.

         John and Jill kept giving Benjamin and Frank treats and would shut the door and let them do their next paintings. This went on year after year. John and Jill became rich. John never had to work again and everyone lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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