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by Rich
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World War 2 soldier's letter home to those who stand and wait
As members of the military we are often, these days, thanked for our service. I often find it difficult because we don't do it for that reason, but personal ones usually. I have often told people that it they who deserve our thanks. Our job is easy compared to them sitting home and worrying, or making sure we have what we need.

This piece is how I would imagine a letter home from a soldier during WW2 would go. What might he say to those who stand and wait for him to return. It is written using terms and wording that I feel fit the period from my reading of history including slang for their enemy. One of my favorite periods is world war 2.


Dearest Mother.

I just got your letter of November 30th with great happiness. It has been so long since I’ve had news of home. As usual mail takes so long to get out here so I can only hope that this gets to you soon.

Things here are fine. Well, as fine as can be expected I suppose. I count myself lucky that I am only having to deal with some minor ailments that we all share. Some of our guys have not been so lucky, we have lost a fair few so far. It is hard sometimes but I can’t spend time dwelling on it or it becomes all so overwhelming. For now we being given a rest but have been told we are going to be moving out. You know I can’t tell you where beyond it is another Jap stronghold on one of these god forsaken islands.

Tell dad I hope he heals soon. Ben was always a fractious animal and being kicked, even by an old horse, isn’t something I would want to experience! I know him well enough to know he is no doubt making your life miserable fussing about not being able to things done before planting starts. He needed a vacation and this will make sure he takes one until he can use that leg. I am enclosing some money to help. Some of my comrades have been very generous, shall we say, of late and where can I use it here right now.

Please tell Debbie her big brother is very proud of her. I know how she struggles with her studies and winning the spelling bee was wonderful. When I get home, I will take her for a sundae down at Mr. Browns counter to celebrate. It will be a bit late. Let her know I am sure there will be more by then since this only the start for her. Wish I could have been there.

Mother, I know you never complain in your letters. You wouldn’t because you don’t want me to worry and fear it might cause me to be less vigiliant than I should.

I want you to know that all of us here know how hard this war is for you at home. Our families no doubt live every day fearing a telegram will arrive with bad news, hanging on every word from the radio each night with news, and even worse, the just not knowing. People work so hard so we have food, ships, guns, planes, everything we need to win this so we can get home. The long hours that it takes and the sacrifices that must be made with rationing. Seeing those who are gravely wounded coming back, not the men they were, and knowing that it could be someone you love next. As hollow as this is going to sounds, and impossible, please do not worry about me.

Thank you for sending Grandma’s crucifix. I have already added it to my dog tags. It was an unexpected gift and you can not know how much I appreciate it. I miss her so very much and am glad I was still home when she passed.

May god bless you all, keep you well, and lighten your burden.

I remain, your loving Son,

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