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A story of a friend's OC's. Not my story, just sharing it. Hope yall enjoy it!
Chapter 6: The Death of a Friend
         The three people moved forward toward Voltaic. A man with wild, crimson hair was the first to move. His orange eyes sent a shiver down my spine with their crazed stare and their flame-like marks on the sides. His pointed ears, devil-like horns, and tail made him even more unnerving. His black leather jacket covered a scarlet shirt and his dark black jeans seemed too long. Along his back was a katana, sheathed into a dark blue case that looked like someone had thrown ink on. His ruby-colored boots shined in the light. He gave off an eerie kind of feeling, one I didn’t like.
The next to step forward was a woman who looked to be in her late twenties. Her stone gray skin made her silver eyes seem even colder. Her gray wings and tail made her look like a gargoyle. Her sterling hair, wrapped in a delicate bun, faded into light blue. She wore a flowy black and white dress with a pale blue belt. Her dark gray leggings were mostly covered with a pair of black, tall boots. I couldn’t read her.
         The last to step forward was a boy that seemed to be about two years younger than Voltaic. His black hoodie covered his dirty blonde hair with its small black streak and a gold-colored t-shirt. He wore a pair of thin glasses over a pair of uniquely different eyes. The left eye was a faded turquoise with a lightning-shaped scar underneath. His right eye was the color of copper and showed no color resemblance to the left. His black sweatpants tucked into a pair of black, lace-up boots. His gloved hands were curled up into tight fists. He wore a pair of dog tags around his neck and a small lightning-shaped pin on his hoodie. He seemed frightened and concerned. But why?
After these three stepped forward, Bitter Briar waved for them to come closer. After stepping forward, they stood, awaiting commands. Bitter Briar shot out thorny vines out of her hands that wrapped around Voltaic’s torso like an anaconda snake, tightly squeezing her until she could only just barely breathe. After the vines were pinned into the ground, Briar turned toward the big three. She looked at the crazed man and nodded. He laughed maniacally and unsheathed his gleaming blade. He burst into a sprint and ran in a circle around Voltaic, dragging his katana across the ground. After he was done, there was an inferno of a pillar that reached toward the ceiling, circled around Voltaic like a cage. He ran for a moment more around the entire warehouse, blade still out, until Bitter Briar looked in his direction and yelled, “Hey Ember, we got work to do! Now get yourself back over here and put that sword up. You can play when we’re done.” The man she called Ember ran back to his previous position and hesitantly sheathed his sword.
Briar then turned to the frightened boy, glared her eyes, and pointed to Voltaic behind her. He didn’t move for several minutes. “We don’t have all day! Get it over with! I have more important matters to handle tonight!” He jumped in fear and shuffled in the direction of the fiery cage. Ember let out a sharp and shrill whistle which seemed to make an opening in the pillar. As the boy walked in the pillar, it started closing. I ran and slid into the pillar behind him as Mosaurus reached for my arm. I could hear the muffled sound of Bitter Briar yelling in frustration. I had to be there. I knew there was nothing I could do for her. Her fate was set, one way or another. Voltaic looked toward me, tears forming in her eyes. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t do more.” I nodded and said, “It’s okay. I know you did your best and I’m sorry for all those terrible things I said about you.” Voltaic smiled a small, pitiful smile. “Take care of them. You’re strong Notre Dame. They need you. My brother needs you. Mosaurus needs you. You’ll be a great leader.” She then turned toward the boy. He spoke for the first time. “Lynette, I’m so sorry. I don’t have a choice. I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to hurt you! Will you ever forgive me?!” She smiled once more. “Brother, I could never be mad at you. I know what you have to do and why you have to do it. It’s okay… Just promise me something. Promise me you’ll get out of there. Help Notre Dame lead my people. Promise you won’t ever doubt your gut again.” He nodded and tears started rolling down his tanned face. “I promise. I’m sorry,” he said hugging her in a tight embrace. Electricity bolted every which way, hitting the walls of fire.
She was gone and her brother was forced to make the final move… What kind of person, makes someone murder their own sister? Bitter Briar, that’s who.
The fire parted and Bitter Briar was standing in the opening, the gray woman behind her. “Is it done?” Briar asked. The boy nodded, ever so slowly, in a painful-sorrow. “Then clean yourself up. We don’t have time for crybabies. Come on.” That sorrowful face turned to one of pain and anger. “No! I’m not doing anything for you anymore! You’re cruel and cold-hearted! You just made me murder my own sister! I mean, who does that?! I’m done. You can kill me if you want. At least then I’ll be with Lynette.” Briar laughed. “We’ll deal with you in a second. Drekary?” The quiet gray woman looked up. “You know what to do.” Drekary nodded and walked toward the now dead Voltaic. She whistled. Ember looked away from what he was doing and ran toward the pillar. Drekary pointed toward the vines and Ember drew his sword and slashed. I looked away, afraid they were going to damage her body. When I looked back and Drekary was lowering Voltaic’s body to the ground. Drekary folded Voltaic’s arms by her side. She then swished her tail around and laid it on Voltaic’s body. For a moment nothing happened. Then, all of a sudden, Drekary’s eyes were a pure white and Voltaic’s body slowly started turning to a glossy marble. After she was done, she gently picked up the statued Voltaic and sat down at the base of the statue. She then used her claw-like nails to carve “Here lies Voltaic Storm. Real name Lynette Ross.” She then nodded in approval and stood up, folding her arms delicately by her stomach. Bitter Briar let out a shrill whistle. Ember let down the pillar of fire. Drekary stepped back as Bitter Briar walked to the statue. “I’ll let you all keep this as a reminder of what happens to those who dare defy The Elements!” Bitter Briar yelled to the crowd of Voltaic’s people… My people. People coward in fear of her booming voice. Bitter Briar turned back toward Voltaic’s brother and I. “You two are in a world of hurt now.” She looked him dead in the eyes and said, “Do you wish to suffer the same consequences as your dear beloved sister?” He gulped then something changed. His posture changed into one of confidence. He stood straight, chest puffed out, chin up. He spat in her face. I was shocked. Apparently so was she, because she wiped her face and what was left was pure fury. She reached out her hand and a thick thorn vine started reaching toward his neck. I stepped in the way and took my glove off. Touching the vine, I cut my hand but the vine started turning into stained glass. The stained glass was inching closer and closer to her hand. She realized this and cut off the vine from her hand. “Leave him alone and leave my people alone. Leave my home. Now, before you become like that thorn vine,” I said glaring at her. She chuckled. “So, she left you in charge. I mean, you have an interesting ability, but you’re just a kid.” With a cold tone, I said, “I’m old for my age.” Drekary tilted her head in curiosity. “Peculiar.” I turned toward her. She looked surprised at my glare. She turned away. “Whatever runt… I’ll be back… Just you wait,” Bitter Briar said turning to leave. She made a circled wave with her left hand and everyone from The Elements, except for Voltaic’s brother, started to leave. As the main few were walking out the door, Drekary turned her head once more toward us, turned back and left.
         Chapter 7: The New Leader, A Kid?
For a long while, everyone sat in silence, mourning Voltaic’s terrible demise. Eventually, everyone took their barrels and moved back to the fires, struggling for warmth. As I was helping some of the wood and metal workers to board up any windows, Mosaurus stormed up to me and grabbed me by my collar, lifting me into the air. I thought something like this would happen with that stunt I pulled earlier, so I wasn’t mad. He started yelling. “How could you do that?! You were there! You could have saved her! You could have saved our leader! Instead, you risked that stunt of yours just so that you could watch her DIE! And how dare you call us your people! We were her people!” I remained calm, my heart caught in my throat. “I was her right-hand man… and I stood by doing nothing… like a coward…” he said dropping me and collapsing to the ground. “I loved her… How could I do this? I just stood there, trying to stop you. But you were there for her when I wasn’t… I-I’m sorry.” Mosaurus started crying, burying his face in his hands. I sat down on the ground next to him, wrapping my arms around him. “She entrusted me to do this because she knew you would be hurting a lot more than I. She wanted me to be there for you… for all of you. In giving herself up, she was protecting you all. And I believe she loved you too. And you can’t blame him,” I said looking toward her brother, whose name I had yet to receive. “He didn’t have a choice. He would have been killed otherwise. He’s family now.” Mosaurus looked up. He wrapped his scaled arms around me and broke down. I didn’t care that my shirt was getting soaked. I didn’t care that his scaly skin was scratching mine. I only cared about helping these people now. I knew what it was like to lose someone you loved.
We sat like that for an hour until Mosaurus composed himself. “I have to help in what ways I can, to honor her wishes,” he said standing up, his mint eyes red from crying. I nodded and stood up myself. He walked away, going to check on those injured from the ambush. I smiled, concerned. She left a bigger impact on these people than I initially thought. I turned toward her brother who was grieving silently. I walked toward him. When I walked closer, he tried pulling his hood farther over his face. I approached pulling his arms away from his hood. I nodded toward her office. We started walking up the stairs and into the office. I closed the door as he sat on the bed, his hands clasped in front of him. He looked up, saw me turning, and quickly looked back down. “Hey,” I said. “What’s your name? It doesn’t have to be your real name.” He started twiddling his thumbs. He mumbled something. “What was that?” He turned his head toward the wall. “My name’s Victor Ross but my villain name is Galvanic Storm.” I walked toward him. “Nice to meet you, Victor. I’m Sarah Gray but my villain name is Notre Dame.” He looked up at me. “I’m sorry… I didn’t want to hurt her. They were making me… They said if I didn’t do it, they were going to kill me, but I had to stay alive.” I was confused. He continued. “Before she left The Elements, she made me promise that I would get out of there. That I would do whatever it took to leave and take them down. They’ve hurt so many people, and she didn’t want that… She may have not shown it, but she cared about everyone. She was kind-hearted. When she was little, she said she wanted to grow up and be a doctor. I was the younger sibling, so she always took care of me. See, our parents died when I was about two-and-a-half years old in a car accident, so she did whatever she had to do to keep me safe. Her dream of becoming a doctor quickly faded away. She was about six or so when they died and we didn’t have any other family. So, we mainly lived on the streets for a while. She always made sure I was fed, even if that meant she was hungry. She always made sure we celebrated my birthday and that I had something to open on Christmas. I never fully realized how much she suffered for me until she left The Elements. She and I joined The Elements so we’d have somewhere to sleep and somewhere where there was always food. Did you know at the age of ten, she was forced to kill an innocent man, for his wallet? She went through so much pain, just so I could have as normal of a childhood as possible. So many sleepless nights, she would go to the practice room, getting stronger so we could get out of there. Eventually, she did. And now I have too, I guess.” We sat in silence until finally, I said, “I don’t blame you for what you did. Like you said, you had no choice. But now, you’re one of us and you’ll never have to make a choice like that again. I will do my best to strengthen and protect you all, so The Elements never hurt us again.” I walked to her desk. There was a photograph of her and Victor when he was a baby, with their parents. They looked so happy, so peaceful. Innocent even. I picked up the photo and ran my hand over it, clearing off the dusty frame. I walked to Victor, placed the photograph in his lap and walked to the door. “Hey Notre Dame,” Victor said in a shaky voice. I turned. “Thank you. For everything.” I smiled and nodded at him. I opened the door and walked out, closing the door behind me. I heard his quiet sobs as I walked down the stairs. I debated whether or not I should stay and help Victor through this, but decided he needed some space. I walked down the stairs, wiping my gloved hand across the chipping railing. As I walked toward Volt--my people, I realized how little these people had. I approached Mosaurus and started planning our next move.
         Chapter 8: Staying Alive
As I spoke to Mosaurus, I looked around at the people, seeing what supplies were required. Blankets, food, sleeping bags for the children, extra wood and such to fix the exterior to keep warm and safe. There was a lot to be done and we didn’t know when Bitter Briar would attack again. I gathered the best we had, separating them into mission groups. The wood and metal workers would go to the woods and abandoned factories nearby to gather materials for the building. Mosaurus would lead a group to, against my consciousness, break into the store nearby to gather blankets and food. An older man with a water-lifting Talent took a small group with buckets to the streams with the woodworkers in order to have fresh water. Lastly, I would go to my parents’ home, to gather what I could. I was not excited for that, but I had to for the betterment of these people.
After the first few groups left, Mosaurus started toward me. I turned my head toward him. His dark, lime green skin shone strangely in the light. His blue and grey hair was pulled into a low ponytail. His mint eyes, full of confidence and his large, dragon-like tail dragging behind him, made him look like he was ready for a fight… and maybe he was. His turquoise jacket matched well with his dark grey sweatpants and his black, lace-up boots. His chain necklace shook as he walked, leaving a small rattling noise in the air.
“Notre Dame, my group is ready for departure,” he said. I nodded. “Good, you’ll leave at 10 PM sharp, making you arrive at the store at exactly 10:30 PM, 30 minutes after the store shuts down completely.” Mosaurus nodded and walked back to his group to talk to them about the arrangements. Victor was standing off to the side, packing a small bag for travel. Now I was curious because I hadn’t assigned him to any group. Approaching him I asked, “Where do you think you’re going?” Victor looked down shyly. “I just thought…” he trailed off. Then frustratingly, he started taking everything out of his bag. “Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing, Victor?” I asked concerned. He looked up at me. “I just thought… I just thought I would go with you and help, ‘cause I figured going back home is hard, with your parents and stuff. But when you asked I thought you didn’t want me to go, so I got frustrated with myself for assuming.” I chuckled, then started laughing. “What’s so funny Notre Dame?” he asked, sounding slightly offended. I calmed down and said, “It’s just, you thought that I didn’t want you to go… Truth is, it would be great if you went with. It would help, a lot. Although, I do wonder, how did you know about my parents?” As he started re-packing his things into the bag he said, “Even though we were in separate locations, Lynette and I still kept in contact, through electric currents in the ground. Since we kept in touch, she would talk to me when she needed help with an issue, and she wanted to help you.” My eyes widened as I remembered what I told her. Even though she had forgiven me, just before she died, I still felt guilty for even have said those words. “Let’s go,” I said quietly after a moment of silence. Victor grabbed his bag and he headed toward the door. I slid my goggles over my face and Victor put his hood up, as to not be recognized. After we got out the door, I looked around, making sure we were alone. Locking it behind us, we started toward the street. Just as we started walking, I heard an empty bottle being kicked in the alley. I jerked around to see nothing but empty darkness. I turned to keep walking, more cautious than before. I grabbed Victor’s arm and started pushing him forward. Suddenly, there was another sound. This time, it was the faint sound of a gun click, getting ready to fire. I turned slowly, to see a man, who seemed to be made of black, oily smoke, holding a gun. “I want everything you got. Now!” he yelled with a thick Jersey accent as we raised our hands. I hesitated, not knowing what to do. I was still new at this stuff. “Fine. If you’s gonna hesitate, I’ll help you out!” The man aimed for my shoulder and shot me, quicker than I could react. I screamed out in pain and fell to the ground, grabbing my now bleeding shoulder. “Notre Dame!” Victor screamed in a panicked state. He quickly fell down next to me to check the damage on my shoulder. “Are you ok?!” The blood ran down my arm, soaking through my lilac shirt and through my black sweater. I looked at him and grimaced in pain. “I’ll--AGHH!... I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.” His expression turned from concerned scaredness to pure anger. Victor stood up and turned toward the man of smoke. As he walked forward, a spherical field of electricity started sparking off of him. It grew stronger and stronger each step he took to reachreaching this mystery villain. Soon the electricity field was so strong, it hit the street lights nearby, busting the bulbs. It was so bright, I covered my goggles with my good arm. “You hurt her.” The villain looked confused. “What did you expect, she didn’t pay up?” he said with sarcasm clear in his voice. “You hurt her… She didn’t deserve that, but you do,” Victor said, his eyes sparking with fury. “You could have killed her. Then, The Elements would rule this city. Is that what you want?! Huh?! ANSWER ME!” The man backed up, dropping his gun to the ground. Victor reached his hand out, holding an orb of electricity. “Galvanic.” I said, my voice rising, trying hard not to say his real name. “Galvanic, stop! Don't do this! Stop...Galvanic, no!” It was like he couldn’t hear me. The electric zapping was too loud. I started crawling toward him, dodging the sparking lightning. Victor turned his hand upward and reached it toward the sky. The orb of lightning floated into the sky and for a moment, I thought he stopped. Suddenly, several bolts of lightning struck down and made a cage around the smokey villain, preventing him from escape. One particularly large, blue bolt of lightning came down, hitting the man square in the chest. His agonized screaming went on for a solid two minutes. Then, there was silence. The lightning ceased and Victor fell to the ground next to where the cage was. The now-dead villain’s burnt carcass lying next to him, splayed on the ground like a rag doll. “What…what happened?” Victor asked, sounding dazed. I got up to my knees. After getting up, I wobbly walked toward him and fell to my knees. “What’s the last thing you remember?” I asked, wondering what could have happened. “Last I remember, the guy shot you in the shoulder and I went to check on you. I got really angry and stood up, but that’s the last thing I remember. Notre Dame, what did I do?” I was about to answer when I heard police sirens a few blocks over, heading our direction. “I’ll tell you later, we gotta get out of here,” I said standing up, grabbing his arm. “Notre Dame, wait… Let me help you. We’ll visit the house another time. Come on.” I reluctantly let him pick me up, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. He picked me up and started quickly heading into the alley. My arm hurt so bad from the movement and I started wincing. After getting to the warehouse, I knocked the password and Mosaurus’s eyes looked through the slot. His eyes widened when he saw my arm. He threw open the door and put his arm over my shoulder, supporting my weight. My eyes grew heavy, but I forced them open. He set me down on a chair and ran to get the medical kit. Victor walked up to me and squatted next to me. He gripped my hand, fear clear in his eyes. Mosaurus came running back with the First-Aid Kit and started using tweezers to take out the bullet. “GAHH!” I yelled out in pain. Mosaurus stopped. “I’m sorry, Notre Dame, but you’re just going to have to stick with me for a minute. If you don’t, the wound could get infected.” I nodded. “Do what you have to do, Mosaurus.” He continued with the tweezers, Victor now holding a flashlight to help him see in the wound. I sucked in a gasp of air as Mosaurus removed the bullet from my shoulder and set it in an old metal tray. He gave me some pain killers that I took while he went to get a needle and thread. He came back as I was finishing off a bottle of water. Sitting down, he prepared the needle with some rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. He then put the thread through the eye of the needle and turned to my arm. Mosaurus started stitching up my arm, me wincing and grimacing the entire time. When he was done, he tied a small knot in the thread to keep it from coming loose and grabbed some gauze. Placing it over the now cleaned up stitches, he packed up the medical kit and set it to the side. “So, Notre Dame, Galvanic, wanna tell me how this happened and why I hear police sirens in town?” I sighed. “As we started heading toward where I used to live, some punk villain with a smoke Talent and a gun caught us off guard. He wanted our stuff but we didn’t move, so he openly fired.” Mosaurus raised his eyebrows. “And the sirens?” I looked toward Victor with his disheveled dirty-blonde hair with its black streak and said, “Things got out of hand. Vi-Galvanic got angry and lost control. He killed the villain but alerted the police with the lighting. We got out of there before the police got close.” Victor’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped in utter surprise. He stood and ran off to his room upstairs. I watched as he went, regretting I told him... but he had to know. He would have found out eventually. I turned to Mosaurus. “Did I do the right thing?” Mosaurus shook his head. “It’s not my place to question my leader, Notre Dame.” I took a deep breath and stood up. “Where are you going?” Mosaurus asked. “I’m going to my room to rest. If anything happens, come get me.” He nodded and walked toward the closet. I walked up the stairs to my new room and walked in. The wallpaper was tattered and torn, the cool metal floor rusting. I walked to the cracked mirror on the wall and looked at my reflection. The glass made my eyes look like kaleidoscopes and my hair look like part of a statue… Whatever. I’d been living with this horrid stained glass on my body for nearly 3 or 4 years, so I was used to it… wasn’t I? I walked away from the mirror and sat on the bed. I rubbed my face with my gloved hands and flopped face down on the pillow. I soon fell asleep, the painkillers finally kicking in.
Chapter 9: Back to Work
I awoke the next morning to the sound of yelling downstairs. I sprang up and quickly looked at the cracked clock on the wall. “Shoot! It’s 11:04! I should have been up two hours ago! Why didn’t I get up?!” I thought to myself frantically. I threw on some oversized white sweater and some grey jeans with a pair of dark blue hightops. Putting my goggles on top of my head, I threw open my door, slammed it behind me, and ran down the stairs. Running toward the commotion, I ran into Victor and Mosaurus. “What’s going on in here?” Mosaurus looked at me. “We have a spy, who was just pointed out by Galvanic here,” he said crossing his arms and nodding in the direction of the crowd. “We can hardly contain her, but we can’t interfere or people will get hurt. We tried waking you up, but you wouldn’t budge due to those painkillers from last night.” I walked through them and through to the crowd. Pushing each of them aside, I entered the center of the crowd.
There, I saw a woman with dark chocolate-colored skin wearing a lacy, orange sherbert-colored dress with flowy sleeves and gold trimming. Her orange leggings traced the outline of her thin legs. Her dark grey boots buckled around her ankles and her black and red hair outlined her deer-like ears. A small sherbert bow rested on the top of her head. She had large, monarch-like wings that glowed in the faint sunlight shining through the windows. Her magenta eyes had black where a normal person would have white.
She had a sly grin on her face, reminding me of the Cheshire Cat. “Who are you and why are you here?” I asked in a commanding tone. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Bit needy, are we? I mean, what’s the rush, we just met? Wouldn’t you like to get to know me before the questioning?” I glared at her. She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine, fine, fine. I guess it’s all work and no play here, am I right?” she said looking toward one of her captors, shrugging her shoulders. The man holding her lifted a hand and pushed her head back in my direction. She growled, like an animal, showing her sharp fangs. “Tell me what I want to know, woman,” I demanded. “Or the consequences will soon be clear.” She sighed, dropping her head. She looked up and said, “Fang. The name’s Fang.” I crossed my arms. “Who sent you ‘Fang’?” She chuckled. “You should know that, princess… Why, it’s Bitter Briar herself!. The queen in this fairytale of yours. You might consider her evil, but to us, she’s our savior!” The crowd gasped and started whispering in murmurs to each other. I raised my arms. “People! People! It’s all okay! I’ll handle this miscreant and make sure no information is sent to Bitter Briar about our situation. Eventually, the crowd calmed down and the smaller children were taken to the upstairs extra room, which we had now turned into their sleeping quarters, instead of the cold ground downstairs. The women went up to help the children. The men went to work on making enough small beds for the children. Soon, the only ones left in the room were Mosaurus, Victor, Fang, and I.
Victor conjured a lightning cage that surrounded Fang. She sat with one leg folded in and the other with her arms resting on it, a smug look on her face. “What do you know?” I asked. Yawning, she said, “I know that you’ve been sending your people to gather supplies. I know your fighters are in poor condition. The best troops you have are standing here, right now. I know you plan to get revenge on The Elements. I should know, I am one.” I walked toward the cage, crossing my arms once more. “How do I know you aren’t lying?” She looked at Victor square in the eyes. “Because I am the Element of an animal. I have a shape-shifting Talent. I shape my body into any animal I want and if I really wanted to, I could get out of this cage, but I’m not, am I? Plus, I only spoke what I know for a price,” she said turning to me. “I want Bitter Briar dead.” Victor seemed lost in thought. I waved my hand and the three of us grouped to the side as Fang was fiddling with her hair. “How do we know she isn’t lying?” questioned Mosaurus. I looked over at her. “We don’t. This time, we have to go on blind faith. Although, that doesn’t mean she’s going to walk around freely. We’ll keep a leash on her. She’ll be limited as to what she can do by herself. She’ll have a guard at all times… and if she’s telling the truth and she does want Bitter Briar dead, she’ll be happy to cooperate.” Victor still seemed lost. “Galvanic, you’ve seen her with The Elements, do you know anything about her?” Victor was struck back into reality. “Huh? Did you say something, Notre Dame?” Mosaurus and I shared a glance at each other. “Galvanic, is something bothering you? You’ve been out of it since they caught her.” He put his hand to his lip in thought. “It’s just, something’s off. Even with her alibi, she knows not to let herself get caught, so why did she? If she really wanted to talk, she would have shown up in your room or the office. Unless…” he trailed off in thought. Victor’s eyes lit up, as did mine. In unison, we said, “Unless it’s a diversion!”
There was a loud explosion from upstairs.
We looked over at Fang, who was now holding a malicious grin on her face. She twinkled her fingers in a waving motion and turned into a mouse. Mosaurus tried to catch her, but fell on his face instead. Meanwhile, Victor and I ran up the stairs to the children’s room. Busting open the door, we saw the room starting to be engulfed in flames. Ember was standing in the center of the room, staring me dead in the eyes, psychotic written on his horrid face.
Chapter 10: Can We Save Them?
Ember’s katana was drawn, pointed against a small, monkey-like boy’s neck. Tears were streaming down his face. Victor ran in, without thinking, running after Ember. Leaving the child, Ember jumped out the window and jumped down to the street below, leaving a small cut on the boy’s neck as he ran. “Galvanic!” I yelled after him. I threw on my goggles and as quick as I could, I grabbed two of the children and placed them in the hall. Mosaurus ran up the stairs, a look of defeat on his face. “Mosaurus, grab the children!” I demanded. He nodded and grabbed the two children in the hall and placed them in my room. I placed two more children in the hall and the process continued. The room was almost entirely on fire now, my lungs burning from the smoke. I started coughing, not able to catch a clean breath. I grabbed the last child from the room and placed her in the hall. Her large, bug-like eyes staring at me in fear and concern. Mosaurus grabbed her and put her in the other room. Searching to make sure no one else was in here, my lungs filling with smoke. I threw my arm over my mouth, attempting to gain any form of oxygen. No one was left, so I started walking as quickly as possible to the door. I was thrown into a coughing fit and fell to the hot ground. Mosaurus appeared in the doorway. “Notre Dame!” His voice faded into a muffled sound, my vision was getting blurry, and I passed out.
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