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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Dark · #2210645
In my dream, I am lost.

Lost within my deep thoughts I sink into a deep sleep.
I find myself in a wide forest where musk invades the area.
"I am lost and I say, where am I?"
I try to find my way but just penumbra invades the different paths.

Suddenly I am at the top of the cliffs. From there a dominating view emphasizes the seashore. I see an eagle on the tree that suddenly starts to fly following thoroughly a trajectory that leads to the sea and in a magic tour the eagle keeps a fish.
As I see a golden piece shining from over there. It seems to be a golden sword.
As I see a gigantic starfish and many multicolored pebbles.
An immense turtle is laying and hiding eggs within the sand and quickly rejoins the ocean. However eagles from over there are assessing these eggs.
The shore is deserted and it seems to me that I am in a no man's land. I am worried to be alone. I contemplate the sunset and realize that darkness will invade the area in a few minutes. I decide to go down and suddenly I find myself just here near the shore where the full moon reflects on the sea. The waves seem to talk and a mermaid emerges from the abyss of the ocean within the night. Suddenly she becomes an old lady. She tells me that the ocean looks like life and then she disappears. Suddenly I am running in the forest and a key is in my hand. I am worried because I do not arrive to find my home. Again I find myself on the top of the cliffs and now sunrise is seen.

286 words

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2210645-I-am-lost