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Prompt: Create an original invention and attempt to convince the reader to invest in it.
Remember that time when you went into your office and said “Oh darn it, I must have misplaced my pen for the fifth time this week!”. No one likes this feeling, and everybody has this problem, so why not solve it? Well, do I have a product for you! Brand new pen, Never Gone Pen, is a perfect solution for all your disappearing pen needs! You need to buy the Never Gone Pen right this very second because when you can’t find your pen, just clap twice and your pen yells for you, it has a built in alarm, and it has a mode to remove and stains on your new dress-shirt. The Never Gone Pen is going to revolutionize life overall for the better.

One reason you need to buy the Never Gone Pen right now is because it will never go missing! Twenty out of twenty-five americans working in business say they’ve been left with no pen because they lost all of them. With the Never Gone Pen, those twenty americans could be happy with a pen in hand. “How does it work?”, you may ask. Well, when you have misplaced your favorite pen right before the biggest business meeting of your life, simply clap your hands twice and the Never Gone Pen will light up, and call out “I’m here!”. To prove that our pen will find its way back to you, we have brought in twenty people from twenty different countries. We made then throw a normal pen in a haystack, and made them find it. Not one of them could find it, until we gave them the Never Gone Pen. If they could find the Never Gone Pen in a haystack, imagine how easy it would be to find in your cubicle?

Do you recall sitting at your desk working on a very crucial assignment at two in the morning? Do you remember falling asleep on all of your papers, leaving the whole project halfway done? Of course you do! We’ve all done it before, and we have all wished something could wake you up when you forgot to set an alarm. Well, jokes on you because you could of stayed awake the entire time with Never Gone Pen! When you’ve been writing with the Never Gone Pen for an extended amount of time, and you drop the pen without hitting the ‘done’ button on the side of the pen, it will sound a gentle beeping sound that will wake you up in no time! Even Panic! At The Disco’s lead singer, Brendon Urie uses the Never Gone Pen to stay up when coming up with new song lyrics! After using the pen for a month, Brendon was able to release more songs than ever! Imagine finishing your work in one night without drifting of to sleep! Not sure if you are wrapped up in the idea of the Never Gone Pen yet? Well, I’m sure the pen’s third feature will have you buying the entire stock.
“Oh no!”, you say as you attempt to scrub the spaghetti sauce stain off your new, white button down. You start to cry as you realize that it’s not coming out anytime soon. Want to eliminate the tears of wearing nice clothes and eating at the same time? Of course you do! If you purchase the Never Gone Pen, it won’t stop you from getting all messy, but it will make you feel confident when eating. When you find an unwanted stain on your new Polo, just shake your Never Gone Pen and a white tip comes out the back of the pen! This marker-like tip will eliminate stains on any shirt or article of clothing! According to millions of office workers, almost all of them have reported skipping lunch in fear of getting themselves messy. Overtime, this will turn into a mass occurrence of Office Starvation. Office Starvation is when workers who work in the office repeatedly skip or miss lunch, causing millions and millions of hangry workers. Not really something you want in your office building. The Never Gone Pen could save millions of lives, could it save yours?

These are three incredible reasons why you should buy the Never Gone Pen right this very second! Imagine if you could instantly find your missing pen, or even never falling asleep during the biggest project of your life! And we can’t forget about the attention-grabber; the stain remover. Overall, ⅔ of the globe recommends the Never Gone Pen, buy this pen to join the billions of people who got their life flipped with the Never Gone Pen!
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