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Nick forgets to pay Mr. Simon. Contest Entry.
I woke up with a pounding headache. I lifted my wet, sticky head off the gravel and looked around. A few trash cans, a bunch of tiny rocks, a stray cat… Nothing that I could really use to defend myself with. I lifted my hand to the sore wet spot on the back of my scalp. “Ah.” I wince. I bring my hand back down and look at the red residue on my fingers. Blood. My hands tremble as I attempt to push myself up off the cold gravel. I shake as I try to balance on my feet. I lean against the wall and rest my sore head against the cool bricks. I close my eyes and swallow the spit that has been sitting in my mouth for quite a while.

Not a minute later, a black figure walks into the dark alleyway. I push my body off the wall and try to stand straight. My head throbs. The figure walks closer, into the light.

My voice trembles, “W-who sent you?”

The man smiles wickedly, and then checks his watch lining his wrist. “We only have a bit of time. Let’s hurry this up. I’m James. Mr. Simon sent me. He wants me to finish you off once and for all.” he says hurriedly.

“Wait! What are you talking about? You must have the wrong guy! You must!” I say between breaths. I groan and hold my hand to my head. “And what happened to my head?”

James ignores my question. “Oh no,” he says slowly, “we definitely have the right guy. Mr. Simon is not happy. You owe him money. A lot of money to be exact.”

I fall to the ground. “Please spare me! I’ll pay him! Please! I have children!”

He laughs, “Bye bye Nicky.”

Word count: 299
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