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When I attended college I moved a lot--it brings back memories, some good and some bad
When I moved around while attending college--it was always for a better apartment or house situation to rent. I moved several times thinking I'll have a quiet place to study. It also had to be cheap living for myself. I also moved for several other reasons: the neighborhood; good landlords; a cheerful unit to live in. I did have good landlords for the most part but my luck changed when they cut off my welfare funding. Then I had to take out student loans while schooling as an alternative. I was wishing and hoping for a part-time job for income but then I would lose my student loan agreement for income. As outside work and loans were restrictive together.

As a poor student, I learned to live on hardly nothing as far as income was. There was no extra money for recreation and it was just school work only which was enough for me to handle in my 30s and 40s. Yes, an oldster trying to graduate and eventually running out of luck as a Senior in college. That's how far I got. I could not find work for more than $8.00.00 an hour everywhere. There was a cap on my income that I couldn't live within my means.

As a poor person my health took a toll--I was then driven to a hospital where they tested me for Disability and I was put on aid. It was a big help to me and I got the medical treatment I needed and then some help with Section 8 housing that I really needed too. I used to work when I was younger and qualified for Social Security Disability. It is not a good deal--you only get 1/3 of your retirement payment before 62 years of age. It was a poor time for me as well again. I then moved around a lot again searching for something different as that is all I could afford to do is pay my little rent monies.

After almost 10 years time I was done with poor. I then applied for VA medical benefits with the military by my past experience when I was younger. It was my last hope for some more income and I was approved for Disabled Veteran from service. But, there is a catch--one has to qualify for benefits through an approval rating for military that takes months and months. Then was I done with poor? Yes, and I moved out of Section 8 housing and got a regular apartment in a complex that I have stayed for 13 years now. I finally found my home to stay with my added VA Disability funds. I cannot still afford a better place to live now as I would be going backwards with my new funding but no longer poor.

Now, at 64 years old and almost 65 I've stretched aid to the limits as I look back. I think that my luck would have changed if I did some work on my own accord or self-employed. But, now I have time on my hands for my hobbies: photography; writing; online games; music; dancing. Yes, and of course driving by my old apartments and rental house brings back memories of poor me, but time not wasted but invested to now.

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