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ChiakiXHajime fluff story where Chiaki shrinks down Hajime and plays with him as a squishy
WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS: ChiakiXhajime cuteness (obviously), a shrunken Hajime Hinata, a giantess Chiaki Nanami, various forms of squishing from flattening to being stretched and even molded into different shapes, lots of fluff (it's a story where Hajime gets squished and squashed by a giant Chiaki what did you expect?), takes place in an alternate universe where the tragedy and events leading to it don't happen, basically a universe where everything goes right.


It had been another normal day for me as I made my way to a bench that was in front of a big water fountain, school had just ended and I was going to meet up with the girl that I loved, Chiaki Nanami.

Though our relationship had only started as a small friendship just playing games together after school sitting in front of the fountain, it had over time turned into much more, I started to realize how amazing this girl was, so kind and caring and just fun to be around and she treated me just like everyone else despite my lack of a special talent, maybe even more so.

Heck if it wasn't for her I'd imagine my life would of probably gone down a much darker road, but thanks to her I had gained more confidence in myself, not even caring that I didn't have a Ultimate Talent and it had really made me realize how truly amazing this girl was.

So much so I just confessed my true feelings of love towards her a week or two ago and you know what.. She hugged me and said she had loved me too, it was the happiest day of my life and these passing few days had been amazing now being in a relationship with this girl, we now tried to spend as much time together as possible, though it wasn't easy due to going to two separate schools but we did what we could.

Today had been a special day however as I sat on the bench and looked around before pulling out a handheld system, eventually I saw her walking towards me, an adorable smile on her face as I looked back at her with a smile as well, amazed at the pure beauty that was waking towards me as she sat down on the bench to join me pulling out a handheld herself as well and looked up to my face happily as we started to play games together for a bit.

"Glad to see you came again today Hajime" She said with happiness in her voice, "Of course Chiaki, I wouldn't miss spending time with my favorite girl~" I replied my face suddenly going red as a hand wrapped around mine noticing that Chiaki had been holding my hand as I closed my hand to hold hers as well as us pausing the games we were currently playing on our handheld and putting them away.

"So, how was your day my adorable gamer girlfriend~" I asked with a chuckle, still kind of amazed to have gotten in a relationship with this amazing girl as she looked back at me with excitement, "My day was great, best of all I think I have found a way for us to spend time with each other whenever we want~" once Chiaki was finished talking my eyes had grew in size at her words, she had found a way to make it so that we could spend time together whenever we wanted to?

"That sounds amazing Chiaki, how exactly did you figure it out?" I asked only for her to answer as she let go of my hand and pulled out a small little piece of candy."First you'll have to eat this, I got it just for you and I think you'll love the flavor" Chiaki said as she held the candy out towards me as I picked it up, "Wow thanks Chiaki, your so nice to me, if only I could repay you for all that you've done for me" I said as I unwrapped the piece of candy and dropped the little chocolate into my mouth, "You'll be able to that and more soon enough~" Chiaki giggled leaving me confused as I enjoyed the flavor of this candy, it tasted great as I swallowed it and then looked back at her.

"You were right that tasted wonderful, now what was your ide..a...." I this moment I felt tired as I passed out on the bench only hearing a few more words come out if Chiakis mouth that I couldn't make out before falling into unconsciousness...


After a while I had woken up from my unconscious state only to look up and be amazed at what I saw, it was my girl Chiaki towering over me like a goddess "Good morning my little cutie, I'm so glad to see you awake now so we can have some fun together~" Chiaki said as she brought a hand down to pick me up, "C-chiaki! What happened, h-how are you giant?!" I shouted in panic, still confused about what was happening as Chiaki happily answered my question.

"Well it's not exactly me that's grown it's little you that has shrunk, that little candy I gave you happened to have special properties that make the person who ate it shrink down to a few inches in size, but.. It also came with some more interesting properties as well, in fact" Chiaki dropped me as I landed back on table that I had woken up on, as Chiaki held a hand over me "I think I'll show you it right NOW!" Chiaki shouted as she brought the hand down on me quickly giving me little time to react, "WAIT CHIAKI! DON'T-" *SPLAT*

My world went black as I witnessed my beloved gamer girlfriend crush me with her palm, I thought I had died in an instant, killed by the girl who I loved and trusted more than anyone, squashed like some meaningless bug, but somehow I was still alive, in fact I didn't even feel injured at all, completely fine as my world lighted back up as Chiaki lifted her hand and I felt myself go up with it, "Huh" I said as I was brought with an adorable giggle being brought up to my ears.

"Wow Hajime you look so cute all squished, like a character straight out of a video game~" Chiaki said as she turned her hand around and brought me face to face with her, "Chiaki, what's going on, how am I not dead, why did you squa-" I stopped taking as a pink nailed finger poked my face only to feel another pink nail poke behind my head as I felt myself get pulled off Chiaki's palm with a *Scriiiip*

After being pulled off Chiaki's hand I felt a new feeling over take my body I felt... Light.. Like I was as thin as a piece of paper and as light as one as I was held by my girlfriends nails and she smiled, "Well Hajime that's the other property that your body has, it can squash and stretch like clay, your basically invincible, think of an item in a rpg that lowers your attack greatly but increasing you defense and gives you insane regeneration allows you to survive any attack and recover from it as well... Speaking of" Chiaki let go of me as I flutter down back onto the table, only to pop back to normal after landing.

"Whoa" I said surprised to have found myself back to a more normal tiny state, I can only presume I was flattened before and just popped back to normal, "Thats amazing Chiaki.. But couldn't you have told me this before you squished me?" I asked making Chiaki blush, "Sorry about that, I was just to eager to play with you... Besides with this new transformation, we can spend time together whenever we want" Chiaki said as she looked back at me as I thought about what she just told me.

"Yeah I guess your right, with me being so small it shouldn't be so hard for you to carry me around and hide me when your at school... Though I'm not sure what my parents will think about this" I said thinking about how I'll explain this to my parents as Chiaki spoke up,"Well... I was thinking that I could let you call them and say that your living in a dorm room with me, due to it being easier to get to school that way for you" Chiaki said as I looked back towards her and agreed.

"Yeah that should work, I'll also tell them we go to the same school as well and that I'm alright so they don't have to worry about me being with you~" I smiled back as I saw Chiaki pull out a phone, "Here, we might as well do it now so their not worrying even more later" Chiaki suggested as she laid the device in front of me, due to my small size I had some trouble with the buttons, so I just told Chiaki my phone number and she put it down on the phone for me.

After calling my parents to let them know that I'll be staying with Chiaki and the I'm alright I finished the call as Chiaki put the phone away and looked back at me with a big smile, "So Chiaki what do you have planned for us today~" I asked her with a big smile on my face, "I'm glad you asked, well I was thinking with you being soft and squishy we could have some fun with that, after all it would let you get more acquainted with your new capabilities, plus it was really fun to squish you the first time and I just really want to play with you some more~" Chiaki cooed as I blushed and smiled back towards her.

"Of course Chiaki, let's get started!" I called back as Chiaki began to play with me, starting by smashing me between both her palms and rubbed them together to flatten me out before separating them to reveal me flattened like paper as I fluttered to the ground, I was a bit dazed from the squashing but smiled upon looking up to see Chiakis happy laughing face, "Dawh, I just can't get over how cute you look like that, you look like an adorable little poster~" Chiaki giggled making me blush as I felt my body start to slowly reform.

Once reformed again I felt two pink nails grab my legs and hold me upside down as another held my arms, "Your fun to squish Hajime, but I want to see you stretch~" Chiaki said teasingly as she pulled my arms and legs, watching as my gamer girlfriend stretched me out, feeling still a bit strange seeing my body being changed in such strange ways, though I didn't mind it as long as it made Chiaki happy.

I was stretched to chiaki's arm length as both me and her were given the sight of my new stretched out body, my arms and legs went from an inch in length to a few feet in length, "Your super stretchy to like this Hajime, and just as adorable as before~"Chiaki cooed giggling as I squirmed a little in my stretched out form, "Glad to see you so happy, so what next Chiakiiiii~" I yelped as my limbs were released from her grip and dropped back onto the table only to be grabbed and wrapped around one of fingers and then moved to the other, then the other as she wrapped me around all the fingers on both her hands minus thumbs and tied me up tight.

"Hehe, looks like you have me literally at you finger tips" I said with a laugh as Chiaki blushes and laughed as well, "Got you all wrapped around my finger or in this case fingers~" Chiaki teased wiggling her fingers as I felt my body get stretched and moved about, making me feel like I was in a taffy puller, a completely surreal and yet rather pleasant and comforting experience, especially knowing who was doing it~

After a few minutes of wiggling my body that was wrapped around her fingers, Chiaki decided it was time for something different as she untied my body and let it unravel off of her fingers onto the table, leaving me as one big boy noodle, "I'll need to reform first for my next idea so I just let you lay here and rest for now til you reform" Chiaki said to me as I laid their and started to reform, I tried to move my body like this to see if I couldn't get myself to reform faster and well it actually seemed to work, my body movements even subtle helped my body reform faster much to Chiaki's excitement.

"Wow Hajime you reformed faster than I thought, guess you really wanted me to play with you some more~" Chiaki teased as she picked up my now reformed body making me blush, "Well you wouldn't be wrong, this has been surprisingly pleasant, also it's been great making my lovely girlfriend so happy~" I replied with another chuckle as Chiaki blushed back at me,"Dawh your the best squishy little boyfriend a gamer girl could ever have... And probably the only~ anyway time for my next game, I'm sure you'll love it~" Chiaki said as I noticed both of her hands covered me up and squeezed me tightly.

I couldn't tell what was happening though as my body felt like it was getting squished all together but not flattened, instead feeling like I was being compacted into a shape as she finished up and rolled me up into a ball, "Now I have a cute little boyfriend ball, let's see if your bouncy~" Chiaki teased as she dropped me onto the table and I bounced a few times making her giggle as she grabbed me and did it again, being bounced had been kind of fun, though I had no control over my body like this and I felt like my body had been compacted into an invisible prize capsule, it was cool to be so bouncy feeling like I was jumping on a trampoline kind of.

After doing this a few more times, it seemed like Chiaki had a new idea on her mind as she now held me in her palm and tossed and caught while telling me her plan, "Alright Hajime, since your already rather bouncy from just being dropped on a table, I wonder how much you'd bounced if I threw you at a wall" Chiaki said with a smirk as she got into ready position to throw me, making me a little nervous about this idea as before I could react Chiaki had thrown me like a baseball player throwing a baseball as I launched towards the wall and hit it with a *SPLAT* not bouncing off of it and instead becoming a dazed and gooey mess.

"Oh my goodness, Hajime!" Chiaki said worriedly walking towards me upon seeing what had happened as she quickly peeled me off the wall and fearfully waited for me to reform, though it took a while I had eventually reformed and looked back at my cute girlfriend, "Hey Chiaki, you okay Cut-" was all I could get out before being rubbed into Chiakis face up against her right cheek,"Oh my gosh Hajime, I so sorry, I didn't know that doing that would've squished you so bad, I was worried that you had gotten really hurt and-" Chiaki was stopped as I spoke up back to her, "N-no need to worry Chiaki, I'm completely fine, didn't even hurt one bit" to prove my point I moved each of my body parts from under her tight grip from under to show her that I was a okay, "See nothing to worry about~" I said with a smile towards Chiaki as her sad and worried expression turned into a happy one.

"Your right Hajime, it just... Caught me a bit off guard, and I think it's time to have some more personal fun~" Chiaki cooed as I blushed upon hearing this comment only to become even reader as Chiaki carried me to her bed and held me in one of her arms while she removed part of her outfit off, revealing two beautiful breasts, "How's about spending some time right her for a bit" Chiaki teased I my face burned at her new idea,"That sounds wonderful Chiaki, Man.. Aren't I lucky to have the best girlfriend ever~" I said with glee as I excited was placed in between the gamer girls boob's.

"Your such a little charmer aren't you Hajime, well get nice and comfy now so we can do the next step~" Chiaki told me as I felt myself start to gain an erection from being in between her breasts, I was literally resting in between the beautiful massive bust of my girlfriend, this was the most amazing day of my life by far~. Though my breast rest was brought to an abrupt end as I felt the boob's separate from me before *SLAM* Chiaki slammed her boob's together with me in the middle making me moan out in pleasure while also squishing my body and more in particular my now erect manhood.

I was in my own personal heaven as Chiaki grinded me between her bust, flattening me out further and further with each passing breast squeeze, making me moan more and more by the second with my manhood becoming even more hard as well despite being flattened, "This is.. Wonderful, I'm so lucky to have you Chiaki~" I moaned out in a complete state of arousal now not even knowing that my body was slowly being shifted under one of your bra cups due to the mass boob smashing.

Once I had woken from my aroused state I then entered back in it again as I was now face to face with one of your breast's, I had known full well that you had some impressive bust, but never had I thought that I'd be up close and personal to it like this, "Huh, Hajime where did you go?" Chiaki wondered confused as she use one hand to search for me between her breasts and used the other to re-adjust her bra cup that she had felt was loose, only to hear a squish as she pressed down on it, making her face flush red, "Oh... Their you are.." Chiaki said embarrassedly as she pulled up her right bra cup and peeled my flattened and smeared form out from her bra cup, clearly embarrassed at where I had ended up.

There was some silence as Chiaki laid me down on her bed and let me reform,while also putting back on her clothes that she had taken off moments ago. "Mmm, Hey Chiaki are you okay... You look concerned about... Oh right~" I said blushing upon realizing what just happened a moment ago, "Well I think it's about dinner time... So I'll go downstairs and get what my parents have prepared so we can share.. You stay here and reform okay~" Chiaki said smiling as she walked downstairs and went to get food for us as I laid their and reformed, once reformed I then felt the immense sexual arousal overtake me from all the pleasure I had received and I just couldn't take it as I unzipped my pants and released my load onto one of the far corners of the bed before falling down, and briefly passing out.

..Only to be awoken by a soft voice, "Hey Hajime, it's look like you enjoyed yourself while I was gone~" Chiaki teased as I looked up and blushed,"Gah Chiaki, sorry I just couldn't stop myself, being between your breasts felt really good and I-" my words were stopped as Chiaki picked me up, "No worries Hajime, I can understand how you felt being there" Chiaki said smiling as she carried me to a table that she had placed the plate of food that she had gotten for us to share.

Once she had sat down, Chiaki laid me on a napkin and cut off part of a hamburger and picked up a few fries and laid them on the napkin for me. Even giving me a small little cup filled with soda with a small straw pulled down to me so I could reach it as we enjoyed our meal together. Once finished Chiaki wiped her face and hands off with a towel she had as I did the same with the napkin I laid on, being picked up by Chiaki off of the napkin and laid me on her bed, "I'll go put the dishes away, you just stay here and rest for now, then once I get back we can have some more fun~" Chiaki cooed as she picked up the plate, napkin, towel and silver ware as she walked out of the room once again leaving me their to rest and think about how wonderful this day had been so far.

After a while Chiaki had came back with her gleeful smile as usual and excitedly hopped on the bed with me, "Okay Hajime, You've experienced being squished by my hands, now let's see how you enjoy being squished by my feet~" Chiaki said as she took off her socks and shoes making me flushed red again as I saw her adorable and rather clean feet along with her cute pink painted nails on her toes as she put her feet at both sides of me and pressed then together squashing me between her gorgeous soles and rubbed them together with glee.

"Mmm, I know I didn't mention it earlier but your really soft like this all squished Hajime~" Chiaki cooed as I felt myself get stuck against one of her soles, after a couple more rubs, Chiaki decided to take it up a notch going from rubbing me between her soles to stomping me into the ground, spreading me against her soft sole to our shared pleasure, "Soo soft~.. I could use you as a insole while I go for a walk, you'd be amazing like that~" Chiaki said with joy as she enjoyed smearing me against her sole as I blushed at her idea, "But for now I have some else in mind that I'm sure you'll also enjoy~" Chiaki said as stood up and say down on her bed, peeling me off her sole as she held my mashed up form in her hand and went to get something else.

Now in her other hand she had a game controller, I was to squished to tell what kind but I think I had an idea of what Chiaki was gonna do with it...and me, suddenly I felt my body start to get stretched and wrapped around the controller soon becoming a squishy and soft controller mold as Chiaki sat down on her bed and turned on the console, "There we go, now we can play games together in a new way~" Chiaki happily cooed as she held my body that was squished around the controller and started to play games with me while I just happily laid their and watched her play her games, being quite happy to make my lovely gamer girl so happy~


After a few hours of gaming, Chiaki and I had both been quite exhausted, Chiaki from playing games for so long and me for being her squishy controller mold for so long as Chiaki hopped into to bed with me and hand, cuddling me closely against her chest like a little plushie,"Mmm, night Hajime~" Chiaki said as she cuddled my between her breasts making me blush, "G'night Chiaki~" I replied falling asleep as I happily went to sleep and thought about the amazing day I had, and to think everyday afterwards would be like this, and I think I now know what Chiaki meant before I passed out, about being able to repay her for all that's she's done for me, now I get to be with her all the time, and I get to spend it making her happy as her squishy little boyfriend toy, "What a good life I have ahead of me~" I quietly said to myself before falling fast asleep on my girlfriends chest.
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