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The Characters in this story belongs to Nintendo. The protagonist is the reader.
Part 1

I was a regular boy/girl but my parents moved to California. So they gave me their old home for me to live in. By that time I was only ?? years old and my birthday was coming in a few weeks.

I had a job to deliver mail in the morning until 12pm. One day I over slept and woke up late and rushed to start my job, until I realized that my bicycle had a broken wheel. So I took it to a repair shop to get it fixed, and quickly went to the post office and I noticed that my mailbag has gone missing.

Manager: I noticed you were late and found someone else to work while you were gone.

I felt horrible that I came to work late.

Me: Sorry, sir. But I--

Manager: No excuses.

I was a bit scared.

Me: I'm sorry, but I think I need to leave. I’m not feeling right today.

So I left the post office and went to the repair shop to get my bike. I rode my bike home and left my bike in my patio. Then I heard something on my front door.

Part 2

At my front door there was an envelope for me. (Weird that I am or was a mailman/woman and I got mail) I open the envelope and there was a note inside. The paper was yellow and the writing was in black ink. The writing says:

???: Hello (name), I heard that you’ve been going through some rough things. But I can give you something that you might like. If you need to, pack some stuff and come to the park. There is an orange key that unlocks a red hidden door. The key is in the park fountain and once you leave your house, one of the doors in your house will turn red when you come back with the key. The red door leads to a secret dimension. Come to this dimension whenever you’re ready.

Me: This letter is very strange, but I guess I’ll go find that key.

I first find stuff I should bring, like my clock, my computer, my video games and many other stuff. My very important thing to bring is my family photo. The photo shows me in the middle, my mom in the left, and my dad on the right. I packed the photo along with my other things, and went to the park. I was pretty hungry so I got a little lunch at a nearby restaurant and quickly left to the park. When I got to the park, I saw the fountain a few yards away. I looked inside the fountain and in the bottom I found something orange. I grabbed it and found the key. Then I had to rush to my bike and ride home.

When I got home, I rushed to my room and grabbed all my stuff but before I went to the door, I was still hungry and stopped to eat my lunch. By the time I finished, I went to the hallway and saw that my closet door is red. I took the orange key, unlocked the door, and went inside. The next moment, I landed in a strange place with mushrooms everywhere. I was a bit tired, so after all the excitement coming here, I decided to take a quick and calm nap.

Part 3

When I woke up from my short nap, I looked at my phone and realized that it was 2 pm. (Technology still works in this dimension) So I walked around and tried to figure out where I was. There was high mushroom platforms, giant green hills with eyes, and a bunch of clouds with eyes.

Me: This all seems familiar, but I can’t put my mind on it.

I saw a few people who were a little shorter than me who had different colored mushrooms on their heads. And I saw other people who had yellow skin and had different colored shells on their backs.

Me: Wait! This can’t be.

Then I pulled out one of my video games from my suitcase.

Me: It is. I’m in the Mushroom Kingdom. But why am I here?

Then a Koopa-Troopa came and gave me a letter.

Me: Another letter? I wonder what it says.

The letter had yellow paper and black writing, just like the other one. It says:

???: Hello (name) I noticed that you have found the Mushroom Kingdom. Turn to your right and there should be a red pipe. Go down the pipe for something you’ll find interesting.

Just like the last letter, it doesn’t say who it’s from. But I looked for the red pipe anyway. Once I saw it, I walked closer to it and then jumped inside. Once I went to the bottom, I saw a huge brown and red (and sort of black) castle. There were two guards in front of the door.

Guard 1: Stop right there!

Guard 2: What are you doing here?

I showed them the letter that the Koopa Troopa gave me earlier.

Me: I got this letter from someone telling me to come to a red pipe which took me here.

The guards read the letter and decided to let me inside.

Guard 1: “Very well.”

Guard 2: “Come inside”

When I got inside, the guards showed me to a dark room with a thrown and a footstool, and then they left the room. As soon as they left a torch lit up with fire, then another torch lit, and another, until light filled the whole room. So I guess I had to wait a few minutes to see what was going to happen to me.

Part 4

I put my suitcase behind the throne, and sat on the floor waiting for something to happen. Just then an enormous figure came from the doors. I rubbed my eyes and saw that the figure has yellow skin, red hair, a spiky green shell, and bracelets with spikes on his ankles and neck. I knew that this figure was actually Bowser, King of the Koopas.

Me: I-It’s really you. King Bowser.

I bowed down to him while still on the floor, then I stood up.

Me: But, why am I here exactly?

Bowser: I know something secret about you. I’ve been watching what you been up to and you were the one that had a special spirit inside you. I’ve seen great great joy in you, but I’ve seen great pain too. But that can all change if you can do something for me.

I gasped in excitement

Me: I’ll do anything, what is it I shall do for you?

Then he sat on the throne, and brought the footstool in front of him and put his two big yellow feet on it.

Bowser: If it’s no problem, I’ve been walking around all day and my feet are killing me. Could you come over here and give me a foot massage for me please?

I never heard him say anything like that before, so I went over to the footstool and started to put my hands on his feet and give him a gentle foot rub.

When I started, he was already moaning and sighing, which meant he must be liking it. I rubbed his whole feet in 5 minutes and then I started to sniff his feet. His feet surprisingly weren’t stinky. Instead, they actually smelled like lemons. So I kept sniffing and noticed that he was moaning more than before and had a big smile on his face. I continued for 5 more minutes.

Me: Ready for the finale?

He looked at me and nodded. So now I started to stick my tongue out and lick his feet. His feet even tasted like lemons. Then I noticed him moaning and snickering, meaning that his feet were ticklish. So I kept that in mind for the future. After 5 more minutes I then stopped, and then I started to blush. My whole face has turned pink. Then Bowser got off his throne and grabbed my hand.

Bowser: Hey (name), how would you feel if you were able to stay here?

I gasped in excitement

Me: Really!? Wow I would love to!

Bowser: Well then, bring your suitcase and I’ll show you to your bedroom.

I took my suitcase and followed him outside the room.

Part 5 (Final)

So when me and Bowser left the room, he took me to another room and someone was inside. This person looked just like Bowser but smaller and the bracelets he wears don’t have spikes and he is wearing a bandana covering his chest.

Bowser: Hey junior, I’ve got a surprise for you.

When I heard the word “junior”, I immediately knew who Bowser was talking to. He was talking to his son, Bowser Jr.

Junior said in excitement

Jr: Really!? What is it?

Then Bowser introduced me

Bowser: This is (name). He/She is going to stay here at our castle. He’s/She’s also going to be your brother/sister.

So once I walked in the room I looked around and saw green walls, a red bunk bed, a green closet, a white bathroom, a yellow bookshelf, and a large TV with (of course) a video game console.

Bowser: Have fun you two.

After saying that, he left the room.

Jr: Hi (name). Do you wanna play a video game?

Me: Sure. I love video games.

Jr: Cool, but what do you want to play?

Me: How about we play Mario Kart Wii? That sounds like a nice game.

He responded with excitement

Jr: Yeah! That’s my favorite game!

Me: Well let’s play.

We’ve been playing for quite a while now, and then I checked my phone and it says it’s 8:45 pm.

Jr: *yawn* That was fun, but I’m pretty tired.

Me: Yeah. I’m tired too. *yawn*

So we got on the bunk bed, (Me on the top and Jr on the bottom) and Jr immediately started to sleep. But after 20 minutes, I couldn’t sleep at all. Then, I had an idea.

I went down to Jr’s bed, and lifted the blanket to reveal his two small yellow feet. So I started to take his feet and massage them. They felt soft like pillows, just like Bowser’s feet. Jr woke up but stayed silent because he didn’t want me to know he was awake, and he sort of liked it.

After 5 minutes, I started to sniff his his feet. His feet weren’t stinky either. His feet actually smells like oranges, and I heard a him snickering, but I kept on. After another 5 minutes, I sticked my tongue out and licked his feet. And I heard him giggling because it tickled him.
After 5 more minutes I stopped and he stopped giggling.

Jr: Hehe- so that’s why dad wanted to keep you. I’m glad to have a brother/sister like you. I love you (name).

Me: Me too. Love you Jr.

So I got in Jr’s bed and thought to myself, “A new home, A new family, A new life.”
© Copyright 2020 Dominick Padilla (dompadilla at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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