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Contest Entry
“Okay ma’am, take this towel, please wrap it around you.”

“Uh yea.. Thanks.”

“Okay, follow me, let’s get you to the station… And get you some clothes.”

“Good idea, officer.”

“Here, please duck your head. Thank you. Now let’s have a little chat, shall we?


“So, ma’am, you do understand that you were out past curfew. Let alone you were naked,”

“Yes officer, I completely understand.”

“Okay. So now tell me. Why ya naked?”

“Y’know officer? That’s a really great question that I wish I knew the answer to.”

“Uhm. So, you don’t know why or how you got to the highway at 1 A.M, naked?”

“Yes sir.”

“Ma’am I need a valid reason. I don’t know isn’t going to cut it.”

“Oh. well ya see… I was at a party-”

“Where was this party located at, ma’am?”

“I believe it was 303 Church Street. Or somethin’ like that.”

“Okay, thanks. What happened next?”

“Well uh. You see. I was..uh.. Swimming… naked.. In the in ground pool.”

“I see. But that still doesn’t answer how you got to the highway.”

“Yea. I know. It was well… getting pretty late out. So I decided to walk home.”

“So instead of just putting clothes on.. You just-went naked?”

“Yes sir. Butt naked.”

“Uh okay. Ma’am please duck your head while getting out of the vehicle.”


“Okay now what size are you?”

“A medium is fine.”


“Now. Why didn’t you just put clothes on?”

“Because I forgot I was naked.”

“Yea okay. Nice try.”

“Okay fine. I was just really tired and wanted to get out of there.”

“You were underage drinking.. Weren't you?”


“Okay ma’am thank you. You have the right to remain silent.”

Word count: 287
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