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Rated: E · Essay · Drama · #2210725
This is a story about loss, love and miracles
Marjorie and Bill were sleeping in late one January morning; they were exhausted from visiting with Marjorie’s mother who was in Shady Pines nursing home. She suffered from Alzheimer’s and had been in the nursing home for six months. The doctor said she would be gone soon and the stress and depression had caught up with both of them.

Bill also was going through his own sadness. His father recently died from cancer. To top off the sadness, they just lost their beautiful collie Lady to cancer just weeks ago. They slept in abandonment until there was a noise coming from their front door. Bill was the first to awake. He looked at the alarm clock near his side and murmured, “Marjorie, it is six o’clock and there is noise coming from the front door. It was a whining sound and there was also a scratching noise.

“I’ll go see what is going on.” He rubbed his eyes, hoping to feel more alive.

Marjorie slowly got out of bed, slipped on her robe and walked to the front door.

“Marjorie, come here and see what I see.”

Marjorie walked to the door and looked through the peep hole and then looked through the narrow window connected to the door.

“I don’t believe it! I simply don’t believe it! The puppy looks just like Lady! Can we bring her in? Do you think it would be safe?” “I don’t see a collar on her and she looks safe enough.”

Bill opened the door and quickly the small collie walked in. She was cold but she was beautiful.

Bill carefully examined the dog and saw that there was no collar.

“I’ll call the dog pound to see if they have any records on her.”

Bill dialed the numbers and soon he was talking to Doug Chatfied.

When asked about the collie, he said, “Yes, we had a small collie here for two weeks but she got out last night when we were giving her a bath. How is she doing? Shall we pick her up?”

“She is fine but she is shivering. We will put a small blanket on her and give her some water.”

“That’s fine. Where do you live?

“We live at 94 Junction Avenue; just 15 minutes from the Pound. When will you be here?”

“I’ll have Joy Brennen pick her up around one this afternoon. Thanks so much for watching over her. By the way, her name is Lady.”

Bill was too stunned at the name to say anything to Marjorie.

Marjorie got out an old blanket that she used for Lady. She just couldn’t get rid of it; keeping the blanket somehow made her think that Lady was still in their thoughts and prayers—as she was and always would be.

“A lady by the name of Joy Brennen will be coming by this afternoon around one and picking her up.”

During the morning hours, Marjorie and Bill stroked her beautiful tan and grey fur and brought out a small ball and played with her. Close to one o’clock, Marjorie said, “Bill, do you think we might keep her? She is so beautiful and is getting along with us so well.”

Bill’s eyes teared up and he replied, “Yes, Marjorie we will keep her. But you must promise me that ….” He paused and then said, “Yes, we will keep her and we will love her just as we did with Lady because you see, her name is also Lady.” Marjorie was stunned and could say nothing; she was so happy!

Lady lived a long and happy life with Marjorie and Bill. She gave birth to seven puppies and died at the age of 8. Marjorie and Bill lived about ten years later in their home. They died hours apart, for they were so close to each other.

The moral of this story: Live and love each day and keep God and Jesus at the forefront of your life. Most importantly, when opportunity knocks, open the door, for there may be angels unannounced wanting to come in and give you joy.
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