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by Dagtar
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A selfish superhero has a secret that can destroy him.
A lightly lit, empty warehouse. Quietness. Water dripping in the corner. Noone around.

Then the front door slams open, 6 nicely dressed gangsters come rushing in, all holding guns, all ready to kill, like cat on a mouse. A 7th man enters from the middle of the doorway, dressed in a big red cape and a bright coloured suit, a full head mask covers his face. He drags a tied-up woman to the middle of the warehouse. 2 of the gangsters quickly close the door. The others run around the warehouse trying to provident any invasion. The brightly dressed man checks his watch as he continues to drags the woman across the floor. He stops and turns to face the woman.

"Well, it would seem you're out of time. Frankstar isn't coming to save you..."

The door behind him flies open with a loud bang. A man dressed in a brown superhero costume with a blue star on the front, walks into the warehouse, where he is dragging a beaten gangster by the collar.

"...The hell"

The colourfully dressed man spins around, as he sees the man that just entered the warehouse with the beaten gangster. "Frankstar..." the colourfully dressed man quietly says to himself. As man walks in, he throws the gangster off to the side. The colourfully dressed man looks at him with anger and motions to the other gangsters to come behind the new man. As the henchmen start moving slowly up to the new man, with their guns on him.

"Ah, Ugly-Mog. I knew I would find you here. Those henchmen of yours were pretty easy to crack."

"Well, they were useless anyway. Now it looks like you will have to face the real deal. Me!"

The gangsters and the colourfully dressed, Ugly-Mog start running straight toward Frankstar. Gunshots everywhere, as the Frankstar throws punches at the gangsters and Ugly-Mog. Nothing short of a big scene in an action film.


A door of the warehouse opens out to the street and Frankstar walks out, dragging out an unconscious Ugly-Mog in one hand and holding the Kidnaped Woman in the other. Outside a crowd of police, reporters, and fans standing around waiting for Frankstar to come closer. For the chance to met him. Frankstar throws the unconscious Ugly-Mog over to a police car, where police officers arrest Ugly-Mog right away. The crowd runs over to Frankstar, cheering, as Frankstar carries the Kidnaped Woman though the crowd shaking hands, over to an ambulance.

A news reporter and a camera man run over to Frankstar "Excuse me, Mr. Frankstar, Do you want to say anything to your adoring fans?" Frankstar gives the Kidnaped Woman to the ambulance workers, takes the microphone from News Reporter and looks right in the camera.

"Hey TV, its Frankstar again, I am having a party tonight for the success of beating Ugly-Mog, again. You all know where. You all know when. So see you there!" Frankstar winksand then smiles at the camera. A fan runs over to him. "Frankstar, Frankstar can I get a selfie." The fan calls out excitedly

"Sure, on 3 say Frankstar" As Frankstar takes a selfie with the fan. The News Reporter steps into frame.

"Well, there is Frankstar, the great superhero who's always there for us, to save us from the villains of the world. May you have a blast at your party tonight."


The door opens as a person enters, wearing a suit, very cross look on her face, almost ready to kill, walks into a bathroom where two people are asleep in the bathtub and empty bottles scatter the floor. She stops over a half-asleep Frankstar in the corner by the toilet, she nudges him with her foot. "Mmm... what..." says a hangover Frankstar. Seeing that he isn't awake, the angry woman kicks him in the leg.

"...oh shit, hi... You missed all the fun...

"Oh come on, get up, your weekly press interview is today, oh... and for fuck sakes, take a shower..." The woman says as she holds a hand over her face. Frankstar smells himself snapping back to reality.

"Oh shit... yeah, I do need a shower." Frankstar replies a bit more sober. Frankstar smiles and tries to get himself up, his feet slip away from him, he falls down, then he tries again pushing up from the toilet. He gets up, then tries to make his way to the door.

"You have 20 minutes..." snaps the woman "...I only need 5." Frankstar replies, like its an achievement. "You have 20 minutes. Oh and tonight is ready." The woman replies less angerly.

"Your the best, Carrie!" Frankstar stumbles out of the bathroom and down the hall. As Carrie stands there with her hands on her hips. She turns to look at the shower in the corner, sighs and shakes her head with disapproval, then looks over at the two drunk people in the bathtub. "You two, out."


Frankstar and a well-dressed night show host sit around a desk. "So Mr. Frankstar, your the only hero of our fair city..." Frankstar interrupts the night show host "Stop, stop. I am just doing what anyone would if they had awesome powers like mine."

"...and so modest too. Now we have here some recent photos of your great works in the past week." The night show host says as videos of that week's heroic acts by Frankstar is shown on a screen behind Frankstar's head. A video of Frankstar patting a cat plays. "So your 5 year anniversary of being a hero is coming up. Do you have any plans?"

"Thinking about the biggest party in the world." Frankstar replies cheeky then he and News Reporter laugh. A video plays of Frankstar getting a ball out of a tree for a crying kid.

"So all your fans want to know if there is any plans for a Frankstar Jr in the future?"

"Ha, ha. No not at the moment. Still hunting for that special someone." Frankstar replies try to not act embarrassed by the question. A video plays of Frankstar helping a woman with her shopping bags cross the street.

"Well, all the top bachelors are setting down and getting kids. Wouldn't it be time for the great hero, Frankstar to settle down too?"

"Well, I was a bit of a handful for my folks being an only, superpowered, child. I would have to find someone that can deal with twice the chaos. Haha."

As video plays of Frankstar dragging out a beaten up Ugly-Mog, The night host quickly asks "Oh, oh, tell us more about your fights with Ugly-Mog. Are they always as epic as we see on your live streams?"

"Well, he's my biggest archenemy. Birdbrain, the mid-night stalker, and many of the other villains that I have fought can't even compare to Ugly-Mog. He is like Lex Luthor to Superman. If you know what I mean..."

Frankstar and News Reporter laugh, behind the studio cameras Carrie is on the phone. Talking away. "...Yea John, we are almost done with the interview. See you soon. Oh, and can you pick up Lucy too. She is the one acting with you tonight. We are about 30 minutes out. Break a leg."


In another lightly lit empty warehouse. Two people are in this room, Ugly-Mog has a woman tied up on a chair and is walking around in circles.

"Mi, mi, mi mi, miiii..."

"Oh, Frankstar will save me. You will not get away with this." The woman says breaking Ugly-Mog's concentration. "Oh, um, sorry I am still trying to feel this character, only got the role this morning." Ugly-Mog says shyly as he pulls out and starts reading off a script. "Ahem, I Ugly-Mog have escaped from the police to have my revenge on you...

...No no that's not it. Hmm..." Suddenly Frankstar jumps down from the roof and lands on the ground behind Ugly-Mog in a crouching position, with his fist smashing to the ground. Superhero landing/Three-Point Landing style, after a brief pause, he suddenly looks up smiling at Ugly-Mog. Ugly-Mog twists around. "Am I late to the party?" Frankstar says smiling as he gets up to his feet. As Ugly-Mog jumps over to the woman he has kidnaped. "Frankstar!... i...um..."

Ugly-Mog reads aloud out from the script, walking backward."I... I, Ugly-Mog have escaped, um, from the police to uh, to have my revenge on you..." Ugly-Mog pulls out a torch. "Um... For I... um... have seem to have found out your weakness, uh..., for infrared light strips your powers away from you..."

"Ah Ha, not true, you were lied to, but you will not get away with your evil plans." Smirks Frankstar, he then walks towards Ugly-Mog, Cracking his fists, Ugly-Mog turns on the torch. The light hits Frankstar doing nothing. Ugly-Mog throws the torch at Frankstar, hitting him on the chest and bouncing off. Frankstar goes to throws a punch at Ugly-Mog, Ugly-Mog steps away, he pushes Frankstar's back, Frankstar loses his balance, trips over and falls on to the kidnaped woman, breaking the chair she was on and hurting her leg. "Ahh..." the woman yells.

"Oh Shit, Shit."

Frankstar gets up, Ugly-Mog runs away, Frankstar looks shocked as Kidnaped Woman grabs at her leg, he picks up the Kidnaped Woman in his arms. Frankstar says calmly "Don't worry ma'am, I will get you to the hospital..."


Loud, bass music is playing, people are drinking, dancing, and having a great time. Carrie walks into the room. "...Frankstar, Frankstar! Where the hell are you?..." Carrie starts walking over to a drunk Frankstar, who is sitting on a couch talking up a storm with two girls. There are empty bottles all over the table in front of them

"...and then I dropped her off at the hospital, flew back here to get ready for this party." Frankstar says to the two girls but doesn't hear Carrie come in.

"Frankstar. Do you know how long I have been looking for you? Your actor mate, John ran away and I cant get a hold of him? Lucy is in the hospital? There is no video for tonight and where have you been?" Drunk Frankstar replies to the two girls next to him" Oh, girls, This is Carrie. My amazing butler..." Carrie gets pissed. "Were you listening to me, Frankstar? Lucy is hurt pretty bad. God knows if she is going to take us to court..." Drunk Frankstar replies "Carrie, now isn't the time to be talking about that. Sit down and drink with us. Am I right, girls?"

Frankstar back at the girls, who nod. Carrie looks at Frankstar even more pissed off than before. "Frankstar, did you see my bloody missed calls! How can I run your fucking ruse if you are not going to contactable..." As she says that Frankstar stands up and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Shh, no, we shouldn't be talking about this here..." Carrie pushes Frankstar's hands off. "I will talk about this stuff whenever I fucking choose!!" Frankstar looks at her a bit more sober.

"Come with me."

Frankstar looks back at the girls. "I will be back in a bit. Just wait here" Frankstar takes Carrie off into his room. When they enter Frankstar turns to Carrie angrily and points his finger at her. "Look I am the boss here, not you, and when I say shut up. You shut the hell up. I have you around to make me look good. I pay you so much money!..." Carrie pushes Frankstar's hand away. "You don't pay me as much as I deserve. You can afford to party like a rock star every day. While all the time it's an elaborate con! Because it's easy for you!"

"Yes, it's easy! Better than be a real hero and having people you care about getting hurt!

"Hurt, who the fuck is going to get hurt. Its not like you care for anyone but yourself"

"What is that meant to mean..?"

"If you are not going to do anything truly good with your life than trick people, then I quit. Have fun planning your big scam without me then, you prick." Carrie walks out, Frankstar reaches out his hand for her to stop, "Wait" he says but she keeps walking. As reget floods his mind he punches a table next to him and he falls to his knees, silently screaming.


Frankstar awakes up with the two girls in bed next to him. "Carrie! Do you have my coffee?" He calls out. No reply. Frankstar sits up. "Carrie! Where are you?" He calls out again. Still no reply. Frankstar lies back in the bed sighing, one of the girls hug him.


A lightly lit empty warehouse. Gangsters and Ugly-Mog stand around the room, Ugly-Mog has a woman tied down. The Police storm in with News Reporters following. Then Frankstar jumps down from the roof and lands on the ground behind Ugly-Mog in a crouching position, with his fist smashing to the ground. After a brief pause. Frankstar asks "Am I late to the party?" He suddenly looks up at Ugly-Mog and lot of people that have stormed in. Ugly-Mog takes off his mask and falls to his knees. The mask falls on the ground. "I don't want to go to jail or anything. This whole thing has been a scam set up by Frankstar. He pays me to kidnap people so he can save them..." The News Reporters run over to Frankstar, Frankstar looks shocked but before the News Reporters can get to him runs away.


Frankstar walks into a quiet convenience store wearing a dark hoodie over his costume, with sadness on his face. He walks over to one of the shelves and looks at the food. A TV plays the news on the counter. "The Hashtag Fraudster is trending after the reveal that Frankstar pays actors to play villains..." The Shopkeeper changes the channel to a talk show. "Does Frankstar even care if his actors go to jail?" "Well, obviously he doesn't give a..." The Shopkeeper turns off the TV. "Damn it, there's nothing good on TV." Frankstar pulls out his phone and rings Carrie. It rings a few times before it is picked up.

"Carrie, I am sorry..."

The phone has gone to voicemail. Frankstar hangs up and tries calling again. It rings a few times before it is picked up.

"Carrie, I messed up. I need you!"

Still, no answer. The phone has gone to voicemail again. Frankstar hangs up the phone and calls again.

"Carrie, Please!"

Just then a Gunman runs into the store and runs up to the counter. "Hand over all your money." The Gunman points the gun at the Shopkeepers face. Frankstar hangs up and looks back at the food on the shelf. "Now!" Frankstar looks out at the direction of the noise. Then thinks to himself how can he do this now. Hes failed everyone "Are you not scared of Frankstar?" Asks the shopkeeper. Frankstar turns to look at them again. Surprised that someone still has hope in him. The shopkeeper stopped grabbing money from the Cash Register and has stood up to the Gunman. Frankstar smiles at the Shopkeeper's hope. "Frankstar? Ha, More like Fraudster? He is a just another rich con man..." At this Frankstar gets mad, he puffs up his chest and steps out from behind the shelves.

"Hey, you can't just go around stealing from people like that!"

The Gunman spins around and points the gun at Frankstar. As Frankstar rips off his hoodie he grabs the gun in the hoodie, making the gun go off. Frankstar grimaces in pain and pulls the gun away from the Gunman. The Gunman then punches Frankstar in the face, Frankstar loses his balance, and falls over, hitting his head on a shelve. The Gunman gets knocked out by the Shopkeeper with a bat.

As Frankstar loses conscious he sees Carrie walk towards him from behind one of the shelves. "Carrie. I saved someone. I did something selfless..."


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