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rent is for sale
Rent for Sale

L'occitane et butane
Moi et moi, moreover you've forgotten
You brute brute brut - ach du - e' et tu?
Salvia divinorum et divination vacations
Hunky-dory Harvard high-rollers highfalutin against Doors tapes
Locker-room rapists flocked thousand-fold to rescue red-head memory-maidenhaired man-maiden
Mermaids pleasing without interests
Dude-bros in pleated skirts
Purple-faced artifice, artifact of the ante-Artificial
All words have lost meaning, including...
Prince William?
The so-staged parasoled scriptwriters, tension stenciled on tenfold wrists caught bleeding indoors
Whorehouse another dead-end
Kin to the skin
(et dust-dust)
The rage unheard
Moot-pointed combat boots
Headstone - the occidental/occipital
Backdoor exit
Asphalt ash-tray, Passover pasqueflowers dotting Appian-way, wayfaring
Wallflowers and gypsies and gypsum-gemmed jimsonweeds weeded out
Not weaned off-teat, those offbeat beatniks
Whose neckties resemble nooses
Last vestiges of the sundrenched slave-collar labor party
Remastered semblance of somnambulant suffragettes
Sex still sells - Hegel's hell
Milwaukee maniac murdered mister Marat
Mariachi for bandwidth wasted downloading Basquiat
Downtrodden downstairs toilet-seat meat-sling slung slick
Dick-rider, her face a plastic palace
Fucked and tucked-in tuckered-out duckface from seventh-grade
You and I was kids, kidding king says
We was equals
I convince myself that I am not disillusioned

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