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He stands up against injustice.
Injustice is a bitter pill
that can produce a stomach ache.
A bitterness within the mouth
which taste buds deem a big mistake.

Yet Righting Wrong begins at once
in getting all the bitter out.
Right is aware that justice weeps
when such injustice stalks about.

A veteran once came to Right
to see if he could help his cause.
Right set about to fight the wrong
abiding by all rightful laws.

The veteran embraced it so—
the cause for right when wrong gets snide.
It’s like a mass hysteria;
those times when right and wrong collide.

Injustice was a doctor who
abused Vet’s disability.
This doctor then made things much worse
by lying to the powers that be.

Yet in the end the Vet won out:
the doctor ate a lot of crow.
When Righting Wrong is at his best,
he helps the sense of justice grow.

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