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This Message has been written by an accepted Human UFO Recruit.
Hello! This, the person who is writing to you, is one of the successful Human recruits In the UFO. I also happen to be a writer, although a fairly unpopular one. So count yourself lucky you found this Article covering life off Planet earth!

My name is Dolores Fernly, and I’m here to tell you that it’s honestly quite nice in the UFO Recruitment stations located around our galaxy. When it comes to being accepted as a recruit however, that was a nightmare. I wouldn’t wanna spoil the process though, just imagine the worst camping trip you’ve ever been to.

On the subject of the acceptance process however, I made a whole lot of friends. It was a nice encouragement by the trainees to get friends from other intelligent species’. So now I actually trust somebody.

Moving from that recruiting process I’m still waiting on the UFO “Recruit 2 Agent” directors to send me a message of approval (or possibly disapproval), and if I receive it, I will definitely write to you about the stories.

Ok to sum up what I just said. My name is Dolores Fernly, and Space life is actually pretty cool.

So have a good night, or day, I don’t actually know being in space, and I’ll see you later.

UFO again, thanks Dolores Fernly for writing this message. UFO and Local Planetary government war agreements still in debate.
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