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A story of love of an Alien from distant space
I had just finished my milk coffee and the phone call came from my boss. I was ready, just needed to get out of the room and get on to the car.

My head was heavy as I drunk yesterday in the bar. The boss called me for my new case of kidnapping, a child of just 7 yrs.older. It happened before dawn of today. The boy was sleeping with her mother. He was taken away very silently from the bed. I hate this kidnapping and it creates temper in my head.

As I reached my cabin, boss discussed the case and after showing few things as evidence, he concluded that in this case, he had doubt that the boy was kidnapped by an Alien.

I laughed listening this hiding in the toilet. Is really my boss has gone made? ha..ha I couldn't lough in front of him. He is my boss! And.....

After I got the papers and other things that picked as clue, I returned home because I had nothing to do other than sleep for the day.

When I was making coffee in kitchen I found in the basket a paper written in very peculiar style in unknown form of letters, that I never seen in my life! It was absurd for me to comprehend what was written. Last night I found this on the table of dishes, and I threw this into basket. I did not look at it.But now it is a matter of concern!

On evening I received a phone call from Elaina, my girlfriend, for dinner. I haven't meet her for long. Last I was busy in solving a murder case. I was busy and then I gave her word that I would meet her after the case ends. I'm a detective and I've reputation, what I don't want to loose for any record of lack of responsibility.

The night was beautiful and lights decorated the city love theatre.I was in a romantic mood!

We met in a hotel. Elaina was wearing red gown and she was looking absolutely astonishing. She is my love and without her I can't take a breath to live a day and take a start for work with spirit.

We had talk of personal issue. Elaina lives with her father. He was a little sick few days before. Now he is o.k.Elaina is looking after his father. I told Elaina that I'll visit their home to see his father. I was eating favourite barbecue with wine with hearts content.Then she said she want to go to grocery shop. I told her to wait, assuring I'll drop her to the shop. She waited. After having meal I gave thanks for dinner.

After payment of the bill we got on the car for grocery shop. There I dropped her and my car drove toward my home. I'll had to take the picture of the paper I found from the basket and sent it to the expert for examination.
When I returned home and lied on the sofa to take off the body, a piece of paper on my writing desk took my attention. I picked and saw the writing on it, in the same unknown form of letters.This time may be some different message. Who entered my room? And why leave message? What is written in this paper? And still he or she is in inside my home? I picked up my revolver from the cover and started search.
I found nothing but a single foot print that assure me an Alien entered my home in absence of mine and kept this message. An alien? In my home? Why? What does this alien want?My boss guess was right? It reveals the alien kidnapped the boy and it knows I'm in search of the kidnapper so the alien giving me message. For ransom money?Alien from a different world?

* * * * * *
Last two days, I was busy in collecting information and delivering, as a team member, with other members were involved for communicating, including media , to alert the whole city about the kidnap of child by alien. The news break out and an abnormal situation created in the city. People stopped going out, especially the kids. A horror scene of the city. Police and armed forces were deployed on the streets for security. Till now no one died. We were not sure whether the alien had weapon with him or her.
Last two days, I had received two more messages but could not see the alien. All messages given on the night time and for that reason I was staying home in the night time. But couldn't get touch with the alien. No one had seen any alien till now, so, people now started to view this as rumour.

Alien or whatever it is, it can be said that it sincerely kept hiding. And made the movement very sincerely, that no one can see.It can be invisible!

No change in situation within one week time.No one was killed or harmed, no kid is missing , just the one, and no body has seen anything like alien or demon.Then what it can be? Where the kid go?Just vanished? No kidnap? But the footprint in my room? What about the papers with messages? Who kept this? Who wrote? Why? What's the demand? For ransom money? Why didn't make any phone contact? Isn't he or she in hurry? Time passing but no pressure building? What kind of kidnap this is? I was writing this questions on paper to think with concentration.But found no result. When writing, my pen dropped on the floor. I bent and picked the pen.."what is it?" I said to oneself.Something was glittering under the table.My curious mind questioned.

I expanded my left hand and brought it out. Oh! It's a locket!

Top was brown colored and in centre something was like bulb of a little torch, a chain is with the locket.It was not any ordinary ornament like those ladies wear. It is more than a locket, an alien's locket, through which they send signal to the UFO? As I have seen in the movie.

Something moved from the window. I looked, came out of the room, I heard footstep,, it was running, I ran after...
Long corridor, but saw nothing, ..I picked up my revolver from the belt, which is licensed and always kept loaded....stepping slow and silently....before I see clearly it ran into my kitchen....It's alien....Just like we see in the movie....At a glance I saw.

I forwarded to the kitchen, it had any weapon or not.....I needed to be careful....And the boy? Where was the boy?

* * * * * *
I opened fire ...one.... two....bullets.....It was creating horrible sound...terrorising. Who knows when and how it will attack!...So, better I shot.

It fell down. I forwarded it's near and to the safe position, because I had fear in mind, if it attack me! There was no one to save me.It was breathing fast...Ugly face, two eyes were lighting ,no nose , big size two ears, and the shape of the head like an egg, in size it doubled the human head, dark brown skin and bones are clearly seen within the body.

It was dying, I sat beside the alien. It touched me. I was scary, fingers with big nail and hands are like the human skeleton, I cannot narrate how ugly looking this alien was.
It started talking gesture.It said:
She came here from the UFO landed on the ground. But her people's left her here for she could not meet them sending signal for the charge expired from the locket. On
the earth she saw beautiful human babies. Their babies looked ugly, and she didn't like after she saw human babies. So she wanted to take one to their world. But couldn't reach the ship. During this one week time She came to know that I was in charge of the case of kidnap so she kept the message for me to tell the baby was safe and she won't hurt the baby. But she was just begging one little baby for their earth.If she could take one they could culture, their science is more forward than human science. They could produce human babies on their earth. She saw my photo and fell in love with me. She wanted to marry and so she asked if I was ready to marry her. She had no weapon, they hadn't build any weapon, they don't waste money like human being. She didn't had any intention to harm. If human were disagreed to send any baby to their earth, she was ready to leave bare hand.
But she would have requested to recharge the locket anyway, to help her sending signal and get back their earth.
Tears fell down from the corner of the eye of the alien, she talked with gesture :the baby is kept on the roof of this floor safely. Last said: "I love you."
Tears were endless in my eyes. I had hate for myself as human being, we see our all solution using weapon.I've killed an innocent! How should I forgive myself? I'm simply a murderer! In our law my punishment is lifetime or I should have sentenced to death!
I couldn't stop my sorrow for ten minutes. And one week time I punished myself locked into my room without food. Just ate biscuits and water.
I didn't go to Elaina for I was confused.I was confused whether I really loved Elaina? I'm just a bloody, fool, heartless,coward creature, I can take away life of anybody for my own safty! I'm just miserable.....
The End
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An Alien's Love  (E)
A story of love of an Alien from distant space
#2210850 by proton69
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