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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2210889
A short story about a penguin who travels the United States in a hot air balloon.

"Let's send Bill the penguin on an adventure today," said Dr. Tom of the penguin zoo exhibit.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea Dr. Tom," said his assistant Tony.

"We'll send him around the United States to a few states. I'll send you with him to be sure he's fed and everything though Tony," said Dr. Tom.

"I like the idea of doing this with him for you Dr. Tom," said Tony while helping to prepare getting ready to go on the trip with Bill.

         Dr. Tom provided a mini pool for Bill to stand in for the trip in the hot air balloon. He also gave Tony a few dried fish to give to Bill whenever he got hungry. Tony and Bill are now ready for the trip and Tony waves good bye to Dr. Tom.

"Well boy, here we go! We're going on an adventure! First place we'll pass will be the state of Florida. I'd like to fly over it to see Disney World," said Tony to Bill.

"Squawk! Squawk!" said Bill wanting a dried fish because he knew that Tony had them.

"Oh alright, here you go my friend!" said Tony giving one fish to Bill.

         After Tony gave Bill the fish, they arrive over Disney World. They're near the Epcot Center. Tony takes a few photos with the camera on his cell phone. Then, he goes and lands at the zoo at Bush Gardens. He shows off Bill to all of the children that gather around the hot air balloon. The children take lots of photos of Bill and Tony lets a few of the children give some dried fish to him. Tony asks the zoo keeper for more dried fish and he gives him enough to last for at least a week!

"Well boy, that was fun. Off to our next place! Let's go see the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It will be a few days though before we reach there, so I'm going to have to land at other zoo's to get some food for me to eat! I'm also going to have to sleep so I'll have to leave you at the zoo over night while I get some rest," said Tony gently petting Bill on his head.

"Squawk! Squawk!" said Bill. He didn't quite like Tony petting him on his head.

"Sorry boy! Here's another dried fish," said Tony feeling bad he upset Bill.

         Tony and Bill flew from Florida until they came to New Orleans in Louisiana. Tony landed the balloon at a zoo there. He had the zoo keeper named Tony keep Bill at the penguin exhibit. While he was talking to his assistant Dr. Kim, he met her and she asked if she could come along with them.

"Can I join you guys for the ride? I also wanted to travel the United States and ride in a hot air balloon. Can I please come with you?" said Dr. Kim.

"Yes! Of course you can come with us! There's plenty of room for the three of us. My name's Tony. I'm from South Carolina. Nice to meet you Dr. Kim," said Tony smiling at Dr. Kim and shaking her hand.

"Thank you! I am really excited! This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time now," said Dr. Kim.

         After this, Dr. Kim and Tony went to have dinner and talked more together about Bill. Dr. Kim liked that they were going to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Then they're going to fly over Las Vegas. Tony and Dr. Kim now left the restaurant and Tony went to get some rest.

"Good morning Dr. Kim. We're ready to get going. Don't forget to bring some more dried fish for Bill. That breakfast we had at the zoo's restaurant was great, thank you!" said Tony.

"Good morning Tony! You're welcome! I'm so excited about our trip!" said Dr. Kim.

"We'll have a great time! I can hardly wait to see what the Grand Canyon looks like from the view of a hot air balloon!" said Tony excitedly.

"I can hardly wait to see it either Tony!" exclaimed Dr. Kim.

         When Dr. Kim, Tony and Bill reached the Grand Canyon, Dr. Kim and Tony recorded and photographed it a lot. They loved the view from on the hot air balloon. They were running low on dried fish again and had to land soon. They agreed to move on and go to Las Vegas next.

"That was wonderful Tony! I loved that!" said Dr. Kim excitedly.

"Yes, I loved seeing that too Dr. Kim!" said Tony.

         On their way to the Las Vegas zoo, a flock of geese were going to pass them. Unfortunately, one of the geese bumped into the balloon! Pop! Fizz! Went the balloon.

"All no! One of the geese ran into the balloon and now there's a leak! We need to land at the zoo as quickly as we can!" said Tony worriedly.

"This isn't good! I'm sure we'll make it!" said Dr. Kim.

         Tony successfully landed the hot air balloon at the Las Vegas zoo. He told the zoo keeper what happened and he took Bill to the penguin exhibit right away. Tony borrowed a ladder and got to work on repairing the hole instantly.

"Don't worry Dr. Kim, I was trained on how to repair a hole in the hot air balloon. I'll have it patched up in no time!" said Tony merrily.

"Just take your time. I'm going to go explore this zoo while you do this Tony," said Dr. Kim happily.

"Alright Dr. Kim. I'll call you when I'm done. After this, we should have dinner and find a place to rest for the night," said Tony.

"Sounds good to me," said Dr. Kim.

         After a short while Tony finished patching the hot air balloon. He called Dr. Kim to have dinner with him. Then they went to find a place to spend the night at. Tony got a regular room and Dr. Kim got a suite that was available.

         In the morning, they explored the zoo together a little more. They had puffin penguins at the zoo that Bill was staying at. Bill is an emperor penguin.

"I never got to see puffins in person. This was great!" said Dr. Kim.

"Nor have I. Well, let's get going! Where should we go see next?" said Tony to Dr. Kim.

"Let's go fly over Disney Land in California!" said Dr. Kim to Tony.

"Sounds like a great idea to me Dr. Kim! Off we go then!" said Tony.

         Everyone enjoyed seeing Disney Land from above in the hot air balloon. They even got to see the Great Basin desert. They took many photos of both Disney Land and the Great Basin desert.

"We should make a small book up of our trip for the zoo keepers. This could be fun!" said Tony.

"Yes! I agree!" said Dr. Kim.

"Well, it's time to start heading back. Should we go to see the Grand Canyon again?" said Tony.

"Why don't we see something different instead there?" said Dr. Kim.

"Alright. Let's drop off Bill to the Arizona zoo keeper, then let's go on what they call the pink jeep tour," said Tony.

"What's that?" asked Dr. Kim curiously.

"That's where you get to stop at and see all of the main canyons in Arizona from a tour guide.

"That sounds like fun! Yes! Let's do that!" said Dr. Kim excitedly.

         Dr. Kim and Tony go on the pink jeep tour. They get to see a canyon they call Bell Rock and many others. They take tons of photos of all of the canyons. They also learned that Bell Rock had white quartz crystals embedded into it which they found fascinating!

"That was fun! Let's go have dinner then find a place to spend the night at," said Tony.

"Sounds like a great plan!" said Dr. Kim happily.

         Dr. Kim and Tony have dinner together, then find a place to spend the night at. They discuss where they'll be going to in the morning. They agree to go to New Orleans to hang out a little bit to take photos of the places that are known to be haunted.

"Well, good morning Dr. Kim!" said Tony.

"Good morning Tony!" said Dr. Kim.

"Let's head off to New Orleans and see if we can take some photos of a few ghosts!" said Tony.

"Sounds great Tony! I'm ready!" said Dr. Kim.

         Tony and Dr. Kim visit at least five different places that have been known to be haunted. Both Tony and Dr. Kim see that they've captured a ghost on a few of their photos at at least two different places! They're excited to show each other these photos. Tony's haunted places with ghosts were different places from Dr. Kim's.

"Look at this! This is what's called an orb Dr. Kim! It's the basic form of a spirit!" said Tony excitedly.

"That's fascinating! Look here! I got a few on these photos too!" said Dr. Kim showing Tony her orb ghost photos.

"That's awesome Dr. Kim! This will make our book interesting!" said Tony.

         Tony and Dr. Kim went to eat supper and find a place to spend the night at. Their hotel must have been haunted! In the morning they both complained to each other that they kept hearing foot steps on the roof at night!

"I think that hotel was haunted Tony! I can't believe I kept hearing foot steps above me all night!" said Dr. Kim.

"I heard them too Dr. Kim!" said Tony annoyed.

"Well, where shall we go next Tony? Oh, wait a minute! It's my stop! It was so fun meeting and being with you two! Thanks for everything Tony! I hope that we can do this again soon!" said Dr. Kim.

"I'll miss you Dr. Kim! I had a wonderful time with you too! Thanks for everything too! Let's get our book published together sometime! We're going to go to Universal Studios in Florida next.

"Yes! I'll call you about getting the book published soon Tony. Take care!" said Dr. Kim.

         Dr. Kim and Tony gave each other a hug and waved each other good bye. Bill got a dried fish from Tony and then they're on their way to Universal Studios in Florida. Tony took many photos of Universal Studios for their book. Tony and Dr. Kim eventually got together to write their adventure book together and is what you read here, of course it's fiction though! They had many more adventures together with Bill, they both wrote a book series and became famous authors!

~ The End! ~

© Copyright 2020 blueflowers777 (blueflowers777 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2210889