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A series of dreams about a man that I kept seeing over the years. What has come of this?

         Over the past several years, (particularly while I was mid teen and during my twenties), I kept seeing a mysterious man in my dreams. Now at 44, I've basically stopped seeing him in my dreams for the past several years. I don't know why this has stopped but it has. He was Caucasian, had short brown hair and dressed like the average American man does. I kept getting glimpses of him here and there, and even seen him on occasion outside of my dreams.

         The first time I remember seeing him was during a power failure in 1993 when I was around 17. I got a strong feeling to walk toward the front of the house and looked outside of the window. To my surprise, a small glowing orange UFO appeared. It was slowly flying toward the East heading toward the direction of where Fermilab was, which was a nuclear power plant facility that exists at another town in Illinois. The one who piloted the UFO was a mysterious clean cut, short brown haired Caucasian man. He didn't see that I was looking at him and just kept going down the neighborhood road.

         The next time I really remembered seeing this mysterious man was also in my late teens. This was during an out of body experience like dream I had. I suddenly appeared on a space station somewhere in space while I wore my long sleeved white night gown pajamas. I appeared in what looked similar to a classroom that had not only a lot of small desks with chairs, the students were aliens of all different kinds! The alien students all stopped listening to the instructor (which was the mysterious man) and all sat turned in their chair staring right where I appeared at in the classroom at.

         The mysterious male instructor was teaching what appeared to be a very long and complex algebra equation. I went up to the board and plugged in my answer. I was wrong! I was unhappy that I got it wrong too, then after I gently touched the mysterious man's face cheek, the dream disappeared and I was back in my bedroom again.

         In my twenties I had seen the man again. He was wearing a toga and was walking toward the apartment building I was living at. He was walking and staring up directly at me. Nothing really happened and this was just a glimpse of him I wanted to share with you that once again involved this unusual man.

         After this these encounters weren't really that meaningful. Sometime in 2008 though, I wrote a story about this unusual man and found out by writing about him that his name's Tharnor. To this day I no longer seem to see this man anymore. I don't know why this is but I'm a bit disappointed about it nevertheless.

         Because I've seen this mysterious man, I became inspired to write about him in one of my upcoming books that I've been creating. He's a scientist and I'm the artist that draws the sketches for the book. At least something awesome has come out of this mysterious dream man named Tharnor!

word count, 527
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2210899