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"What does it mean?" Emily asked.

Her therapist leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes. "Why do you assume it means anything at all?"

"Well, I figure reoccurring dreams about being chased by a creepy figure may be indicative of some sort of message from my subconscious..."

"What do you think the dreams mean, Emily?" He asked dismissively.

"Maybe it means that someone important in my life is dangerous?"

"Emily, with the vast developments of neuroscience and how it relates to dreams, all those archaic theories by Freud and Jung have been shown to be nothing more than speculation colored by the experiences of a couple of men who lived and died centuries ago."

"So... it probably doesn't mean anything?" Emily was dubious, but he was the guy with all the degrees on the walls.

He studied her, eyes skimming her body. "Have you been taking the sleep meds?"

"I have..." she said.

He looked at his watch. "We need to stop for today, make next week's appointment on your way out. I think Sheri has a bill for you as well."

Emily went home, microwaved some leftovers and perched on the sofa, remote in hand.

She froze mid-channel when she saw Dr. Sabian, handcuffed and being shoved into the back of a squad car.

The perfectly coiffed news reporter stood, microphone in hand in front of the scene. "A prominent psychiatrist is arrested for breaking and entering into his own patient's homes, and the reason will shock you. Watch the news at ten for the full story."

Her mouth hung open. "Archaic theories." She muttered.

"Siri, call Mom." She said into her phone.

"Hey, Em, what's up?" Her mother chirped cheerfully.

"What would you think if I went back to school to become a psychiatrist?"

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