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by Dagtar
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This story is an exaggeration of witness accounts.
This story is an exaggeration of witness accounts. Names and places have been changed to not release information that could jeopardize many human's lives. This is the story of how Pineapple Lumps are made.

The Woman in the Machine is dressed in a white bucket hat, black singlet with a NZ logo on it and white shorts is sitting on a couch, watching the rugby on a big TV. She starts jumping up and down shouting as her rugby team gets a try.

A garage door opens. Two individuals dressed in black suits step in. Frank wears a black suit that's too big for him and a blue shirt. its his first day at his new job and he is trying his best to empress his new boss.

Lithia, wears black blazer, a red tucked in shirt, a black pencil skirt, and black medium heels. She is Frank's new boss, the one he needs to empress, so far they have only seen the admin side of the company. They have just entered the factory side.

"Close the Door" Frank quickly closes the door. Lithia walks over with her hands behind her back to a light switch and turns on the light.

As the light goes on The Woman in the Machine is in some kind of machine, with a pipe coming out of the back of her head. There is a computer with two screens to the right of the room. One of the screens plays a continuous loop of The Woman in the Machine watching her rugby game. The other screen shows a heartbeat line, a tank that is half full, and lines of code.

Frank looks around the room shocked. "What..."Frank trys to say as he looks again around the room. "...is going on here."

"Pineapple Lump?" Lithia holds out a packet of Pineapple Lumps, smiling as she puts one in her mouth. Frank turns to face Lithia, as he tries to produce what is going on. But the only thing he can say is "Wait what?!" "Do you know why they taste so good?" Lithia smiles and walks over to the computer screens.

She puts the packet on the table and with her hands on her hips, she watches the screen with the continuous loop. "We force this woman and others like her to live through their happiest memory on repeat and take the serotonin from her parietal lobe. That's a part the brain."

Frank turns back to The Woman in the Machine, looks down at his feet and shakes his head. He starts nervously pacing. Lithia continues "Then we take the serotonin, freeze it, and cover it with choc..." "That is... that is so messed up"

Lithia turns to face Frank. And in a cold tone "Hell, what did you think Frank?! We just cut up Pineapples and put chocolate on them?!" Frank turns to face Lithia. "Um Yes... Er no... (pause)I don't know..."

Lithia walks over to Frank and looks up at him with a look that could kill. Frank nervously try to looks away from her, trying to hid himself. Her eyes narrow, searching for any sign of in subordination. Frank shifts his body under her gaze, his hands twitching under her scrutiny.

"Get with the program, Frank. This is your new job, we can't have any pansies." Frank nods in subordination.

Lithia's phone starts to ring braking the tension in the room Lithia looks at her phone as it rings. "Look, I have to take this. Stay here till I come back. Think if you want to be here." She says calmy

Frank looks away from Lithia, in fear, as she opens the door and exits the room, leaving Frank alone with The Woman in the Machine. Frank walks over to the computer screens and starts watching the continuous loop.

After the continuous loop has gone through twice, Frank walks over to The Woman in the Machine. "I wonder if your happy, I mean you should be you're re-living your happiest memory, should I be here. I mean should you even be here" Frank starts walking around in circles.

Frank stops walking around when Lithia enters the room. "So are you ready to finish the tour?" "Let's go." Frank replies "This is the world you now work in. You sure?" Lithia looks at Frank

"Yes, I am sure. There's no point in thinking it out. I am in." Frank says with a bit of backbone. Lithia smiles as her phone goes off once again. "Damn it! Wait here." Lithia again exits the room. Leaving Frank alone with The Woman in the Machine again.

Frank runs over to the computer screens and starts to try to type on the keyboard on the Machine. After a few minutes, the tank image changes into a locked image. Then Frank looks at The Woman in the Machine, breaths in. "I guess im going do it" and he pushes enter on the keyboard, changing the locked image to a unlocked image.

Frank runs over to The Woman in the Machine and lifts her out of the machine. He then pulls the pipe from her head. The Woman in the Machine awakes up too groggy to walk and is confused to where she is, as she tries to look around. "It ok, Im setting you free" Frank then puts a arm around her shoulders, helps lift her to her feet, and they walk out of the room.






The Woman in the Machine is sitting on a couch, watching the rugby. She pulls out a new flavor of Pineapple Lumps and starts eating. Next to her sits Lithia on the couch. "Pineapple Lump?" She asks. "Sure." Lithia replies as she takes a Pineapple Lumps out of the packet and looks at it.

"Hey, want to know how these are made?" Lithia puts it in her mouth and eats it. "Lets just say the epinephrine made from bravery, makes these taste so, so good."

The Woman in the Machine and Lithia start laughing. On the TV shows the room, where Frank is in the machine, and his rescue attempt is on a contentious loop on a screen next to him.

The main garage door opens. Two individuals dressed in black suits step in.

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