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Rated: E · Fiction · Folklore · #2211011
A Giantess Story About RWBY. Giantess: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang.
As Jaune walked home from the marketplace, he of course felt pretty stupid. How could he not, he just traded his livestock for a couple of beans. Granted he was told it was magic beans, but now he is reflecting on it and if the blonde is being honest, he doesn’t think they are magic at all. He sighs and frowns, gripping his forehead as he knew he was going to have trouble rationalising this and hoping he didn’t just ruin his season.

And trouble he had, as he saw them not grow magically and was just... beans. The beans was planted, but other than that he failed. Going to bed he planned to start the next day with something good, something that can redeem Jaune. He closed his eyes and went to sleep, napping away and ending his day.

However, barely he could hear a sound. Only due to the silence of the night. Normally he would just ignore it but Jaune was curious. Getting up onto his feet, he rose and moved around. Checking outside of his window to see what it was. It was the beans he planted, and they already had a sprout!

The boy in nothing but his trousers ran out. Very excited about this. The night was cold, but still fine to him considering the discovery.

“Yes! I knew they were real!” He cheered as he ran out, to find that the sprout has grown to twice what he saw before! It was almost his height and... no wait, they were his height now. And they were getting even bigger.

And as it turns out, wider. Jaune had to take a couple of steps, seeing the giant tower that was ahead of him. It just kept expanding and expanding, the dirt around it getting pushed to the side as it got wider. He watched with amazement at the size they were getting until he couldn’t even see the top of it anymore! All he could see was the beanstalk disappearing into the clouds.

“Wow.” Was all he could say, stunned and shocked at what he was seeing. Clearly, this is something else.

Jaune considered his options for a long while, before making the choice to climb it. Why? Well he was curious what it would look like up there, and the Beanstalk looked very claimable. Almost like it was inviting him. Moving back inside, her put on a shirt and shoes, ready to climb up.

The cowardly boy of course had some trouble at the start, however once calming himself and not looking down, he made progress. It took him the rest of the night to climb up the giant plant. Luckily it was easy to climb if you don’t factor in the dangers. He made his way up and up until he was finally at cloud level. Not only being able to see his home and the town nearby, but also the marketplace so far away.

Waiting no time he lifted himself up again, going through the clouds as the real danger showed. He could not see where he was climbing, but he could still feel. He moved his way up more and more, until he had to stop as he felt himself hit a roof.

He hit it with the top of his head, as he could still not see anything with the clouds. He moved his hands around and felt the roof, finding it... collapsable.

Since this was not going to stop him, he lifted his fist and punched it, making his way up through the collapsable roof. With a hand still on the beanstalk, he moved up more and more. So many times until finally, he found what was on the other side the roof. Covering his eyes, he not only found the other side of the blockade, but he found the end of the beanstalk!

Climbing up, he was ready to go to the top and see the entire land as far as one can see, what he saw... was something else.

“H-Huh!!!” He said in complete shock, hugging the beanstalk as his mind runs trying to figure this out. He was in a house... a giant house! The beanstalk was in the corner and looked like nothing to the rest of the place. It was a nice homestead, with beds and multiple rooms. Clean as a whistle as well as... giant.

He could not get over that fact, and he was so shocked. Maybe he should climb back down the beanstalk, this was too weird for Jaune. As he lowered his foot down, a loud noise made Jaune freak out.

It was the sound of a door getting pushed open, slamming open as he freaks out. Letting go of the beanstalk and falling down. He panicked, covering his eyes as he thinks he is gonna fall for a while.

Until that roof he was under and now over cushion his fall. He hit hard as he felt under him, seeing it for the first time.

“Dirt?” He questioned as that was clearly what it was. He was left in a stun, until he heard a voice.

“It grew! I knew it would grow!” A voice said, a loud high pitched girl’s voice. Jaune panicked and moved around to the only hiding spot he had, behind the beanstalk. He could hear loud booms until it stopped. “Wow, awesome!”

Jaune curious looked over his shoulder, still hiding behind the beanstalk as he saw the girl.

She was cute, and well... giant. However Jaune doesn’t feel those two are that different. She had short black and red hair, and a slim body regardless of the size. She wore a black and red outfit, one that was simple and tight on her body. She was leaning over, and Jaune had to stare into her silver eyes. They were... mesmerising. In fact if they were the same size, Jaune might of considered asking her out. Well, until he would no doubt faint from the stress.

“What’s up Ruby?” A voice said from behind, another girl?

“Yang! Look. My plant pot grew a plant. Not really sure what it is though? Look.”

Then Ruby stepped to the side and Jaune saw another beauty. With curly long blonde hair, a yellow outfit and a body that was perfect. Big around the hips and big around the chest. Not to mention she was just as beautiful as her sister.

“Well look at that.” Yang said with a laugh. leaning in as Jaune hid more. “Seems like my little sister is quite the farmer!” Yang teased, rubbing her sister’s head who blushed.

“Yang, stop.” Ruby said adorably. These two, are sisters? That alone left him stunned. They look nothing alike!

Jaune was about to wave it off and go back down when Yang perked up.

“Hey, what’s up with this hole?” Yang said poking he came through. “Seems like you got a bug?” She then giggled. “Better keep Blake away from it, heard she eats bugs.”

“Don’t lie Yang, no she does not.”

“Well have you ever not seen her eat one.” Yang said raising an eyebrow.

“I’ve never seen her eat one either so...” Ruby questioned as Yang smirked.

“Just you wait.” Yang said as Ruby rolled her eyes, seeing someone else coming into view. “Weiss! Look my plant grew!”

Another one, Jaune groaned not happy about it. Until he saw the beauty. She had long white hair, done up into a tail behind her. She was as beautiful as the other two, and looked so much more regal.

“Please, that’s impossible.” The girl said waving her hands off. “You made that yesterday and you didn’t even plant anything.”

“True, but you can’t argue with the results Weiss.” Yang added. She was willing to ignore Ruby, but since it’s also Yang she looked. Seeing a sprout coming out of the potted plant on the table. “What! T-That’s impossible. You didn’t plant anything and you didn’t water it either. It’s impossible!”

“Yeah but... it’s here so...” Ruby added as Weiss raised some good points. As the three girls talked to each other, Jaune got in action. Yang was having her fingers covering his hole, and as long as he is near the stalk, they are gonna keep talking. Moving and running away, he went to the edge and climbed off. Climbing to the girl’s body as he looked down. Well mostly looking at Yang cause of that body. Neither of them were wearing shoes, so they had their feet.

Moving he wasted no time and jumped down, landing on the wooden floor with a roll. He turns around for a second and looks at the towers, really grasping how big these giantesses were.

He quickly shook that thought away, as he got moving and got running. He needs to get away with these giant girls, and the logically place is the door. As they were all talking and chatting, none of them were paying attention to the shrunken blonde boy running away.

Truth be told, he didn’t get very far. As a final girl stepped in.

Jaune froze for a second, landing on his rear as he saw a fourth giant beauty.

With a black outfit, a nice body and straight black hair. The thing noticing about her was the fact she had two... cat ears? This place just keeps getting odder and odder.

While Weiss and Ruby wee arguing, or more accurately Weiss was arguing to Ruby. Yang spotted Blake.

“Sup Blake.” She said with a laugh waving. “Ruby’s plant grew, No idea how?”

Jaune knew why, but he was not going to share why. He needed to get away, slowly making his way through her legs, he planned to leave this house.

“Ruby, Weiss, Yang.” Blake said getting their attentions. “Look at my feet.” Blake said as Jaune paused. Looking right up, he saw that Blake was straight right at him! Her eyes glaring down as he froze in fear. He’s been found! Why did this cat girl have to be more aware than the other three. Jaune stops and looks behind, seeing Jaune as well. They were all looking at him with a giant curious look. Jaune panicked for a long while as he knows he needs to run away. Wasting no time, he began to run away and leave. Wanting to get away from the threat and danger. However as he ran away, he found a giant object crushing right in front of him. He jumped and freaked out, turning up and seeing that the giant landscape that blocked him, was just Blake’s foot. Her eyes down on him and honestly, scaring him.

He ran away from the scary girl, running as fast as he could which given his size is not that fast. He was too focused on running from Blake, he didn’t realise he was running to the other three girls.

“A bug?” Ruby questioned, watching the little inch tall thing scurry around.

“Ew, a bug.” Weiss had more of a disgusted response. Getting up, se stood up as tall as she could, walking over and stomping in front of the bug.

For Jaune, who just got stopped by another foot looked right up. Looking right up at the giant white haired girl. She did not wear a smile, in fact she looked pretty angry. Her eyebrows furrowed and an angry expression.

“Stupid bug.” She replied back with a smile, lifting her foot right up and letting Jaune see the sole. He tripped and fell down onto his rear, very scared and very afraid about what was going to happen. So amazed by her sole and so scared for what was going to happen. She brought her sole right down to him, pressing hard and making him close his eyes. This was the end! He was a goner!

“Weiss wait!!” A voice said, one that did stop her. Her foot barely hanging above the bug as it was like a ceiling to him. Up above he could not see the exchange between Ruby and Weiss.

“Don’t step on it!”

“What,” Weiss said. “Why not.”

“I wanna see it! Please!” Ruby said, her curiosity saving him as Jaune was hoping.

Suddenly the foot shifted around, and Weiss walked away. “Fine.” She replied simply. Jaune watched the giant white hair girl walked away as he broke a giant sigh from his mouth. He’s going to be alive, and that is good to know.

“Ooohhh...” A voice said that made him jump. He watched the giant girl crouch down, her body closer yet still towering over Jaune. Jaune looked right up at her, amazed at the size cause how can he not. “Hehe, hold still little bug.” She replied, moving her hand forward and grabbing him. Jaune felt two giant fingers grabbed him and lifting him up, away from the ground and up to the air. Something that left him so scared when he got lifted. The fingers were like two giant pillows, pushing into either side of him. He gets dropped right into the palm of her head, letting him rest and grip himself after Ruby just gripped him. Yang walked by, going to talk to Blake while Weiss did her own thing.

Ruby meanwhile was so interested in the bug, standing up to her full height as she giggled. Jaune saw himself so high into the air as he was dealing with heights too much today. Despite the pretty sight, he did not enjoy this and now he was hoping he would of stayed down on the floor.

“Now... let’s get a look at you.” Ruby said with a smile, bringing her palm closer to her eye. The searching silver going over him. He was small, but at this size it was obvious.

“Let’s see,” She said bringing her eye even closer. “You don’t have antenna, you walk on two... you got four limbs. Two arms two legs, hm... you’ve got a body and a head... wait?”

Yeah, it was pretty hard to hide at this point. Now what really matters if Jaune can talk his way out of this situation. It’s the only hope he has.

“Oh my gosh! Hehe!! Yes!!!” She cheered, sparkles in her eyes in an instant. The biggest smile on her face as she was bouncing at this point, going up and down excitedly. She spun around for a little bit as she was so excited.

“Well, I think my sister has finally lost it.” Yang said watching her sister getting giddy over a bug.

“We knew it was only a matter of time.” Weiss added looking as well. Ruby didn’t care, instead she just brought her eyes to Jaune again.

“You are so cute! Like really adorable! Super adorable!” She said happily. Her hands shifted as she turned her head, bringing her cheek. Jaune could do nothing as he feels himself pinned and pushed against her cheek .”I am going to take real good care of you I promise!”

“Hey, calm down!” Jaune said as opened her eyes wider. moving back and letting Jaune get some free space.

“And you can talk too! That’s amazing!”

“Ruby, bugs can’t talk.” Blake said as Ruby looked over, seeing the three others watching. For a second she was processing whether to show them, but eventually decided for it. With a big smile she announced.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a boy, just the size of a boy... he’s a bug boy!” She replied back with a smile getting them so confused.


“He’s name is Jaune!” Ruby said happily, holding him with her two hands. The other girls were confused, as how could they not. They all walked forward as the small boy saw him get surrounded by all four girls. Their giant bodies around him as he was left amazed. Clearly, judging from the changes in all their faces they were recognising him. Freezing for a little while Ruby was the only one wearing smile.

“Say Hi Jaune!”

“H-Hello...” He said, fearing for his life right now.

“It is a boy.” Blake said as Yang smirked, glancing at Weiss.

“You almost stepped on him with your large feet Weiss.”

“M-My feet aren’t that large.” She said denying that part, cause she could not deny the other one. “What are you doing in our home!”

“Trying to get a peak, huh little Jaune.” Yang said with a wink, something that made him blush. Luckily he was so small he doubts they could see it. Wanting to tease more she kept talking. “Hey Ruby, lower your hand a little bit more?”

“Uh sure.” Ruby replied doing just that. She did not understand, until Yang stuck out her cleavage right in front of him. Getting Jaune to freak out as she laughs. Ruby pieced it together and raised her hand back up. “Really Yang?”

“Hehe, he was freaking out. He almost jumped. Tell me Jaune, do you like them.”

“Yang knock it off.” Blake said to her. “What are you doing in our home?”

“It’s not my fault I swear. I... grew some magic beans, climbed up the giant stalk that grew from it and... came out over there.” He said pointing to the plant.

“Woah! Weiss hold him!” Ruby said switching her hand around and dropping him onto the heiress’s hand. He froze their, her freezing glare on him as he felt cold. This was the beauty that tried to step on him. Ruby ran over and glance down. “Are you telling me, there is like a whole world down there! Full of small people!”

“M-Maybe? Not really sure.” He said as Weiss spoke up.

“He said maybe.” Noticing she did not speak up about it. He is quiet. “That explains the plant, kind of. Why were you on the floor?”

“I-I was scared! You all are so... giant and massive.”

“He was scared. Hahahaha!” Yang said gripping her side. “That sounds hilarious!

“We are pretty big to him.” Blake said rationalising it. Yang still found it pretty funny, and she wasn’t going to stop. Leaning over and bringing her face closer.

“Boo!!!” She said, a loud noise with a laugh as she found it funny. Ruby came back and pinched him from Weiss’s hand.

Grabbing him and dropping him into her hand. A big smile on her face as she began talking. “Well, what are we going to do with him? I mean... if i’m being honest I want to...” Ruby couldn’t finish, she just trailed off.

“Well, can you let me go back home. I got things to do.” He said, like chop down the beanstalk and get over this whole situation.

“Hm... let us decide on this.” Blake said as he guesses he was going to wait.

However not in the palm, as Yang wasted no time and grabbed him. Grabbing him and shifting him into the cleavage.

“Wait! Wait!” he shouted as she wasted no time stuffing him in between her breasts. Throwing him on, and then pushing her finger onto him burying him under as she laughed and giggled the entire time. She found it so funny and so amazing. In fact she loved it so much. When she was satisfied, she moved her finger and looked ahead, seeing the face from all the other girls.

“Come on, you all knew I was gonna do it. It was just a matter of time.” Yang shrugged with a smile. “So, what’s the plan here. I don’t think he can hear in there?”

“I want to keep him!!” Ruby blurted out, getting all the looks to her. “I mean, he’s so cute, and it would be very fun and I would love it so much. Please let’s keep him!”

“He’s got a life down there Ruby. We shouldn’t just kidnap him.” Blake said back.

“We will treat him right!”

“That’s not the same,” She replied back with a eye roll. “We can take care of him best we can, but we shouldn’t while he has a world more fit for him.”

“Well I think we should keep him!” Yang said with a smile. “This is a cute boy, we are cute girls. He’s gonna love ti Blake I promise you. Plus. my little sis has got her first crush! And it’s someone she could literally crush!” Yang got a good laugh out of that, but the others just rolled their eyes. Ruby did more as she wore a massive blush.

“I-I don’t have a crush on him!” Ruby said in a panicked tone.

“You called him adorable?”

“That’s because he is... n-never mind!” She replied back loudly as Yang laughed.

“I think we should keep him.” Weiss said, simply which left them all confused. So stunned about the situation. “What?”

“Y-You think we should keep him?” Ruby commented. “But you’re Weiss and you’re... not nice.”

“I’m nice!!” She said back before sighing. “Look, I don’t want to get rid of him. Let’s leave it at that.”

There was a long silence until Yang smirked.

“Oh I get it. You want him to treat you like an ice princess. You want him to be your servant!”


“You can fool yourself but you can’t fool me Weiss. Hehe.”

“Seriously Weiss...” Blake said as she could see it as well.

“I won’t let you hurt him!!”

“I won’t hurt him!... much. Unless he doesn’t pay attention. I figured, if he’s gonna be staying up here he shouldn’t get a free pass, put him to work. That’s not that absurd.”

“Well it’s three against one Blake. Seems like he’s staying!” Yang said with a laugh as Blake couldn’t do anything about it then. However she did have to comment.

“He’s not gonna be happy about this. I’m going to read, good luck breaking the news to him.” She said as she had a point.

Yang smiled as she fished her fingers in, pulling him out. For Jaune, whose entire world has been boobs was thankful for the fingers. The fingers came and lifted him up, lifting him up to her face as he looks into the eyes. Her fingers at his sides.

“Hehe, nice blush. Kind of disappointed that’s all I got from it though. I was expecting... something else.” Jaune was left stunned, seeing her eyes shift down slightly... just slightly. “Okay Ruby! Break it to him!”

She said shifting her hand forward and giving him to Ruby. He falls on her hands as she looked right at him.

“Break it to me, I... what?”

“Uh... well you see. We have, made a choice.” She said trying to dance around it. “I-I mean... you got to look at the good side as well as the bad. I-I think the good will be a lot better and if you just think about it that way, um... Weiss you tell him!”

She shifted her hands around and dropped him into Weiss’s hand. With a sigh she looked ahead and saw the other two giving her a nervous smile.

Jaune was getting up, looking up to the beauty as she stated. “We have decided to keep you.”

“Weiss!” Ruby yelled, a bit thrown off about how direct it was.

“Better to here it straight forward.” She replied simply, as she looked right down. His eyes on her, being amazed.


“You are staying with us.” Weiss said simply looking down. “We are keeping you.”


“Hehe, yeah like a pet.” Yang said from the side with a nervous laugh. Even she was thrown off by how direct it was.

“But a loving pet!”

“Oh... you love him Ruby.” Yang said, wasting no time to tease her sister. He looked stunned, as Jaune could barely believe it. Looking ahead he saw Weiss talk down to him.

“This is happening, best accept it.” She said as the blunt attitude she was giving, well it was not the best. Any of the other girls would of been more careful, and not make Jaune freak out.

Speaking of which, Jaune is freaking out. He’s got a life, he can’t just throw it away to live with these four giant girls! No matter how beautiful they were. He has... things to do!

It’s a really stupid idea, but it was the only one he had in his mind. And it was what he was going through. The girl’s at first didn’t notice that Jaune was running off the hand, however Ruby was aware.

“Weiss, stop him!” Ruby shouted as the white girl look down. Getting aware as she moved her hand around and closed it. Closing it all around him as he was stuck inside.

“What was he planning on doing, jumping and- Ow!” She screamed, feeling something bite her hand. It was Jaune and he was trying to get out by any means. She opened her hand, feeling the bite and instinctively retracting. As he fell right down, he grabbed onto the only thing that he could. Weiss’s knee. Landing onto it as he hugged for his life, seeing he was halfway to the ground. Gripping the knee he was about to continue. “You little jerk!”

Turning his head around, he could see Weiss’s angry hand coming for him. A big afraid look as he dropped right down, sliding down the rest of the leg.

He heard the big knee slap as that alone might of ended him. He kept falling down and down until he was on the foot. All the girls were looking at him, even Blake in the corner on the bed, noticing the situation. Jaune wasted no time, running around and escaping. Wanting to get away but... where? The door, the plant on the table?

“Don’t let him run!” Yang said, not with concern. With excitement as this was just a game to her.

“Come here Jaune! I’ll show you what a true bite is!” Weiss said angrily, lifting her foot up again to stop on him.

“Weiss don’t!” Ruby shouted, knowing what was coming. She moved ahead and knocked Weiss off balance, knowing she had to save Jaune.

“Ruby!” Weiss said as Ruby was more concerned, seeing Jaune run right through her legs to the door.

“No you don’t!” Yang said, leaping and getting in front of him. The top heavy girl blocking his way as he could not go that way. She leaned over him, a playful smirk on his face. “I’m gonna get ya! I’m gonna get ya!”

She taunted and he ran the other way, right through Ruby’s legs again. He was running to the plant this time. He ran across Weiss’s laying body, and she saw this.

Moving her hand down and slapping it onto the floor, stopping his progress. Jaune looked at her angry face for only a second, until the wall of her palm came for him. Hitting him hard as he flew backwards. Getting sent into the air by a hard swat from Weiss.

Jaune was so confused, his body hurt and rolling around in an endless gaze. When he landed, it was soft so that was good.

As he skidded for a little while he had to make himself not vomit. Looking at the world. he was able to see himself on the bed. Blake’s bed to be exact. The cat girl looking down at him.

Jaune looked her way for a second, as they met for a little while. However she just went back to her book. She knows you aren’t getting out.

“Jaune...” Ruby said, who was on her knees at the end of the bed. A concerned look on her face. “You okay?”

He walked right near her face, away from her body as he couldn’t help it.

He vomited off the side. A small pile going on the floor as Ruby looked on.

The weirdest thing, she found it cute. It’s got to be the size, cause otherwise it would of been funny... but disgusting.

“Sorry if Weiss hit you too hard.”

“Me? He bit me!” Weiss said angrily, keeping her distance to calm herself just in case she hurts Jaune again.

“Sorry, you... you aren’t gonna run again, are you?”

He replied back to this, running away. Of course he was feeling sick, and hurt and disoriented. So he had literally no chance to escape.

“I’ll stop him!” Yang shouted happily, clearly not seeing the care. Before Jaune could fathom, a large rear appeared over him and he got flattened under. Flattened under by her powerful rear. Right under her crack as Yang smiled. “Sorry Jaune, Butt! I can’t let you leave.”

“Bad pun Yang, bad pun.” Blake said on the bed, a mere spectator.

“Well at least he’s trapped now.” Weiss added, looking to Ruby, seeing the stunned and concerned looks on her face. “Relax Ruby!”

“Jaune! I-I’ll come save you!” She said before trying to lift Yang off.

“Ruby, he’s fine.” Yang smirked, patting her sister. Ruby backed up before sighing.

“Well that could of gone better.” Ruby said. “Who would of thought that would happen?”

And to this, Blake raised her hand.

“Well I still wanna keep him. We got to lock that door, plug up every hole and make sure he doesn’t reach that plant.” Weiss said as Yang smiled.

“True, at least until he ends up wanting us.” Yang said as he got a confused look from Ruby and Weiss. “At first he will be like, oh no. But once he sees us naked, i’m sure his tune will change.”

“That’s called Stockholm Syndrome Yang.” Blake added as Yang just ignored.

“I don’t want him to see my body, not after that bite.” Weiss said crossing her arms

“I-I don’t think I would be comfortable with it either.” Ruby added.

“Well I would love it.” Yang added.

“I...” Blake said seeing it was her turn. “I wouldn’t be against it.”

“Oh hell yeah! That’s my cat girl!” Yang shouted happily, patting her friend’s head to an annoyed look.
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