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Remember that not everyone else is as happy as you
It's really strange... But very true.
That some times in life we feel so blue,
But somewhere someone is not happy as you.

When someone grieves at someone's loss,
At the same time,
Someone rejoices for a new good cause.

Someone has had their live to an end,
Someone on the other hand has found a good friend.

While someone sleeps in a peaceful night,
Someone is awake by the thunderous sight!

Somewhere far at the border,
When a soldier sleeps,
His loved ones silently weep.

Somewhere a mother painfully sighs,
Because her new born baby didn't open her eyes.

Somewhere a poor dad silently cries,
When he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice.

Somewhere in an orphanage a little girl is sad,
When she misses her mom and dad.

When emotions play their role, the heart cries,
It makes no sound , but it pains a lot.
Thus, you have got to think; time to rise !

Be sure of your feelings that you have got,
To win life's golden prize.
So at times, the reason to smile,

You may not have any,
Say to yourself, that you are happier than many.

Because life is beautiful and not always blue,
For somewhere someone is not happy as you!
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