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A Giantess Story About Dragon Ball Super. Giantess: Videl, Pan
“Bye Videl!” Gohan said, right up to his wife as he leaned down. “Goodbye Pan, don’t worry i’ll be right back.”

“Take your time Gohan,” Videl said with a smile holding their child. “You need this.”

It was true, she has seen the struggle her husband has been going through. Of course, she is happy that her husband has been so loving and so caring, putting her and her child first. However she knows, that he hates his strength. He wants to get stronger, he wants to protect.

That is why, when Goku offered a training week Videl was more than adamant about this. Standing at Capsule Corp, they were about to leave in a spaceship to space, secluded and nothing but training.

“Come on Gohan,” His father said from behind. “Let’s get going, i’m getting bored.”

The man child did give a good laugh from Videl.

“Uh... Coming Dad!” He said as he gave Videl and Pan a hug, and then went away. He waved as he walked to the spaceship, before the bays closed. Videl waving goodbye with a smile, ready to see how strong her husband gets.

“Geez, if only every father could be as supportive as Gohan.” A voice said from her side, looking to the side it was Bulma, waving goodbye as well. The spaceship flew off, and she had to question.

“Why do you say that?” Videl questioned.

“Well, Gohan is always so caring. Even in the worst situation, he’s thinking about you two. I just can’t say the same thing about Vegeta.”

That man, Videl does not like him, and never has. It all stemmed from the first meeting, and learning about him trying to destroy the planet, and even heard about him attacking Gohan and traumatising him. So that is why she did not like him.

“I am pretty lucky.” Videl said keeping it on her husband. They both smiled and walked in, since she was at Capsule Corp, of course she was going to bond with her friend and the older woman.


As Videl walked through the giant building, she was admittedly coming from the bathroom and got lost really fast. It was such a big building and she could not help it. As she walked through, she left her child with Bulma and tried to get back.

Looking through every room for anything that she can recognise. After a while, she glanced around in a room, seeing a small room with a window to a larger room.

It was the training room. Walking forward, she looked ahead and saw Vegeta training by himself. The man in his classic spandex and fighting around over and over again. Walking forward she checked the control and was shocked at what she was seeing.


500 times gravity, that’s insane. Well she does suppose he is at that level. Big surprise he was in here training rather than being a good father. With an eye roll, she walked away. Not even being found by Vegeta as she leaves.

The next room, is where it gets fun. It was a science lab, obviously it was Bulma’s, and as she made her way in, she couldn’t help but get curious.

Picking up multiple things, she inspected them, but only one she accidentally pressed the button of. Videl jumped when a beam shot out of the device, hitting the nearby chair. She watched with open eyes, seeing it dwindle down in size. It was around her waist, but right now it was closer to her toe. Walking over with her shoes, she looked down amazed at it. It was so small, so it was a shrink ray.

Looking over the device even more, she found a way to grow the chair back up, so she did that. Growing it and dropping the device. Not having much interest or need in it.

She moved around and went to left in the room. Paused though, as her brain suddenly ticked with an idea.

An idea she probably shouldn’t pull, but one she could not get out of her head. It was a shrink ray, and this... might be the only time for Videl to actually, make Vegeta pay for what he did. If she shrunk him while he was training, she could teach him a real good lesson.

Unable to get the idea out of mind, she contemplated about actually doing it, before she decided for it. Moving back, grabbing the device and moving as fast as she can she went to the training room. Videl know’s that if she enters the actual chamber, she would be crushed by the gravity. So turning that off first, the room went back to normal.

Vegeta who was training stopped, noticing the lack of pressure. “Who dare?” He said turning to the door to the chamber, seeing Videl walk her way in. Well, it was just a woman to her. She knew it was Gohan’s wife, but didn’t know her name. “I was training.”

“I know,” Videl said walking forward, into the chamber. “But i’ve got something else to do, and I need you for it.”

“I’m training.” He said simply. “Go away.”

Videl bit her lip, knowing she needed to get close. Vegeta was fast, and if she shot it at him he could dodge. Walking closer to him, she kept talking.

“Well, you know how Goku and Gohan went training? Well I guess you could say... I need a man of the house.”

Vegeta was not following. “What are you on about?”

“Well not a man really, but a toy is what I need,” Videl said with a massive smirk on her face “And you are gonna be that toy.”

With that, Videl trigger the device, sending the bend and whipping it in front. Because Vegeta’s sense were down, he did not expect a beam to hit him, and he could do nothing as he shrunk down in size compared to this woman. From 5 foot, to 4, to 3, 2, 1 and even lower than that. He watched the expanding girl with shock and surprise.

When he stopped shrinking, he found that he was only an inch tall.


“Vegeta, is that you down there.” Videl said, her hand on her shoulder as she leaned down. A giant smile on her face, seeing the now bug size Saiyan.

“What have you down to me woman!” He shouted, gritting his teeth of course angry.

“First off, not woman. My name is Videl, I know you didn’t know it. Secondly, paying you back for what you did. Now come here.” She shouted, reaching down.

“To hell with you!” He shouted, watching her giant palm coming for him. Shifting his hands around, he gets ready to launch a Galick Gun at this woman, blinded by rage. However as he charged up his attack, he found nothing coming out of it. Leaving him in a shocked silence.

Not only is he shrunk, he can’t draw energy! Looking back up, he saw the hand dangerously close, and the fingers were coming in.

The fingers came in and pinched Vegeta. One on each side as he gets lifted right up. Right up to her smile as he could do nothing but be forced and attacked by the fingers.

For Videl, she lifted him with so much smug and happiness. She lifted him up right to her eye, and she looked at the small Saiyan. It was him, and he could not even overpower her fingers.

“So weak Vegeta, so weak.” She said simply, teasing him about this. Vegeta was trying every trick he had in his book, even attacking her fingers, but did not get any attack. No Super Saiyan, and no power.

“Let! Me! Go!”

“Sorry, but you are gonna pay. Now, I need to put you somewhere, don’t want your wife finding out about you.” She said, tossing her hand around playfully. Letting him have hell as she toyed with him.

After a long while, she decided where. Knowing Vegeta would not like it, which ultimately made her choice. Shifting her hands around.

With a smile, she lifted her armpit, lifting it high as she brought the small Saiyan over to it. Letting him not only see where he was going, but smell as well. He was too small to do anything, which made her love it. He squirmed and moved around, but found that he could not really.

Bringing her fingers forward, she pushed him face first into her armpit. Letting him not only sink in, but take it all as well. With a smile, she laughed at the small Saiyan.

“Too weak to escape, Oh Vegata. I can tell we are going to have fun, just remember... this was for hurting my Gohan. He may not have grudges, but I sure as hell do.”

And with that, she closed her arm, bringing it down and pushing him into the pit hard. He was trapped under, unable to do anything as he was sandwiched into her armpit.

With a smile, she walked out of the training room, now with no need for the device she put it back, and she has to find her way again, still lost but with a toy.


“Thanks for the drop off Bulma!” Videl said, carrying her sleeping daughter with one hand, and the Saiyan in her armpit. She wasn’t waving, cause she wanted Vegeta stuck. Bulma didn’t mind, as she flew off in her ship back to her home. It was late at night, and it was time to put Pan to sleep. Once Bulma left, she turned and walked back into her bed.

She walked back into her home, moving as she made her way in. She moves right in, closes the door and opens her armpit. Right over her chair, so with a smile she watched as Vegeta dropped right down.

He dropped right down falling for a long while until he hit the ground. He hit the cushion, and wasted no time staring at the giant woman above him. Of course not wearing a smile about it.

“Well, i’ve got to put Pan to sleep. You be a good toy and stay there, or else.” Videl said as she got moving, leaving the room and leaving Vegeta by himself. So of course he was going to try and escape. Finding that flight was not able, he got moving. Running and escaping.

For Videl, she of course didn’t want to leave Vegeta alone, but she needed to put Pan down with two hands. Working hard, and making sure she could do it fast, she put her down in her crib and smiled.

Turning back with eagerness in her step, she walked ahead and saw that Vegeta was not on the couch, in fact she was really gone.

Not happy about this, she moved around and looked down.

“Oh, you are gonna pay for this Vegeta. Where are you!?” She said, a bit of a playful glint in her eyes. After all it was just a game to her.

After searching for a while, she spotted him at her door. Trying to pry it open with his small body.

With a smile she stepped over, towering over him.

Vegeta turned and saw the mountain of a woman smirking down at him. He thought given his training, even at this size he would be strong enough to open the door. He was not.

“Oh Vegeta, stupid move.” She said reaching down for him again. Vegeta tried to run away, between her hands. He did not get the chance, as she blocked his path with her hand and scooped him up.

She scooped him right up to her hand and he felt himself pulled up. Now on her open palm he was dragged right up.

Dragged right up to her eyes as he was near her face.

“You are gonna pay for that Vegeta.” She said simply with a giant smile. Which grew even bigger as she watched him get onto his knees and start pounding the ground. Actually trying to hurt her!

“Oh, you are going to pay double for that.” She said simply as she got moving. Heading over and going to the couch, she just let Vegeta hit, let him. It would hurt his pride more than it would hurt her. With a smile, she went over and tilted her giant hand, letting Vegeta fall right down onto the cushion.

He hit hard onto it, as he then turned around and looked up, not seeing the giant face of Videl.

Instead the giant ass of Videl.

With a massive smile on her face, she descended it down, imagining the sight for the Saiyan. Surely it could not be good.

She dropped her ass down onto the seat, as she sat there for a long while feeling nothing. Videl thought maybe he ended up escaping her ass, and dodging out of the way.

However, that was not what happened, and she knew that when she started to feel wiggling under her ass. Massive wiggling that she loved, as it was right under her crack and between her cheeks. It was not painful, but pleasurable.

With a smile on her face, she dropped her back and rested.

For Vegeta, he was understandably hating every second of it, as he was too weak to even lift this woman off him. He did struggle, to his last breath as he did not want to be under her ass. Ultimately, he did not have the choice.

Videl sat there, for what seemed like an hour with the tiny guy under her ass. At some points, she even forgot Vegeta was there, until she remembered and shifting her ass around violently. Shifting it around in a playful manner as he was dragged across by her giant ass.

Eventually, she wanted to move over to other things. She had her ass fun, now she wanted fun with a different part. Lifting her rear slightly, she grabbed Vegeta and brought him up. The Saiyan looking like he was put though one hell of a battle, which he found really funny.

After a while, he shifted around showing signs of life.

“Good, you’re still there.” Videl said down to him. “Well good for me, not for you.”

“Go to hell!” He barked, as he still had his pride with him, and no matter how much Videl tried to break it, it was there.

“Do you want me to stick you back in there Vegeta, maybe with no clothes to save you?” She said raising her eyebrows with a threat. She didn’t get answer, so she just moved along.

Leaning forward, she dropped Vegeta right by her feet. Dropping him down as he hit the carpet.

He thought about escaping, but didn’t get the chance until her feet came to him once again. On either side of him, he was trapped in between the large feet, unable to escape really. Her giant soles hovering over him, with the long legs and Videl’s smiling face in between.

“Now, get to rubbing Vegeta.” She said with a smile. The smile did nothing for Vegeta instead it infuriated him.

“No! I am not rubbing your stupid feet!” he shouted, standing in defiance.

“I can barely here you Vegeta, but i’m pretty sure you said you aren’t going to.” She leaned forward, a much more serious look on her face. “That’s not what I actually heard, right Vegeta?” She said threatening, giving him a chance to back down.

One that Vegeta did not take sadly. “You stupid woman! You can go to hell!”

She responded with what you would really expect her to do. She shifted her left foot, and pressed it down to Vegeta. Stomping him into the ground as hard as she can with a smile. She could feel him get flattened by her sole as she felt so powerful stepping on him.

She pressed down hard, stomping him as he was pretty much under her sole. With a smile, she relaxed as she started tapping her foot up and down, flattening him under as she talked.

“I even gave you a chance to correct your words and be smart, guess I shouldn’t of expected that from you. Turns out Gohan is the only smart Saiyan.” She teased, tapping her foot over and over again onto Vegeta.

She paused for a long while though, as she shifted her foot back, dragging and rolling Vegeta under it as she gave out another laugh. She rolled him under for a long while, until finally she lifted her foot up. Moving her toes to him now as she grabbed him in between.

It was like the finger grab before, but even worse for Vegeta. As the toes were more together, and much worse smelling. So bad that it made him wear a face of disgust. He gets gripped and pushed by the toes as she lifted her giant foot into the air. Barely seeing the bug in between as she smiled.

“Oh Vegeta, how does it feel. How does it feel being so small and being so weak. You can’t beat a human girl, not a Saiyan or a god, a normal human woman. I’ve got you literally between my toes right now! You are so weak! So weak!.”

The amount that Vegeta wanted to kill her could not be measured, but he could not do anything about this.

He was stuck between her toes, unable to do anything.

So he could do nothing as she waved her foot around, kicking it around like a ride as she smirked at Vegeta, knowing the hell he would be put through.

When she stopped, it was not because of any remorse or sympathy for Vegeta. instead, it was simply because she got a good idea in her mind, and she wanted to try it.

Hopefully, this will get some fear out of Vegeta and break that stupid pride of his. Shifting around and grabbing him from her toes. She pulled him around and up to her face, as she smiled at the small Saiyan. Suddenly she opened her mouth as wide as she possibly can. Opening it wide as Vegeta saw everything to do with her mouth. From her two lips, her tongue and her teeth. Her throat right back and even more.

He could do nothing as she moved around, moving around and dangling him above her mouth.

She wasted no time, as she opened her fingers and Vegeta fell into the abyss that was this woman’s mouth.

He fell right in, covering his face as he hit hard. He hit hard onto her tongue as he looked up, just in time for her to close her mouth and trap Vegeta inside.

“Let me go!” He said, now filled with rage as he ran over and started punching her teeth. Willing to knock some out to get out of this shameful hell.

In Vegeta’s credit, he did do work, and Videl felt it. Just... not enough to actually push them out, and just enough to piss off Videl majorly.

Not very happy about what she was feeling inside of the mouth, she whipped her tongue sending it right into Vegeta.

The Saiyan felt it hit him, right onto his back as he gets pushed into the hard white wall.

He didn’t fall back, cause her tongue was on him before. Like a pink serpent, it came and started harassing.

The tongue carried him around the mouth, from cheek to cheek as she enjoyed throwing him around. Vegeta lost sight of the world the more he got thrown around, but on the contrary the more he got thrown around, the more the got wet and covered in her saliva. When she finally rested her joy with him, it was not even for the better.

She let him rest right in front of the tongue as she lifted it. Vegeta was confused at what she was doing, but didn’t give the time to figure out as she titled her head back.

She tilted her giant head backwards, letting the landscape change for Vegeta and force him to fall. He panicked, thinking he would fall right down her throat, until he got lucky and was under her tongue. Resting there for a long while as Videl smiled to herself. Vegeta was forced to take shelter under her tongue. It made her feel so powerful, as she just closed her eyes and focused on the bug in her mouth. Once powerful, now powerless.

Videl was willing to just lay there for the rest of the night, Vegeta trapped inside of her mouth and well... the only chance of escape for his down into her stomach.

She didn’t plan on how long she will keep Vegeta like this and in fact, she didn’t even consider how long up until now. Now she was thinking about extending it for... well who knows how long. It has turned less about teaching Vegeta a lesson to more pleasure for Videl.

As she closed her eyes, she risked falling asleep with Vegeta in her mouth, she however heard a voice, or a scream.

“Mwahhh!!!!” Her child roared from the other room, Videl opening her eyes and understanding. Her baby was crying in the other room, which means she has to stop her fun. Tilting her head normally, she spat out Vegeta into her hand, sending him flying.

She didn’t see him flying out of her mouth, instead she saw a wad of spit on her hand. It wasn’t until she looked in and saw Vegeta in there, stuck in her spit.

“Hahaha! That’s hilarious!” She laughed as he was seeming to stay quiet. good thing she has a new born, cause otherwise she might worry about what was in her hand. She got moving and walked into her child’s room.

Making her way over and looking down, her child infant.

“It’s okay Pan, Mommy’s here.” She said reaching down, pausing for a second about Vegeta. She didn’t care as she just wiped him over her clothes, right in the tit area. Good to know he was holding on. She reached right down and lifted her up. Pan getting lifted and Videl started to bounce.

“There there, it’s okay.” She said, her motherly instincts kicking in as she wore a smile. She bounced and patted the back of Pan. The baby stopping the crying, as she noticed what it was.

“A belch? Here, let me get that for you.” She said patting over and over again on the back. Pan stopped the crying and gave out a little baby burp right into her chest. Videl smiled, seeing her child’s smile.

It wasn’t until later that she pieced it together, looking down she saw the small Saiyan, in pure belch zone.

A laughter coming from her voice, as she found it more than funny. For Vegeta, the wave of air that hit him was crazy, and the smell that followed was even worse. A bit covered in everything really.

“Vwah!” Pan said, as Vegeta looked at the giant baby, seeing it reach for him. Thankfully the babies limbs were far to small so he was safe.

“Well, seems like Pan likes you. Since i’m the mother, I got to give my daughter her toy.” Videl said as Vegeta paused. Looking right up, he saw the fingers gripping him as he gets pulled to Pan.

Pan smiled and made a happy sound as she reached in. Reaching her pudgy hands and wrapping Vegeta in her fist.

“Vwah! Vwah!” She cheered, shaking it around as Videl watched down with a big smile on her face. This could not be any better right now.

“Ahh, you like him Pan. Good, cause we are keeping him for a long while. You okay with that Vegeta? You okay being a baby’s plaything?”

He screamed.

Pan brought him right up, opening her palm but still holding him. She brought him forward and rubbed him over her cheek. A big smile.

She then leaned forward and nestled her way into the breasts, as Vegeta was getting smashed from both sides. Both of them wearing a smile and enjoying it.

“Lucky you Vegeta, seems like my daughter has taking a liking to you. Trust me, it could of easily been the other way around and she could of thrown you in her mouth.

Vegeta didn’t respond, as he kept quiet while getting gripped by the little girl. Videl noticed this, and went on to tease. “What, no retort. You lost the fight in you?”

Since he was being pushed to it, he snapped back, although it didn’t matter that much at this point. “When I grow big, I promise you this I will end you!”

“Well then I won’t let you grow big.” She replied simply, a smile on her face as she was loving how this was turning out. Vegeta, being stuck and unable to do anything. Sure, he could make a loud noise but that didn’t really matter did it. He will shut up, and if he doesn’t she will.

Vegeta was about to yell at her, when suddenly he felt a loud waterfall down onto him. Dripping down onto him and making him underwater for a second. He was confused for a long while about the situation. Until he heard Videl from above.

“She’s drooling on you! Hahahaha! That’s amazing!” She laughed as Pan was doing just that. Dripping down with a massive smile. It lasted for a long while, until Videl reached in and grabbed Vegeta. Pulling him out as Pan digs her head inside.

She pulled him ahead and up to her face as she smiled. “Well, she’s going to sleep. Be quiet okay?”

Vegeta wanted to yell, but not even he would speak up and wake her yup. Videl reached down dropped Pan back into her bed, dropping her as she smiles down.

Admittedly, she got a bit of a worry in her face. Vegeta was a new father, just like she was a new mother. She did not like Vegeta right now, or at anytime. He was a father, and he had a family.

At the same time, what can she really do if she grows him up right now. Pausing for a long while as she considers what she will do.

“Hey!” Vegeta shouted at the top of his voice, being loud about it. Although still making sure not to wake her up. “Let me go! You’ve had your fun! Now let me go you stupid woman!”

And this, got rid of any sympathy that Videl was starting to feel. Looking right down and thinking for a long while as she brought her body right down. Bringing it right down as she dug her hand down to Vegeta and bringing him up to her eye.

“You have got to be kidding me, No way. I’ll grow you big, but it will be with my choice, not yours.” She replied simply.

“Let me go... you bitch!” He shouted, angry about it as she paused. That, was a step too far.

“You little!” She said, squeezing her fingers. “You are gonna pay, right now!

Thinking about it, but only for a little while she got a fun idea in her mind. “Since Pan likes you so much, I think i’m going to keep you there.”

She leaned forward, dancing her hand around and bringing it down. She brought her hand down and reached for her daughter. Vegeta being take to the giant little girl and confused about what was planned. He pieced it together though, seeing Videl carefully and subtly turn her daughter and pull open the diaper of the baby. Vegeta’s eyes wide as he tried to get out, squirming with a scared looked.

“Don’t you dare woma-”

“Be quiet, you will wake her up.” Videl said cutting him off and driving him in. He was not only pushed into the diaper, he was pushed two baby cheeks of Pan. Right between in the diaper as Videl’s fingers retreated.

Once out, Vegeta found himself stuck int eh massive butt of Pan, and something tells him that Videl isn’t gonna pull him out. This has by far been the worst day of his life, well actually second. His planet blowing up was worse.

For Videl, she left Vegeta by himself and walked away. She was satisfied where he was, knowing that he won’t try anything,

She left and got ready for her own bed, thinking about what she is going to do. In no time, she slipped into her sleepwear and crawled into bed.

Bed, which gave her some ideas, some she was not going to do considering she was married. Still it was there. She has got to go to Capsule Corp, and maybe order a memory wipe system.

She doesn’t plan to keep Vegeta small, just for a long while. And when he grows big the housewife didn’t want an enemy out of him. Cause what she has planned, and has done has made him an enemy.

As she got into bed, she went to sleep, excited for tomorrow.

Which can not be said the same for Vegeta, who was in a baby’s diaper and unable to escape. Hoping that the child doesn’t fart or go forbid, even worse.

Clearly, he could not avoid this and it was happening. Best thing he could do was bite his tongue and wait until it is reversed. This was something he was never going to share, ever.

Also another reason to attack Gohan next time he sees him. Pan shifted around, dragging Vegeta around in the diaper as she relaxed down. Going to sleep.

Vegeta hated it, but he was going to do the same. Best get through this, and not dwell on it.

Worst part about it, this was just the first day for him. Hopefully it would be the worst one for him.
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