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A deep emotional bound of a Moon and her Star.
This was all between the star and the moon.

Maybe the star never really bothered and cared all this while...
Maybe, he wasn't even there...

The moon pictured the star just so that she, could feel loved, which she hasn't since years.....

The moon shined too bright and couldn't see the star slowly drifting away....

When she realized, realized all that she was doing was too much
It was too late, too late to stop feeling all the emotions she had towards the star.

They say, when the star drifts, the moon follows too. Life on a star can't exist without the moon.
Whereas the moon
The moon followed and yet she lost and he won.
He slowly..... successfully..... drifted away......

Maybe she was only imaging the star shining, shining for her.
But the star was shinning for himself.....

But maybe,
The star never won because without the moon by its side it lost all its beauty and life?
The one who lost was the star who didn't appreciate the moon who saved him from the rays of the sun when they were too bright..... the moon shined bright, burning in the process to save the star from getting hurt.

Regardless, "LOST" won either way....

Maybe someday the star shall realize, but until then the moon shall be protecting someone else...

Someday, The moon shall shine again

Just as bright as before

Just as bright as when the star she was protecting was with her, by her side.
Burning bright together!

This time she'll do it alone.

Maybe someday, she'll learn to shine for herself
For Herself
All Alone.
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