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by She
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A little love to someone I adore
She is soft and sensitive.
She is understanding and funny.
She is gorgeous and beautiful.
Her skin is smooth and the color of mocha, it is soft and delicate.
She hides her ears when they blush, and she hides into me when she wants to feel safe.
She hugs as if she's on a limit, and realistically we are since not everyone can catch us.
She smiles a perfect smile that everyone catches.
She is beautiful with her happiness. She is gorgeous with her intelligence.
She is the embodiment of all things beautiful and peaceful.
She is so beautiful, delicate, sensitive, and the opposite of me.

I fight, I am harsh, and I can be difficult.
I can be cold and rude.
I can be the rain on someone's parade.
I can be stubborn and hurtful with my words.
I can be a raging storm full of ugliness.
I am an ugly truth and someone who has always been left.
I am not everyone's first choice, but I am hers and that means something special.
She loves that I make her feel protected.
She loves that I can be difficult because she knows she can change my mind.
She loves that with one touch and one word by her and I will lose myself in her.
She is absolutely beautiful and I love her.

I love her for everything she is and everything she can be.
I simply love her, and she loves me.
She is beautiful and yet she can love something so ugly.
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