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The title says it all
         Everything in the world had to start somewhere in time, and salt water taffy is no different. Today salt water taffy is found all across the country, and is especially popular at American beaches where there's a link between the ocean's salty Summer breeze and that sweet salt water taffy. For American beach lovers there are few treats as special as salt water taffy.

         Salt water taffy found its birthplace in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which is one of America's oldest beach destinations. Today there's an awesome boardwalk surrounded by fancy gambling casinos where one can test their luck at striking it rich. I tried my luck years ago in Atlantic City at gambling, and all that happened is I walked out of there with less money in my pocket then when I walked in. Casinos are there to make money, and if casinos didn't then they wouldn't be there.

         Salt water taffy got it's name way back in the 1800's when a storm flooded a small candy shop owned by a man named David Bradley. Soon after this incident a little girl came into Mr. Bradley's candy store to get some candy. Mr. Bradley offered the little girl some taffy that had previously been covered in salt water from the storm, and the little girl loved it. Mr. Bradley as a joke called it salt water taffy, and that name has stayed that way for centuries. Both Mr. Bradley and that little girl are long gone now, but that brightly colored salt water taffy is still with us today, and now you know the story all about how salt water taffy began.
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