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A New Classic

Bon Appetit

WC 300

“Stop! You’re making it worse!”

“I am not, I’m making it better. You have no taste.” John took out a frying pan.

“I tell you that what you’re doing is making it worse. You don’t make a patty melt like that!” George watched as John cooked. They were in John’s kitchen.

John formed meat into two patties, then cut some onions. He put the onions in a pan and browned them. He cooked the meat and put a slice of cheese on top of each patty.

“Don’t put that on top of the meat, cheese and onions. Are you nuts?”

“I don’t tell you what to do when you fix a car. Don’t tell me how to cook. Watch and learn!” John proceeded to add eggplant slices that had been sautéed in a different pan, then he added a mustard sauce over the entire stack that was on a piece of toasted white bread. He placed another piece of toasted bread on top. John put the entire sandwich on a plate and placed it before George.

“Bon appetit!” John sat down across from George and watched as his friend eyed the sandwich.

“Really? Lamb meat, eggplant and fontina cheese?” George pushed the plate away.

John pushed the plate back. “Trust me on this. You’ll love it, but you’ll have to take a bite.”

“But a patty melt is a beef hamburger, American cheese, rye bread. You don’t mess with a classic!” George pushed the plate back.

“This is sui generis, as they say. Unique. Try it, before it gets cold.” John pushed the sandwich back. Then he got up from his stool and started washing dishes.

George took a nibble, then a bite, then finished the sandwich. He smiled.

“I think it’s a winner! Add it to the menu, chef!”
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