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Chester’s romance-filled evening does not go well.
He found his teeth,
at Olive Garden;
deep in a bowl
of salad mix.

Chester had a senior date;
he could hardly wait,
so he met his date at six.

Yet he talked too fast; thus
his dentures went flying out of
his mouth, across tables,
o’er Olive Garden ambiance
to land in oily lettuce, onions
and radish slices. 

Nonplussed that day;
old Chester, toothless.
Still he gummed
a communique
to his lady date…
…mmm mmm mmm
mmm mmm mmm…
…she got the message
all right, somehow, so she
ordered a ribeye, well done. 

Garden employees fumed.
But they waited.
Chester, unfortunately,
had to be content with
a jar of baby food.

Chester pocketed
his dentures.  He
never could stand
Italian dressing.

32 Lines 
Writer’s Cramp 
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