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After her car breaks down, a young woman decides to explore an abandoned house.
Twenty-six year old Amanda Williams was driving home after a long day at work.
Her car suddenly broke down and called her mechanic.
He said that unfortunately,she would have to wait for at least one hour for someone to arrive.

The young woman,a brunette with a slightly curvaceous figure was wondering what to do next when she noticed a abandoned looking house and feeling curious,decided to go and investigate it.

She then went over and walked through the open gate and walked up to the front door and grabbed the handle and tried to open it but it didn't move as she then placed her right foot against the door and pulled and pulled with all her might but still it refused to budge.

Amanda then tried to open the windows without success as she then decided to leave until she noticed a rather small hole in the middle of one of the walls and stuck her top half inside and after a brief struggle,she was able to pull in her lower half.

The house looked like it had been abandoned for years as the floor boards creaked as the young woman walked on them and the ceiling and walls were covered in cobwebs.

She then walked up the stairs and into one of the rooms and noticed a rather small hole in the middle of the walls and stuck her head inside it and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon inside.

The young brunette then noticed a very old looking raggedy Ann doll and was about to grab it when someone suddenly pulled the back of her dress,sending her tumbling backwards onto the floor.

"Hey,who just pulled my dress,whoever you are,show yourself," said the now annoyed Amanda but no one appeared despite her waiting for more than five minutes.

She then walked out of the bedroom and was about to explore the rest of the house when she suddenly heard a rather creepy noice, "leave this place and never return," as a ghost like figure suddenly appeared,causing the young brunette to run down the stairs,through the hole and out of the house.

She finally stopped panicking after reaching her car and decided to wait by it and also decided to be less curious in the future.

Inside the house,a young woman named Lilly picked up Amanda's purse which she had accidentally dropped and said,"works everytime," as she began laughing and turned off the projector that she had used to make the ghost appear.
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