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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2211135
A short story about a penguin who helps dolphins have food to eat again.

"Look Mommy! I'm sliding on the ice!" said Puffer the penguin.

"That's great honey! I'll slide with you!" said his Mother.

"I'll slide too!" said his brother.

"Me too!" said his Father.

         The whole family of penguins slid on the ice. Then, they all slid into the water. They were hungry and decided to catch and eat some fish.

"Look at this fish Mommy!" said Puffer holding a giant fish in his beak.

"Look at mine! Mine's big too Mommy!" said Puffer's brother.

"That's wonderful you two! It's good that we know about this fish place. I wonder how the dolphins are doing? They said that they needed food," said Puffer's Mother.

"I don't know sweetheart. Maybe one of us should tell them where the fish are at," said Puffer's Father.

"We should do something, I'm sure they're starving by now," said Puffer's Mother.

"I'll do it mommy!" said Puffer.

"Alright, we'll be watching," said Puffer's Mom.

         Puffer swam and swam but he couldn't find the dolphin family. He was getting tired and started to head back to where his family's at. He was sad that he couldn't find the dolphins too.

"Mommy, I couldn't find the dolphins," said Puffer sadly.

"I'm not sure why honey," said Puffer's Mom.

"Maybe they swam away to a warmer place?" said Puffer's Dad.

"Maybe that's where they went honey like your father said," said Puffer's Mom.

"Ok. I'll try again tomorrow then," said Puffer.

         Puffer and his brother tried searching for the dolphins again. They still didn't find them. They were both sad that they can't find them. A few month's went by and then the dolphin family came back. Puffer and his brother are happy that they found them again!

"Hi dolphins! We want to show you where the fish are!" said Puffer happily.

"Thank you!" said one of the dolphins while following Puffer.

"Wait! Where did all of the fish go? They're suppose to be here?" said Puffer disappointingly.

"We don't know," said one of the dolphins.

         Puffer and his brother looked and looked but they can't find where the fish are. They told their parents and their parents step in to help them. They too have a difficult time finding where the school of fish are. They search more and suddenly, they find them. When they go to the dolphins to show them where they're at, the school of fish aren't found again. They search again and find them again and show the dolphins where they're at.

"Thank you! We get hungry here!" said one of the female dolphins.

         The dolphin family ate almost all of the school of fish. Now the penguin family are going to go hungry! What will they do now?

"Mommy! The school of fish are almost gone!" said Puffer unhappily.

"I know! What are we going to do now?" said Puffer's Mom.

"Let's ask the dolphins if they know where any other fish are at," said Puffer's Father.

         Puffer's Father asks the Father dolphin if he knows where any other fish are at. He said no, sorry and that's why he thanked them for showing them where theirs was at. Now, Puffer goes out to find more fish for everyone.

"Mom! I found some more fish!" said Puffer happily.

"That's great honey!" said Puffer's Mom.

"We also found another school of fish too!" said the Dad dolphin.

         The dolphin and penguin family kept continuing to find more and more school's of fish. Everyone was now fed and happy. The dolphin family had to leave to go to a warmer place again and the penguin family missed them. They came back a few months later again and the penguin family show them where the school's of fish are again, and everyone lives happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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