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by D.B.
Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2211164
the angel within
Where is the angel that one seeks
the one that's so wise when it speaks?
when you call and scream and shriek
when you whimper and feel weak

Looking for help when there's none
waiting for an angel to come
to appear like a ray of sun
to save you when you feel done

You close your eyes and imagine:
An angel

Standing tall and glowing bright
halo shining with magic light
appearing when the time is right
in golden day or darkest night

But one day you can't wait
the hopelessness won't abate
panicking about your fate
it feels like it's getting late


You start to remember your power
that flows like a warm shower
that blossoms like a fragrant flower
it's not yet the final hour

You remember something long forgotten
before things seemed so rotten
it feels so pure like a field of cotton
like an ancient truth freshly begotten

You rmember you are the angel
the one that you seek
the master of your faith
who has the key
to unlock all the dreams
that you keep
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