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Little Lindsey soon will found out she fortune could be more than she thought.
This story begins with a 10 year old girl named Lindsey. Lindsey lived on high falls, the most beautiful farm in Georgia. Lindsey, her mom and dad and her brother and sister Elizabeth and Jackson lived o the farm too. They had chickens, goats, pigs, and a WHOLE lot of animals. Lindsey loved where she live but to Lindsey things get old really fast. Lindsey and her family had loved on the farm for about 5 years. Lindsey loved it but she wanted something interesting to happen. One night Lindsey and her family were eating when she brought up the topic of moving. "Mom, dad why don't we move somewhere else and new, it would be good for everyone". Her fathers answered saying"why Lindsey why would you ever say such a thing?" "I just thought". But her father was a little disappointed beaches ehe never thought that his own daughter would ever say something like that.
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