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Bios for minor characters in the RedBoots Saga. To Be Continually Updated.
These minor characters all relate to one of the RedBoots Gang. They have had either a positive or negative effect on their major character traits. Most of them have a small part in the Major storyline of RedBoots (Issues 1-10), but play major roles in the girls Origin Story Issues.

Lord Acton

Lord Ignatius Acton is a wealthy British Iron Merchant and the father of Halley. He comes from a long line of industrious men and inherited his father's wealth and mining company. He was key in expanding his Iron Empire to South America, most notably in Colombia, where he met his future wife, Sofia de Silva.

As a member of the upper class, he holds strongly conservative views, and is reluctant to changes that won't make him richer. He is vehemently patriarchal, and a strong believer in the idea that “Women should be seen and not heard”. Unfortunately, he foisted these beliefs on his daughter, forcing her into a world of pomp and circumstance, and stifling her natural affinity for engineering.

His relevance to the story obviously relates to Halley. He is responsible for Her issues with communication and social skills, but also her rebellion and exodus from the family.

Kari Moon

Kari Moon is an enterprising young engineer making major headway into the aviation industry. Her biggest projects are mostly hot air balloon jumps, but her proudest invention is her experimental designs for a mechanical wingsuit.

A bit of a madcap eccentric, Kari is bold and confident. Her mind moves at a million miles an hour. She met Halley after completing a balloon jump in Manchester, and saw potential in the young girl. She decided to pass down her expertise to Halley and train her in mechanical engineering as an apprentice.

Kari’s relevance to the story is also relates to Halley, as she encouraged her growth as an engineer and is one of the biggest positive impacts in her life. She appears mostly by name in the main story (Issues 1-10), but will be a major part of Halley's Origin Issue.

Bo Jensen

Bo Jensen is a danish 3 time Locodrome racing champion, and the most successful of all time. He is a quiet but calculating driver, and very stoic. He looks a bit like Keke Rosberg.

Locodrome Racing is not too dissimilar to NASCAR. Large, usually oval, circuits with between 2 and 6 loops of track play host to a dangerous but exciting form of train racing. The engines are specially built, low to the ground and lightweight single crew machines designed for speed. The inner loop is much shorter than the outer loop, but tighter, so must be taken slightly slower, while the outer loop is faster, but longer, which events out any imbalance. Races are run in heats of 4 drivers, with the winner of each going on to the final. As an incredibly unpredictable sport, the risk of injury and death is high. Bo was killed in an accident at Edinburgh Speedway in 1859, which was followed by numerous safety reforms to be introduced.

His relevance to the story relates to Parker. He was a personal hero for a young parker, and His stoic nature was inspirational. His death impacted her massively, and is partly responsible for her own pessimistic attitude. He will be explored further in Parkers Origin Issue.

Gigi Wallace

Gigi Wallace is the chief barmaid at The Caprotti, and a close friend of the RedBoots Gang, who frequent the inn. Bubbly, chubby, and with an affinity for procrastination, Gigi always makes her guests feel welcome at the Inn, inviting them to have a drink or two with her when she should be working! She also has a funny tendency to dress like Napoleon and a fiery dislike of trousers.

Her relevance to The Story is mostly comic relief. She's just a fun, goofy character made to provide some entertainment and the occasional bit of bad advice.

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