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Bios for minor characters in the RedBoots Saga. To Be Continually Updated.
Minor Characters

These minor characters all relate to one of the RedBoots Gang. They have had either a positive or negative effect on their major character traits. Most of them have a small part in the Major storyline of RedBoots (Issues 1-10), but play major roles in the girls Origin Story Issues.

Some are TBA (basically I couldnt be arsed to write right now), and this list is to be continually updated

Minor Antagonists: Those who negatively effect or hinder the Main gang

Lord Acton, 5th Viscount Ellesmere
Lord Ignatius Acton, 5th Viscount Ellesmere is a wealthy British Iron Merchant and the father of Halley. He comes from a long line of industrious men and inherited his father's wealth and mining company. He was key in expanding his Iron Empire to South America, most notably in Colombia, where he met his future wife, Sofia de Silva.

As a member of the upper class, he holds strongly conservative views, and is reluctant to changes that won't make him richer. He is vehemently patriarchal, and a strong believer in the idea that “Women should be seen and not heard”. Unfortunately, he foisted these beliefs on his daughter, forcing her into a world of pomp and circumstance, and stifling her natural affinity for engineering.

His relevance to the story obviously relates to Halley. He is responsible for Her issues with communication and social skills, but also her rebellion and exodus from the family.

Queen Victoria
Victoria of The House of Hanover is the Current monarch of the United Kingdom, since 1837. She was well loved by the public, but in recent years, her mental state has declined and public appearances have become rarer. This is due to the death of her Husband, Albert Prince Consort, four years earlier. His passing sent Victoria into a deep period of mourning, which, coupled with the rising political power of Brunel and the Stephensons, formed a paranoid and unstable Queen. She grew to suspect the Industrialists were plotting to usurp the throne, so she set about organising a way to corrupt their power, destroying the gangs from the inside through a network of spies.

Victoria is only planned as a minor antagonist in the early RedBoots stories, but will gain a more significant role in later issues.

Broad Gauge gangs
Gang feuds are common in 1865, and the greatest division is not class, nor race, nor wealth. Instead, it's Gauge. The two major gauges are Standard (4’8 ½”), pioneered by The Stephensons, and the lesser used Broad (7’¼”), championed by Brunel. Most major cities and the mainlines are all dual gauge, but some areas that are especially loyal to one side are single gauge. Portsmouth and neighboring Southampton are Brunel strongholds, being entirely single gauge besides the mainline stations, whereas Broad gauge is almost entirely absent from the northern counties aligned with Stephenson.

Clearly, this is a contentious issue, and naturally gangs are formed. These groups frequently clash, starting street fights and committing petty crime to get a leg up on the competition. But this warfare caught the attention of the major industrialists, who discovered they could employ minor league street urchins to do their dirty work.

Minor Protagonists -Those who positively affect or support the main gang

Kari Moon
Kari Moon is an enterprising young engineer making major headway into the aviation industry. Her biggest projects are mostly hot air balloon jumps, but her proudest invention is her experimental designs for a mechanical wingsuit.

A bit of a madcap eccentric, Kari is bold and confident. She met Halley after completing a balloon jump in Manchester, and saw potential in the young girl. She decided to pass down her expertise to Halley and train her in mechanical engineering as an apprentice.

Kari’s relevance to the story also relates to Halley, as she encouraged her growth as an engineer and is one of the biggest positive impacts in her life. She appears mostly by name in the main story (Issues 1-10), but will be a major part of Halley's Origin Issue.

Bo Jensen
Bo Jensen is a danish 3 time Locodrome racing champion, and the most successful of all time. He is a quiet but calculating driver, and very stoic. He looks a bit like Keke Rosberg.

Locodrome Racing is not too dissimilar to NASCAR. Large, usually oval, circuits with between 2 and 6 loops of track play host to a dangerous but exciting form of train racing. The engines are specially built, low to the ground and lightweight single crew machines designed for speed. The inner loop is much shorter than the outer loop, but tighter, so must be taken slightly slower, while the outer loop is faster, but longer, which evens out any imbalance. Races are run in heats of 4 drivers, with the winner of each going on to the final. As an incredibly unpredictable sport, the risk of injury and death is high. Bo was killed in an accident at Edinburgh Speedway in 1859, which was followed by numerous safety reforms to be introduced.

His relevance to the story relates to Parker. He was a personal hero for a young parker, and His stoic nature was inspirational. His death impacted her massively, and is partly responsible for her own pessimistic attitude. He will be explored further in Parker's Origin Issue.

Family Members-Relatives of the Main gangs, helping form their character

Lady Sofia De Silva, Viscountess Ellesmere
Lady Sofia De Silva, Viscountess Ellesmere is the mother of Halley and wife of Lord Acton, and was born in Colombia. A former coffee farmer, she met Lord Acton while he was in the country overseeing his new iron mines. They wed in a quick ceremony and she moved to England with him. This change to high society was a shock to Sofia, as she was used to simple living and being seen as an equal among her peers.

She gave birth to Halley in 1845 and naturally developed a close bond with her. She recognised Her mental aptitude early and tried to nurture it, but was often stopped by Lord Acton. After this friction, she decided to teach her daughter in secrecy. When Halley decided to run away, Sofia fully supported her and gave her some money and a valuable pocket watch. In respect, Halley adopted her mother's maiden name.

As aforementioned, Sofias relevance to the story relates to her relationship with Halley and her encouragement of her engineering skills. She is a positive childhood influence.

Huxley Parents
George and Agatha Huxley are the biological parents of Parker and the adoptive parents of Juno. They are working class brummies who raised their children the best they could despite many financial issues along the way.

George is an engine driver for the London and Birmingham Railway, owned by The Stephenson Dynasty. He is a wise and experienced man, and takes great pride in his working class background. He acquainted Parker into the railway industry from a young age, and spent many working days with her working on the footplate, developing a close bond. His relevance relates mostly to Parker, by transferring his values and attitudes towards class, as well as his work ethic, onto his daughter.

Agatha is a seamstress who works from home. She is very protective of her children and was unsure of letting Parker work at a young age. She was firmer with this attitude for Juno, and made her stay at home until she deemed her daughter was old enough for work. This means they developed a much closer bond, with Agatha always making baby blue ponchos for Juno. As a result, her relevance is mostly towards Juno, by over-coddling her and allowing Juno to become clingy and overly reliant on others, but also nurturing her childlike joy and optimism.

Choi Parents
Choi Jung-Hun (Jung Choi) and Kal Ja-Kyung (Ja Kal) are the parents of Eris. They were both born in Korea (Then known as Joseon) and emigrated to Wales during a boom in the coal industry.

Jung is a meek but very friendly and patient man. He experienced much racism when he began work in the coal mines, but learnt to accept and ignore it, much to the dismay of his wife. Despite this, he remained joyful in his personal life, amusing Eris with magic tricks and paper craft, instilling her with a sense of childlike optimism she continues to keep to this day.

Ja is a loud and overbearing woman, and a very stern but loving mother. She also experienced discrimination in the village of Glynneath, but took a less passive stance on it. Her no-nonsense attitude was made abundantly clear and she garnered much respect amongst the villagers. This demanding and impulsive behavior passed on to Eris.

These contrasting personalities resulted in Eris being prone to rapid behavioural shifts, which often leads her gang into trouble.

The Caprotti-Oddballs and Outlaws down at the pub

Enzo and Dino Caprotti
Enzo Caprotti was the larger-than-life founder of The Caprotti Inn in Birmingham. An Italian immigrant, born into a family of Vintners and Barmen back in the Old Country. He was a hedonistic titan fueled by a fiery lust for life and a copious amount of alcohol! When he died young, his fortune and his Inn fell into the arms of his watchful but morally dubious son, Dino

Under Dino’s command, The Inn became a haven for smugglers, gangsters and opium dealers, all using the pub as a headquarters for their illicit activities and underhand dealings. A shrewd businessman, Dino frequently despairs at his less-than-reliable barmaids, but ultimately has a soft spot for their irresistible wit and charm, which help bring The Caprotti to life.

Gigi Wallace
Gigi Wallace is the chief barmaid at The Caprotti. Effortlessly effervescent and a perpetual procrastinator, Gigi always makes her guests feel welcome and often joins them for a drink or three when she should be working, much to the annoyance of Enzo. She is incredibly extroverted, and never shies away from a cheeky flirt or a saucy romp with a lucky bar patron! She is certainly an enigmatic character. Her previous life is a mystery to many, nobody is quite sure where she was born, or even how old she is. This might be due in part to her extravagant tales from her drunken memory, which may or may not have actually happened.

The Barmaids
The Caprotti barmaids are the life and soul of the Inn, and are famous across the Midlands for their hospitality and energetic performances of The Can-Can. Along with Gigi, they consist of; Colette Emmerson, Orisa Emmerson, Florence Taylor and Odette “Odie” Doolittle. They are accompanied by Matthew Cochrane, the barman, and Horace Whistler, the bookkeeper.

Politicians and Big Wigs-The ones with power

Henry John Temple
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, under the relatively new Liberal Party. Despite his skill during his tenure as Foreign Secretary, his relationship with the Monarch is rocky at best, mostly due to his handling of the Railway Gangs. Palmerston is very easily swayed by the blackmailing and bribery from the Industrialists, granting them access and immense control over the government. This attitude has made him a prime target for Victoria's spy network.

He acts as a reluctantly secondary antagonist, often at the mercy of his more formidable peers.

George Hudson
George Hudson is a railway financier and advisor, who in the 1830s helped to finance and build the immense railway network alongside Robert Stephenson and Company. However, his financial tactics were frequently fraudulent and incredibly dubious, which caused some controversy at first. But after his shareholders discovered these methods could make them fantastically rich, they seemed to have a change of heart. Hudson soon rose through the political ranks, scheming and scamming all the way into Office, becoming Secretary of state for Railways and a close advisor to the PM.

He serves as a secondary antagonist, an ally of both Stephenson and Brunel, and a major cog in the corrupt political system that both parties abuse.

Pease Family
The Pease family are a prominent Quaker family in the North East, noted for their industrious nature and philanthropic deeds, including support of abolition and aversion to the Crimean War. The most notable is Joseph (1799-1872). He is good friends with the Stephenson Dynasty, helping to Finance many early projects. But in recent years, the two families have grown apart, citing “political differences” as the cause of the schism.

The Pease’s are still a considerable influence in the Northeastern railway scene.

Others-Just other characters with no specific group/affiliation


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