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Jack hears something crash in his driveway early one morning.
Jack heard the crash at 3 A.M.
and so he stumbled out of bed
into the the darkness now abiding
(electric power was no more),
he sought to find his flashlight ready
and Jack in tremble was unsteady
because he could not find the light.

Jack bumped into the kitchen table
where he had left the jumper cables
(his van he jumped the day before),
and cable tangle fell to floor,
but Jack proceeded to the door
and saw an otherworldly glow
aside his Chevy van.

Meanwhile his parrot, Euripides
began to squawk in four-word warning
on that eerie outré morning:
Do not go near! Do not go near!

Jack’s heart beat fast per parrot chiding,
though need to know stayed overriding;
thus Jack found slippers and put them on.

He stepped into the drive with Chevy
(oh how his poor heart was heavy)
yet he had to see this glowing orb
that pulsed a blue light every second.
With a hum as if a swarm of hornets
and Jack teetered as he inched on toward it,
but he felt a wave of nausea grip him
so he hurried back inside the house.

Euripides in Jack’s ear bending
eerie morning never ending,
still he got a little sleep.

The morning broke with blazing sun
and Jack returned to find the object gone.
Yet etched in the concrete, near the van,
were the words, The beginning.

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