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This is the story of me and my best friend
Hi,my name is Zara.From 2016 to 2018 i had my best friend her name was Morana.We where like sisters to eachother,but it all fell apart when i moved into another city.Morana stoped texting me back or replying to my calls.I knew something was wrong it was like our friendship whas broken.I was really sad because my ''best friend'' had stoped talking to me and i was in another city,school and the worst thing is i had to do competing against her.It was horrible.But then i made friends in my new school which was i can say much better the my last school.The people where amaizing even the 8th graders were my friends.At that point i was in 3rd grade and still exploring my school and my new life.It was february and i started liking a guy named Gabriel he was in my class and i was sitting next to him and he gave me a little paper massange.It says i like you.I was shook the guy i liked liked me back it was one of the best days in my life.I texted Morana andi said what had hapend to me and she finally replyed i was so so happy.I called her on video chat and she did pick up and i asked why didn't she replyed to my texts she said that she has a new BEST FRIEND.She broke my heart so i hang up. I was shook i quickly grabed a glass of waterto calm myself.After i did that i blocked her number.But she still had my mothers number so she texted her and i was so angry at her.Because she lied to me that her pet died but it didn't i saw her pet alive in oe of her tik toks.And i was really sad cause my ''best friend'' hates me nowcbut i kinda hated her too.I was freaking out in that moment!I didn't know what to do so i unblocked her which was an amaizing desision.The next day at school Gabriel said that im pretty that made my day so much better.But other kids found out that he liked me and i liked him so they where teasing us but it was ok as long as we had eachother.At this point Morana called me to say that she was ''sorry'' i knew she wasn't sorry so ididn't listen her.The call finally ended i hang up and she started to text me and i replyed back with you are texting me now when i was texting you you where shut.It was a sunday evening me and Gabriel where at the park hanging out it was a nice sunny evening at 5pm we both had to go home so i went home andhe went home.The next day at school our teacher puted me to sit whit someone else i was really sad by now.My best friend is not talking to me im not sitting next to my boyfriend it was horrible. But in 2020 a lot has changed now my best friend and i are talking. So its amaizing i live a wonderfull life now.

This was my story i hope you like it
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