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      Issue 6

I awoke a bit early with bug bites, this time however I don’t mind it. I got up and took a walk towards the river to clear my head.

I can’t let something like that happen again, I have to learn magic at any cost.

Its the only way.



If I do, I have to kill other mythics.

There is no choice.

I don’t want to kill anyone.

Accept it.

Maybe I can just knock them out. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

I prepare to turn back to camp when I heard a splash of water.


I freeze, what if it’s another mythic?


What if it attacks everyone when they’re sleeping?


I can’t let that happen! I-I have to stop it! 


I move closer to the source of the noise, picking up a stick from the bush nearby. The sound of running water getting louder and my heart…


I arrive near the river bank behind a tree for cover. I slowly peer around the tree and instantly I dropped my stick and jaw.

Before me was a sight I didn't think I would see but no less dangerous.

It was Arrea!

She was bathing!

She was turned around, so I’m not seeing anything important. I gaze at her beautiful long white hair glowing in the sun and I would have been captivated by that if not for the scar on her back and just like that I regained my composure.

I can’t believe I actually felt attraction to Arrea for a split second. This is not the time for that!

I slowly took a step back and of course I stepped on something that caught her attention.

Arrea- “!”

Arrea- “Who’s there!”

Please don’t notice me. Please don’t notice me. Please don’t notice me.

Arrea- “….”

Arrea- “I see you!”

Immediately I felt something sticky pull me towards the tree.

Hashi- “!”

I hit my back and then more of Arrea’s webs wrapped around me and the tree leaving me completely stuck.

Arrea- “Tell me who you are or I’m coming over there and tearing your limbs off!”

Hashi- “Wait Arrea! Its me, Hashi!”

Arrea- “Hashi!? Why are you here?”

Hashi- “I was just taking a walk and I stumbled here.”

Arrea- “Sure you did, pervert!”

Hashi- “I swear I saw nothing and I had no idea you were here!”

Arrea- “Whatever, just stay there until I’m done and prepare for a beating.”

Well, I can’t move.

Arrea- “….”

Hashi- “….”

Arrea- “….”

Hashi- “….”

Arrea- “….”

Hashi- “How’s your wound?”

Arrea- “Fine.”

Hashi- “….”

Arrea- “….”

Hashi- “Sorry.”

Arrea- “For what?”

Hashi- “I should have done something.”

Arrea- “Is that guilt I hear?”

Hashi- “….”

Arrea- “Don’t be, you couldn’t do anything.”

Arrea- “Besides you protected Kate.”

Hashi- “!”

Arrea- “You was willing to take the blow for Kate, to protect her and for that….”

Arrea- “Well, thanks Hashi.”

Hashi- “Arrea I...”

Arrea- “Don’t start crying, I still don’t trust you completely.”

Hashi- “O-Okay.”

Hashi- “Does that mean I’m not getting a beating?”

Arrea- “Mmmmmm.”

Hashi- “….”

Arrea- “You lucked out this time.”

Hashi- “Yes.”

Arrea- “Okay, I’m done.”

I heard her coming and soon I was cut loose.

Arrea- “Come on, let’s head back before they get the wrong idea.”

Hashi- “What kind of idea?” (Slightly grinning)

Arrea- “Careful Hashi, you might earn that beating back.”

Hashi- “Sorry.” (Still smiling)

After awhile we got back to the camp with everyone waiting for us including Kate who ran up to us as soon as she saw us.

Kate- “Arrea! Where were you? I was worried!”

Arrea- “Sorry Kate, I just took a bath.”

Kate- “A bath?”

Kate looks my way.

Kate- “With Hashi?”

We both instantly got flustered.

Arrea- “W-what n-no! He was just taking a walk and ended up where I was. Nothing happened!”

Hashi- “Right!”

Kate- (Giggling) “Okay, I believe you.”

Arrea- “Right.”

Dullahan- “It’s time to go.”

Arrea- “Okay, let’s go you two.”

Hashi and Kate- (Nod)

While everyone else walks ahead like usual I approach Kate.

Hashi- “Kate.”

Kate- “Yes?”

Hashi- “I want to learn magic. Can we continue.”

Almost instantly she got uncharacteristically serious, It’s almost unnerving.

Kate- “Okay, last time we could not discover your magic type but maybe I can teach you the basics.”

Hashi- “Right.”

I already know it but a refresher won’t hurt.

Kate- “Okay, so there are 5 magic types of magic which are tied to a school. They are Creation, Manipulation, Divination, and Healing.”

Hashi- “What about the 5th one.”

Kate- “Well, you don’t need to know about that one.”

Hashi- “Okay? So what do they do?”

Kate- “Well, to demonstrate-”

Kate put her hand out and in a moment an apple appeared. This must be creation magic in action.

Kate- “My type is creation which allows me to create anything as long as I know the basic components, here.”

Kate hands me the apple. I look at it and notice that I actually haven’t eaten anything since coming here. Feeling the hunger set in at the realization I take a bite.

Hashi- “This, this tastes weird.”

Kate- “Yeah, even though I can create anything with just the basic components, its just that, basic components. I need to know everything for it to be a perfect creation.”

Hashi- “I see.”

Kate- “Healing is what Kirin did for Arrea, Manipulation is the same as creation but requires already existing things and divination….”

Hashi- “?”

Kate- “That type is now extinct, since there are almost no gods left there’s no one to connect to for visions of the future.”

Hashi- “Oh…”

Kate- “….”

Kate- “Anyway, that’s it.”

Hashi- “Why don’t you use your magic more often?”

Kate- “I only use it for food and items if needed.”

Hashi- “If that’s the case can I have some more food.”

Kate- “Sure.”

Kate creates a hamburger and a chip bag.

Oh my Kate, thank you!

I ate what she made despite it tasting a bit off.

Kate- “Let’s try using that pocket watch again.”

Kate looked through her bag and after awhile stopped walking.

Hashi- “Kate?”

Kate- “My-”

Hashi- “?”

Kate- “I-I’m sorry we have to do this another time.”

Hashi- “But-”

Kate- “Please.”

Kate sped up and left me at the back of the group again. She even kept her distance from Arrea who seems to be talking to Dullahan. I hope nothing is wrong.

After awhile, we came to a cave entrance.

Dullahan- “Albeis, you stay here.”

Albeis- (Nod)

Dullahan- “It seems we have to go in.”

I looked to the left then right and it looks like a mountain range with this being the only way across. What kind of island is this?

Hashi- “How is Albeis going to get across?”

Dullahan looked back towards me seemingly shocked I spoke up.

Dullahan- “He’ll come through once we make sure he can fit all the way.”

Hashi- “Oh, okay.”

With that we began our dissent into the cave.

      Issue 7

After entering the cave, it became clear that this was no ordinary cave. It was unnaturally dark and quiet.

Hashi: “!”

Hashi: “Guys!”

Arrea: “What is it Hashi?”

Hashi: “Where’s the exit?”

Everyone: “!!!”

Everyone looked behind and saw nothing but darkness, a gaping void.

Arrea: “What the-”

Dullahan: “Kirin, light.”

Kirin’s horn lit up and pushed back the darkness but it was no use. The light did not show us where we were, it’s like we’re in another dimension.

Kate- “Arrea...”

Arrea- “Stay close to me.”

Hashi- “What do we do?”

Dullahan- “….”

Dullahan- “We have to push forward, no use in staying put. Everyone stay close to Kirin.”

Everyone moved as close as possible to Kirin, maybe a bit too close.

Dullahan- “Okay Kirin, move towards the direction we were originally going but be careful.”

We moved through the abyss slowly, huddled together under the light terrified of what might happen if we get lost in the darkness.

Hashi- “What do you think happened Dullahan?”

Dullahan- “….”

Dullahan- “I don’t know. It could be...”


Kate- “!”

Arrea- “Kate, I’m here.”

Hashi- “What was that?”

Dullahan pulls out his sword and everyone else gets into fighting stances.

Dammit, I can’t let them get hurt anymore.

In that instant I fill something slither past my leg.

Kate- “!!!”

Kate- “Arrea!”

Arrea- “Kate!”

We turn our heads towards Kate who is being pulled by something, something big. Arrea grabs her hand and tries to pull her from the darkness.

Arrea- “Help me pull her away from whatever that is!”

We pull with her with all our might but…

Kate- “Arrea!”

Arrea- “Don’t let go, okay! We survived worse than this Kate, don’t let go!”

I can’t let this happen, I can’t…

I can’t!



Arrea- “!”

Kate- “Arre-”


And just like that she was gone.

Arrea collapses with tears streaming down her face and eyes like the dead.

Arrea- “No...”

Arrea- “That didn’t just happened.”

Arrea- “I can’t lose her again...”

Arrea- “….”


Arrea- “Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!”

Arrea runs into the darkness. I tried to stop her but I was too late…


As usual…

Dullahan- “Arrea! Kate!”

Dullahan- “Kirin, more light!”

Kirin’s horn grows brighter.

*Girlish Laughs*

Hashi- “!”

Dullahan- “Who’s there.”

???- “Silence God Slayers. Accept your punishment for stepping foot on this island.”

Hashi- “(Teeth Grinding)”

Hashi- “Where are my friends!!!”

???- “What happens to all slaves who slay their own kind, they die.”

Hashi- “No.”

Hashi- “You Scum!!!!”

???- “You are the scum here, killing your own kin. You should have died like the rest instead of joining those humans.”

Dullahan- “….”

Hashi- “….”

???- “Now you will receive judgment for your sins!”

All of a sudden the darkness gave way to a round room in the cave, looked to be carved by human hands.


We looked towards the source of the noise and in that instant Dullahan pushed me to the ground as the wall behind me was given a new large hole.

Dullahan- “A Banshee I see, Kirin.”


Dullahan- “Kirin?”

Banshee- “Oh, your steed will feed my pet basilisk.”

Dullahan- “You...”

Banshee- “Come Headless Horsemen, oh I mean Headless Knight since you’re about to lose your second horse.”

Dullahan- “!!!”

Dullahan dashed forward so fast that I could barely see him. But despite that he missed the Banshee by a hair.

Banshee- “Is that all, I expected more from one who lives off death.”

Dullahan- “You’re one to talk.”

Banshee- “At least I’m no traitor.”

They continue the fight leaving me here alone to watch this duel to the death again. Why am I so useless, I’m actually frozen in place in fear. Why?! I was okay last time. Is it because I’m truly alone this time? Is it because I lost people I cared for again?

I focused more on the battle to rid myself of these thoughts. Dullahan kept pursuing the Banshee whose long silk black hair swayed in the wind along with her white robes.


Dullahan- “!”

Dullahan was blasted against the wall. Banshee did not even get hit once.

Banshee- “What’s wrong? I know you’re holding back. You have more to show but you won’t, why?”

Banshee- “….”

Banshee- “I see, that’s why, (Giggling) funny.”

Dullahan- “Now I see why I couldn't hit you, your using mind magic. The forbidden school.”

Banshee- “Not like I have a choice, I’ll do anything to protect what’s left of my family.”

Banshee- “If you know what I can do then you also know it’s pointless to fight me. Accept your punishment weary knight.”

Dullahan- “….”

Hashi- “STOP!”

Banshee- “What? Oh, I almost forgot about you.”

Banshee- “Don’t worry I’ll get to you after I deal with this one here.”

Banshee- “He might not have a head anymore but a whisper from me near the top of his armor should kill him in a few moments.”

Hashi- “No...”

Hashi- “Dullahan get up, why aren't you fighting back!”

Dullahan- “….”

My time slows down, the banshee inches closer towards Dullahan. Is this it? Am I going to lose everything again.

Like usual…

Why can’t I do anything.

Why are they hurting my friends?

Why does this have to happen.

I must do something!

If only-

If only-

I had the power!

I would save them!

I would kill them!

Then I have to….

Allow me to take the control.


I feel my self falling into darkness suddenly. What was that voice?

I feel my hair and hands change. I can feel it…

My hair goes dark and my hands are enveloped in darkness creating large claws but I can’t move my body. What’s happening to me?

Hashi?- “Banshee…”

Banshee- “I’m coming my dear.”

Hashi?- “Or should I say Sara.”

Sara- “!!”

Dullahan- “!”

Dullahan- “What-”

Sara- “-Happened? How do you know my name?! I barely sensed any magic in you before but now you feel like-”

Dullahan- “A demon.”

A demon?

I feel my body move on it’s own, I can see but can’t move. My arms rise up wide like I’m trying to hug the sky above me.

Hashi?- “Hello world, I’m finally free. Congrats Sara, you’re going to be my first meal.”

      Issue 8

Sara- “How do you know my name creature?”

Hashi?- “It was easy, your mind was like an open book.”

Sara- “!”

Hashi?- “Oh, don’t shut me out now. We were just getting to know each other.”

Sara backs up and wipes the sweat off her brow.

Sara- “Know each other? I don’t even know your name.”

Hashi?- “Forgive me Sara, my name is Gorta.” (Bowing)

In a flash I was in front of Sara and before she could react I felt my fist sink into her belly sending her flying towards the wall causing a huge crater.

Sara collapses hard from the impact but soon gets up but coughs up blood while attempting to keep standing.

Gorta- “Oh, still alive Sara?”

Sara- “* Heavy Cough*  * Heavy Cough*”

Gorta- “And you, Dullahan. I expected more from you. Weren't you suppose to protect Hashi.”

Dullahan- “….”

Gorta- “Oh yes, now I understand J-”

Dullahan- “Please don’t call me by my name.”

Gorta- “*Smirk*”

Gorta- “I understand horseless knight.”

Dullahan- “….”

Gorta- “Now onto my sad little happy meal over there.”

Sara finally stopped coughing and is now ready to fight us again.

Gorta- “….”

Gorta- “That’s not going to work on me Sara.”

Sara- “Tch...”

Gorta- “Come, weren't you going to protect your family.”

Sara- “!!!!”


I or we, move out of the way of the sound wave but as soon as we did Sara dashed to us and tried to hit us but we perfectly dodged each of her attacks.

Gorta- “Now let’s see here….”

Gorta- “Oh I see, that’s the family you refer to.”

Gorta- “The God of this island.”

Sara- “!!”

Sara- “Why, how?”

Gorta- “Like I said you look like an open book to me.”

Gorta- “So you tried to abandon your nature as a death giver. Funny, you mocked Dullahan for the same reason. You even seemed to enjoy the role again when you was going to kill him.”

Sara- “Shut up.”

Gorta- “No wonder you fight for the God of this island, since he was the one who took you in.”

Gorta- “You protect him well, not even I can see what you know of him.”

Sara- “SHUT UP!”

Sara tries to scream at us at point blank range but Gorta shuts her mouth and then knees her in the stomach causing her to collapse again.

Gorta or maybe me, we kneel on-top of Sara and raise our claws to finish her. Finish her?

Gorta- “Time to finish this, I’ve gotten enough out of you.”

Sara- “!!!”

Sara- “….”

Gorta- “What are you doing Hashi?”

I stopped my, Gorta’s, hand before it reached Sara’s throat.

Hashi- “We, no, I can’t kill her.”

Gorta- “Why?”

Hashi- “Because she’s a mythic! There are so few of them left, I can’t kill another!”

Gorta- “Let go of your foolish ideas of mythics Hashi, grow up and-”

Sara tries to scream at us again but Gorta knees her, no, I felt my own knee hit her stomach letting out a moan of pain before being silenced by my hand covering her mouth. She tries to fight back but my grip is too strong. 

Gorta- “See? These are not the mythics from those bedtime stories. You’re not a child anymore Hashi.”

Hashi- “But, she does not deserve death.” 

Gorta- “So what?! Will you let this woman kill the ones you care for? Do remember what happened to Kate and Arrea.”

Hashi- “!”

Gorta- “Are you going to protect all mythics from the world? Would they even let you? We are not heroes, we are not like the legends you grew up on.”

Hashi- “I-”

In that instant of hesitation I felt my hand pierce  Sara’s throat, I felt the sticky and warm sensation of blood cover my hand as I saw the light of life fade from her eyes. All that was left was her final words that escaped her lips; I’m sorry Gremmy. I saw a water droplet fall on her cheek. I’m crying….

Gorta- “It’s done.”

Just like that, it was over and my body was mine again. I looked at my hand stained with blood and then I looked at Sara’s body. Blood was flowing out from her throat and covering the floor in her essence. I got up and stumbled backwards, I can’t take this anymore. I noticed a sharp rock nearby. I took it up and was about to stick it through my throat but-

Hashi- “!”

Dullahan- “….”

Hashi- “Why?” (Tears streaming)

Dullahan- “There’s been enough death.”

Hashi- “….”

Hashi- “I’m tired of this.”

Dullahan- “I understand.”

Hashi- “!”

Hashi- “Do you! You have-”

I was about to yell at him but even without a head I could tell he does understand. The way he gave up with Sara...

Hashi- “Why do you go on?”

Dullahan- “….”

Dullahan- “Because I want to live for those that are left.”

Hashi- “I see.”

Hashi- “But they’re gone….”

Dullahan- “….”

Dullahan- “I want to see for myself.”

Hashi- “But-”

Dullahan- “Let’s make a deal, if even one is alive then you live. If not, then do what you want.”

Hashi- “….”

Hashi- “Okay.”

In the carnage we failed to notice that the room changed and that there are now paths to take. We searched all over the cave and I was ready to give up until we came across an unbelievable sight.

Dullahan- “!”

Hashi- “!”

We saw Kirin in the corner freaked out and in the center lay the corpse of a giant snake and Arrea holding an unconscious Kate with  eyes sharp as knives.

Dullahan ran to tend to Kirin while I looked towards Arrea.

Arrea- “You can’t touch her.”

She seemed to be out of it, a trance of some kind. I understand what I have to do.

I walk towards Arrea determined to wake her out of this trance.

Arrea- “!”

I felt something bite into my side.

Arrea- “Stay back…”

I expected as much, I continue my march and as I get closer I feel the same stinging sensation and eventually I saw it. It was the front 2 legs of Arrea stabbing me like spears, digging deeper into my sides. They were faster then I could see but up close I can somewhat tell.

Hashi- “Arrea, wake up.”

Arrea- “Get away.”

Hashi- “Arrea, you can’t stay like this.”


Arrea- “Don’t-”

She just protecting Kate. But then I look at Kate.

Hashi- “Kate will be sad to see you like this.”

Arrea- “Kate?”

Hashi- “Yeah, your precious one.”

Arrea- “….”

Her attacks stopped and I realized something-

Hashi- “She not the only one.”

I was happy to see them.

Hashi- “I don’t want to see you like this either.”

They may not be heroes but I’m still unexpectedly filled with life again when I see them. 

I jumped and hugged Arrea.

Arrea- “!”

Hashi- “You may be mean sometimes and even unapproachable  but-”

I realized I was crying again.

Hashi- “I’m so glad to see you two!”

Arrea- “Hashi...”

Arrea realized what was going on and saw what I saw.

Arrea- “Kate!”

She was holding her too tight, if I didn't stop her she might have been-

No, they’re alive that’s all that matters.

Arrea- “I-I’m sorry.”

Kate soon awoke and gazed at Arrea.

Kate- “It’s okay Arrea, I know you were trying to protect me.”

Arrea- “R-right.”

Kate- “?”

Kate soon noticed me still holding onto Arrea.

Kate- “Hashi, you okay?”

Hashi- “I’m just glad you two are alive.”

Arrea- “But to think you’d cry over it.”

Hashi- “I’m sorry.”

Arrea- “I-its fine.”

Surprisingly Arrea hugged me back and even Kate got in on it. I-

I want to live, for them. That’s the least I can do.

After a while Dullahan came over with Kirin.

Dullahan- “I see you decided to live Hashi.”

Kate- “What does he mean?”

Hashi- “Nothing, I’m fine now.”

Totally fine.

Dullahan- “You still need to heal Hashi.”

Arrea- “You’re right, you’re covered in blood.”

Hashi- “You did most of it.”

Arrea- “Oh, s-sorry Hashi.”

Hashi- “It’s fine.”

Kirin used his horn to heal me and even cleaned the blood from my hand. I looked at my hand and it was clean but I can still feel it, I could still see her. I tried to clear it from my mind. I want to live for the mythics here.

I don’t want to think about the others.

Kate- “So what happened?”


Dullahan- “Arrea took care of the snake that caused this and afterwards we found you.”

Hashi- “!”

Arrea- “I see.”

Kate- “Let’s get out of here Arrea”

Arrea- “Yeah, I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Dullahan- “Right.”

Why Dullahan? Why did you lie for me?

We moved out of the cave and found Albeis sleeping, I looked up and saw the moon.

Dullahan- “Let’s get some rest.”

We all agreed and was about to get some sleep after the stressful day but out of the shadows-

???- “Ah, I finally found you.

We all got ready to fight again but all we saw was a young human not that much older then me with black clothes, trench coat, and an air of authority.

Dullahan- “You….”

For some reason everyone lowered their guard and even seemed-


???- “Hello, I am called Moryuu and I will be your supervisor.”

      Issue 9

The Supervisor, why now?

Dullahan- “What took you so long?”

Moryuu- “You were shot out of the ship, it would take some time to locate you.”

Dullahan- “….”

Moryuu- “It does not seem any of you are dead or injured seriously.”

Moryuu then looked at me and stared for bit until he let off a grin that sent chills through my spine, it was like he was seeing through my body down to my soul with those cold blue eyes.

Moryuu- “Well it’s late, might as well get some sleep like the dragon before we get down to business.”

Everyone- “…..”

Moryuu- “Oh, I do have one small request before we go to bed.”

Moryuu- “I’m going to need to see the boy for a moment, alone.”

Hashi, Kate, Arrea- “!”

I’m a bit taken aback, why me? Kate sticks close to me and Arrea gets in front.

Arrea- “Why do you want Hashi human?”

Moryuu- “My name is Moryuu, I suggest you use it.”

Arrea- “Grrr….”

Arrea- “Why do you want Hashi, Moryuu.”

Arrea actually caved in!

Moryuu- “I just have some questions for him. I’m not going to hurt him or anything.”

Arrea and Kate- “….”

Hashi- “Okay.”

Arrea and Kate- “!”

Hashi- “It’s fine, he’s not going to hurt me. Besides we’re too tired to fight.”

Arrea- “Tch….”

Kate- “Be careful Hashi.”

Hashi- “(Nod)”

Moryuu- “Over here Hashi.”

Hashi- “Right.”

I leave my friends and follow Moryuu. We walk a good distance and during that time I reflect on his appearance.

No doubt about it, he is the supervisor. Despite his age and young appearance, he walks and talks like someone in charge. His trench-coat also seems to hold a multitude of weapons.

Moryuu- “Stop.”

Hashi- “Okay, so what do want from me.”

Moryuu- “….”

In less time then it took me to blink Moryuu was in front of me with tonfas ready to strike me down and even faster than that I felt myself falling like before. Before the tonfa touched my face, my hand caught it as my appearance changed like before.

Gorta- “You have some nerve hum-”

Moryuu- “I see, a demon inhabiting a human body.”

Moryuu jumped backwards to a safe distance.

Gorta- “Are those your last words?”

Moryuu- “I don’t think it would be wise to try and kill me.”

Gorta- “Why not?”

Moryuu- “Attempting so will put the other mythics in harm’s way and it would make you and Hashi wanted by the whole planet.”

Gorta- “….”

Moryuu- “Besides that, you couldn't beat me.”

Gorta- “Excuse me.”

Moryuu- “At your current state you can’t beat me.”

Gorta- “Don’t test your luck boy.”

Moryuu- “Whatever, let me talk to Hashi.”

Gorta- “….”

I want to understand what’s happening, I have to talk to him.

I soon felt my appearance return to normal and then I regained control of my body.

Hashi- “Why did you attack me?”

Moryuu- “I was surprised to see a human in the midst of mythics so I wanted to see what you were and to my surprise you really are just a human but with a demon attached.”

Hashi- “….”

Moryuu- “Do the others know?”

Hashi- “No and don’t tell them either.”

Moryuu- “Why, are you ashamed to be human?”

Hashi- “No….”

Moryuu- “Or are you scared they might begin to hate you and put you in the same bracket as me, a monster.”

Hashi- “….”

Moryuu- “Don’t socialize with them, save yourself the pain.”

Hashi- “What do you mean?”

Moryuu- “You’ll understand in time.”

Moryuu- “Anyway, you should fight back more when that demon takes over you. The more he comes out, the more his stench spreads and you never know who might be hunting his kind.”

Hashi- “But I don’t know how….”

Moryuu- “Stand firmly apposed to something and you can break his control.” 

Hashi- “I see, is that it?

Moryuu- “For now, lets go back.”

After that we silently went back to where everyone else was.

Gorta- “Don’t listen to him Hashi.”


What the-

I heard Gorta but I’m in control so why-

Gorta- “You talked to me when I was in control which means I can do the same.”

Oh if that’s the case then I want you to know, I hate you.

Gorta- “It does not matter if you do or don’t. Moryuu is something else, I can’t even read his mind.”


Why should I even listen to you anyway, you’re a demon.

Gorta- “And Arrea is a spider woman, your point.”

I done with this conversation.

Gorta- “Suit yourself Hashi.”

After that I made it back to everyone while Moryuu took his spot for sleep far from everyone else.

Kate- “Hashi!”

Arrea- “What did the hum- I mean Moryuu want to talk to you about?”

Hashi- “Nothing major, don’t worry about it.”

Hashi- “Besides, why is everyone afraid or him?”

Arrea- “I’m not afraid! It’s just….”

Dullahan- “We don’t want any trouble with the humans.”

I look towards Dullahan who’s sitting next to a tree while stroking Kirin’s mane.

Dullahan- “Messing with the supervisor could get us all killed even if we are good at our job. Besides that, there is something different about Moryuu.”

You too….

Hashi- “What’s so different?”

Dullahan- “I don’t know but it feels familiar.”

Everyone else- “….”

Dullahan- “It does not matter, everyone should rest for tomorrow.”

Everyone agreed and went to bed without saying another word. This time I actually slept right next to the fire with Kate and Arrea.



I don’t know how much time has past but I awoke to an empty white space with someone that looks like me staring. His eyes are red along with my natural black hair.

Gorta- “Hashi….”

Hashi- “!”

Hashi- “You!”

I sprung up and faced Gorta.

Hashi- Why are you here?! Where are we?! Where is everyone?!

Gorta- “This is a dreamscape I created so you could calm down.”

Hashi- “Dreamscape, calm me down?”

Gorta- “Yes, you were having a nightmare.”

Hashi- “A nightmare...”

In an instant my mind goes to back to the dream I was having before this.

The smell of decay….

The feel of sticky liquid on my face and hands….

The corpses of my friends before me and the killer….


I threw up from being reminded of the dream.

Gorta- “Your mind was on the verge of breaking from that dream and we can’t have that.”


Hashi- “And who the HELL, do you is the cause of this!”

I stare daggers at Gorta releasing my bent up hatred for the cause of my anguish.

Gorta- “You need to grow up Hashi, you can’t survive without killing and you can’t protect anyone either.”

Hashi- “Well that girl did not deserve it!”

Gorta- “*Sigh*”

Gorta- “It had to be done, I knew she wouldn't stop until we were all dead.”

Hashi- “….”

Hashi- “Why do I have a demon inside me?”

For a moment Gorta averted his eyes and seemed oddly upset.

Gorta- “It does not matter.”

Hashi- “What the hell does that mean!?”

Gorta- “Whether you know or not won’t change the fact that I’m here.”

Hashi- “Well I don’t want you here.”

Gorta- “You won’t survive without me.”

Hashi- “Watch me, I’ll survive and protect my friends without you.”

Gorta- “How?”

Hashi- “I’ll learn magic from Kate, for sure.”

Gorta- “I see.”

Gorta- “Well good luck Hashi. But I doubt you’ll survive long with the magic you’re capable of.”

I soon felt sleepy and my vision was getting blurry. 

Gorta- “You’re waking up Hashi don’t worry.”

I then collapsed and heard something odd before I awoke in the real world.

Gorta- “I promise I’ll protect you Hashi no matter the consequences or your feelings.”

      Issue 10

I awake to everyone already up waiting for me along with Moryuu having his back turned on everyone.

I get up and wait for what Moryuu has to say to everyone. The tension is high here. Everyone is keeping quiet with their heads laid low, Except for Albeis who is just starring blankly at the sky.

Moryuu told us to hurry through the cave and after that he’ll explain our next course of action.

After a walk of silence we finally made it to the other side to be greeted by more lush jungle. Moryuu then began to speak of the plan.

Moryuu- “Now its time to tell you how we’re going to deal with this God.”

Moryuu turns around and then scans us with his eyes.

Moryuu- “On my way here I was informed that there are only 3 Gods left in the entire world including this one.”

Everyone- “….”

Moryuu- “We don’t know what kind of god is on this island, it’s probably a minor one no one cared for. This will be probably be easier compared to the previous ones.”

Moryuu- “Just in case, we should kill all its supporters on the island so we don’t have to deal with them when fighting the god. So it’s best to split up.”

So we’re splitting up….

I look around and the only ones that seemed bothered are Arrea and Kate who are staying close to each other. I guess I shouldn't expected us to become a big happy family after everything.

Moryuu- “One group shall go left and the other right. We’ll meet back up at the volcano.”

Moryuu- “The team going right shall be me, Dullahan and Arrea.”

Kate- “!”

Arrea- “No, I’ll stay with Kate.”

Moryuu- “I understand your past with the girl but I need you apart for this.”

Arrea- “I don’t care.”

Moryuu- “Won’t even hear my reason.”

Arrea- “No.”

Arrea holds Kate close, while I’m just sitting here watching.

Hashi- “Mor-”

Before I could interject Moryuu touched Arrea with his Tonfa faster than we could see and then Arrea was shocked by electricity collapsing to the ground but not unconscious.

Kate- “Arrea!”

Hashi- “What are you doing!”

Moryuu- “Calm down Hashi and sheath your sword Dullahan.”

Dullahan- “….”

Hashi- “….”

Moryuu- “I didn't want to have to do that, I need the teams to be even and I need you and Dullahan with me.”

Arrea- (Breathing heavily) “Why?”

Moryuu- “I saw a settlement in that direction. I don’t know what to expect so I need you two.”

Arrea- “Can’t you fight yourself?”

Moryuu- “I’m the Supervisor, I can’t fight your battles for you all the time.”

Arrea- “But who will protect Kate?”

Moryuu- “Hashi.”

Hashi- “Me?”

Arrea- “No offense to Hashi but he’s not stronger than me, He can’t protect Kate.”

Hashi- “….”

Moryuu- “You give him too little credit Arrea. To make it better….”

Moryuu looked toward Albeis who like always was staring off into the distance like everything around him didn't matter.

Moryuu- “Dragon, I permit you to protect Kate by the use of your body. Still reserve your strength for important matters.”

Albeis- “I understand.”

The dragon after all this time has finally spoken and it was to Moryuu of all people.

Moryuu- “Do you agree to these terms Arrea.”

Arrea- “….”

Arrea- “But….”

Moryuu- *Sigh*

At that moment a strong chill ran up my spine like an ice cold snake and looking around it was the same for everyone else too.

Moryuu- “This is an order Arrea, we are going to split up. Is that understood.”

Arrea- “!!”

I could notice that Arrea was trying to fight back against this force but she can’t stand. At least she can form a fist, I can’t even move a muscle.

Kate- “I’ll go.”

Everyone- “!”

And just like that the pressure was gone.

Arrea- “But Kate….”

Kate- “It’s okay Arrea, I have Hashi I’ll be fine.”

Arrea- “….”

For a moment I saw Arrea look over to me with an icy glare but It must have been my imagination, we’re friends now.

Arrea- “A-Are you sure Kate.”

Kate- “I don’t want to see you hurt Arrea.”

Arrea- “I-I understand.”

They share a passionate hug and then Arrea walked over to me.

Arrea- “Hashi, you better put your life on the line for Kate or you know what will happen.”

Hashi- *Nodding furiously*

Arrea- “You too Dragon!”

Albeis- “….”

Moryuu- “Are you ready.”

Arrea ignores Moryuu and starts walking down the path

Arrea- “Let’s hurry, the faster we get done the faster I’ll see Kate.”

Dullahan follows after Arrea after giving me a nod, I think.

Moryuu- “You guys go left and search for any worshipers of the god or creatures and kill them. Albeis you lead the way.”

Albeis says nothing and begins his march, Kate runs up to me and holds my hand. We follow after him to god knows where.



After some time walking in silence, I remember my conversation with Gorta and what Arrea said. They don’t think I can protect anyone and that I’m weak. Despite the sudden shift in the party this might be my chance to learn magic and finally be of use.

Hashi- “Albeis do you see a place that we can rest like a river.”

Albeis- “Yes, follow me.”

Kate- “?”

We soon made it to the river. I sat down and motioned Kate to sit next to me while Albeis laid down near the river bank.

Hashi- “It’s time to finish my lessons in magic Kate.”

Kate- “Oh, that’s why we stopped.”

Kate seemed a bit gloomy, does she not want to teach me anymore.

Kate takes out her pocket watch which is now sporting a crack.

Hashi- “What happened to your watch.”

Kate- “I think you happened.”

Hashi- “What?”

Kate- “I don’t know how but it had to be you from trying to open my watch.”

Hashi- “I-I’m sorry.”

Kate- “….”

Kate- “This once belonged to someone important to me.”

Hashi- “….”

Kate- “Hashi I don’t think you should learn how to use magic.”

Hashi- “!”

Hashi- “Why?”

Kate- “Nothing normal could have cracked this watch, whatever energy is inside you it’s dangerous.”

Hashi- “….”

Kate- “I’m sorry Hashi but I can’t teach you magic, even if you are family.”

I shot up in protest.

Hashi- “But I need to learn magic in order to protect you!”

Kate- “….”

Kate looks down unable to look me in the eyes.

Kate- “I’m sorry, we have Albeis so you don’t have to protect me, at least not with magic.”

Hashi- “!”

In my anger I stormed off towards the water to cool off. Why did this have to happen, it’s all Gorta’s fault! How am I suppose to learn magic now?!

Gorta- “I could help you.”



Gorta- “Calm down, no need to scream.”

If it wasn't for you I’m pretty sure that watch wouldn't have cracked.

Gorta- “Not my fault if my natural energy damaged it. You’re the one who used my mana.”


Gorta- “What? Did you think you were actually a mage.”

I-I guess not.

Gorta- “Human’s can’t become mages. Oh, unless you’re possessed or have an item.”


I’ll figure it out myself. It will defeat the purpose if you help me.

Gorta- “If you wish.”



Okay I’ll wait until everyone is asleep and then I’ll try to perform my magic.



I didn't speak to anyone until nightfall. At this time everyone should be sleep. I began to focus my or I guess Gorta’s mana into my hands. I might not have a fancy ritual to find out my school of magic but I have my ways. I’ll go through each class until I cast a spell.

First I’ll try to use manipulation. I place my hand on the ground and focused the mana there to try to make it move.




Well I guess that didn't work.

Next is healing. I took a sharp rock nearby and cut myself, I hope this does not get infected. I place my hand on the wound and focused but with no luck. I washed the wound in the river.

Next is creation, I’ll try to make water. I focus the mana to my hands and visualize the components.

2 Hydrogen atoms...


combine and make water…

After a while I felt my hands get wet.

Hashi- “!”

Hashi- “I-I’m apart of the creation school.”

I could barely keep silent, this school is rare!

If I could master this school I can protect everyone.

Whether they like it or not.

(Meanwhile in some other place)

???- “What is it sister, what has your attention.”

???- “Arm yourselves, we’ve located a Demon.”

???- “At last, we may finally be free.”
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