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A short story about a carousel that's magical, but why?

         Once upon a time, there existed a carousel that was magical. The question is, is why was it magical? Because there were two twin wooden unicorns that existed upon it. One was named Sapphire and the other one's name was Amethyst. Both Sapphire and Amethyst were white and had a white horn. Sapphire had sapphire blue colored eyes and Amethyst had violet colored eyes. Sapphire had sapphire blue colored hair and hooves and Amethyst had violet colored hair and hooves.

"Well Sapphire, I hope we get more children to ride on us today. I can hardly wait until the fireworks appear at night for them to see as it is. I wish that we'd be free from this and would be real unicorns," said Amethyst.

"I wish we could be free and be real unicorns too Amethyst," said Sapphire.

"Well, who knows, it might happen for us one day Sapphire," said Amethyst positively.

"How could this ever be though Amethyst?" asked Sapphire curiously.

"Well, we grant a child's good wish or good dream, why can't we grant our own wish for ourselves too?" said Amethyst.

"I don't know Amethyst, but what we can do doesn't work for us," said Sapphire disappointed.

"Oh well, maybe one day a child will grant us our wish!" said Amethyst jokingly.

"Maybe, maybe not," said Sapphire laughing with her.

         All of the sudden, a brother and sister came and got on Sapphire and Amethyst. One was a boy and sat on Sapphire and one was a girl and she sat on Amethyst's back. Sapphire and Amethyst were eager to talk to them to see if they had a good wish or good dream they wanted to have come true for them.

"Hello little boy! My name's Sapphire! What’s your good wish you would like me to grant you or good dream?" said Sapphire eager to hear what the little boy would say.

"Wow! A talking unicorn! I'm Phillip. I'd like to just win a prize at the park today," said Phillip happily.

"Your wish is granted Phillip. When you play any game, you'll win a prize," said Sapphire merrily while he winked so the wish would come true for Phillip.

"Thanks Sapphire!" said Phillip getting off of Sapphire's back when the ride was over and asking his mom if he could go play a basketball game.

"Hello little girl! My name's Amethyst! What good wish or dream would you like me to grant you?" said Amethyst to the little girl on her back.

"A talking unicorn! Wow! Did you hear mine Phillip? I'm Susan! I'd also like to win a prize today at the amusement park," said Susan excitedly.

"Your wish is granted. Like my brother Sapphire said, just play any game at the park and you'll win a prize at that game," said Amethyst who then winked to make sure the wish would come true.

"Thank you Amethyst!" said Susan who followed her brother asking to play a different game at the amusement park.

"Well, that was nice and fun!" said Sapphire to Amethyst.

"It sure was!" said Amethyst to Sapphire.

         Night came and Amethyst and Sapphire were eager to have more children ride on their back. They wanted to show them some fireworks and continue to make more dreams or wishes come true. Unfortunately, not many children today want to ride the carousel and want to ride other rides. No children seemed to want to ride tonight! Sapphire and Amethyst were becoming sad!

"All Sapphire! I do hope we can get at least one child on us tonight! We haven't had a child since Phillip and Susan today!" exclaimed Amethyst sadly.

"I know! Let's hope that a child rides us tonight!" said Sapphire.

         All of the sudden, two children came over to the carousel. They were two twin girls. They were arguing who got to ride on Amethyst. They just accepted whoever got to ride on Sapphire since the one twin liked blue anyway.

"Hello! Welcome little girl! My name's Sapphire. What do you wish for or what good dream would you like me to make come true for you?" asked Sapphire.

"Hello! You talk! That's great! I'm Crystal. I don't have a wish!" said Crystal who had long straight blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.

"You don't have a wish? Well how about a good dream?" asked Sapphire curiously.

"I have many good dreams! But I don't have any of them I want you to make come true for me," said Crystal.

"Then watch the fireworks while you ride me. I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them!" said Sapphire wondering why Crystal didn't want a wish or good dream made to come true for her, which a child never did before!

"I'm here because I saw what you do all day for the other children. I want to grant you a good wish instead! What good wish or good dream do you have that you want to be granted?" asked Crystal.

"Wow Amethyst! Did you hear Crystal?" asked Sapphire happily.

"Yes I did! Opal also told me the same thing!" said Amethyst happily too.

"Well...I'd like to become a real unicorn!" said Sapphire to Crystal.

"A real unicorn? But if you do that, people will capture you and then you won't be able to see and help all of these children anymore!" said Crystal seriously.

"Oh no! I never thought of it that way! You're right!" said Sapphire trying to think about what he'd like the girl to grant him instead but couldn't think of anything else.

"Thanks Opal, but after Crystal said that to Sapphire, I want to remain this way here so I can continue to be with children and help them instead," said Amethyst backing out of her wish to become a real unicorn.

"Me too Crystal. I don't want to become a real unicorn anymore either," said Sapphire to Crystal.

         Both Crystal and Opal were happy that Sapphire and Amethyst didn't want their wish to be granted by them. The twin girls told them that they already granted them their wish which was to make them realize that it's more important to remain being yourself than wanting to change into being something you're not. Everyone lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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