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The population theory
Sir Thomas Malthus, one very popular name in the book of economics, for his 'theory of population'.Theories of economics are for welfare of the society of human being and earth. From time to time, economists given theories. They are very thoughtful and useful in practical. We trust in God.And we believe devotedly He determines our fate. But in practical we do determine our fate.

I want to mention here, in my country, in s.s.c level that is secondary school certificate examination, you needed to be a student of a specific group, either in science or commerce or arts.That was in the past. Now we're following grade level.

Anyway, my father wanted to make me a business man,(a wrong decision)so I became the student of commerce. There was a option of the fourth subject of my group. And it was Islamic studies. Definitely I refused to be pious. I choose economics, mostly related with business and commerce. But I couldn't be a business man because I was very soft minded boy and later I proved that, I was to be educated in Arts, fine arts. I failed my father's dream. In this continent (south Asia)there is a trend of dictating one's life.This is a clear example. How my father decided that I would become a business man in future life? But this is not the context I'm going to talk about.

I was graduated in marketing from the best university of my country.And now I find my graduation is very much relevant to my music writing and arts. Because now I try to entertain, marketing myself, my music, writing, and arts. This is service marketing. Now my father's and my will is blended together.

The economics was my favourite subject from then in s.s.c level. And on later stage, in college and university, the economics was a common subject, which was no more optional. That means economics never stopped chasing me and when in graduation, marketing became my discipline, a step mother, mother was always with me being more close. So, I'm bit expert in economics too.

I talked about economics and my relation with this subject. Now I want to come to the main point, the population theory. The famous theory of population of Sir Thomas Malthus says human population growth is more intense then agricultural growth in a country. And this generates a big problem for the economy. In a country population growth rate is geometrical, like 2×2=4, 4×2=8, 8×2=16 but agricultural growth rate is arithmetical, like 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4. The theory says if people don't control giving birth and population increase, willingly accepting the birth control system, natural calamities like flood, famine, epidemic, earthquake, landslide etc. and war will be going on through the world for a long period of time. This is defined as natural insulation, what is going to control the population.

To prove this theory is wrong, modern economists tried to say that human child don't come on earth only with hunger but they bring two hands with them for working. And this is completely wrong. 'Brings two hands' means building up industry, making the service sector healthy to meet the deficit of GDP. But this deficit increases when food and agricultural products are imported from other countries.The developed countries, which produces the surplus, where population is not large. This is why we see the Asian countries balance of payment is not in their favour. They import more than they export.

Industrial goods, or produced services can't fill the hunger.
After another economist David Ricardo gave the theory of rent and in criticism what came out gave good result .I am talking about implementation of hi-tech, and improved method of cultivation. But this doesn't allow population boom. Hi-tech and improved method in cultivation yield a production increase for certain period, but gradually it come down to previous level. That is quite often seen. In Asian countries, population growth rate is an uncontrollable factor for climate and corruption in govt. level. And in my country too, total family planning programme is in under corruption.

Anyway, my aim is not to create controversy. But it is generally seen there are too many people on the earth. And I have fear in mind when this earth will break into pieces for excessive wet of people.

Economics book starts with the line, wants are unlimited, but wealth is limited. Economics is a book related to the matter of selecting the prime demands and to meet them on priority basis.That is why if there is countless number of people, larger the population and they have the countless number of demand, we can't meet them.
There are other variables they work continuously. Like employment in foreign country, or natural disaster in a developed country, all these have the power of balance and imbalance.

Corruption is now a worldwide important factor that disturbs the full employment level. This dishonest practice picking up money from the market and the elements for production is not being applied fully. This can be a cause for worldwide depression.
(To be continued)
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