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A re-upload of my chapters from Tinyman0001's interactive, "Lost in a much larger world"
18+ only. This story contains a lot of fart-related content. Please consider yourself warned.

(Author's Note: Well folks, here we go again. Seems Tinyman0001 has disappeared too now, leaving a good chunk of the chapters I've contributed to this site MIA. Once I get everything organized, I plan to cross-post all of my writing to Giantess World, to ensure that it's always accessible in the event that the originals get deleted. With that out of the way, I'd like to thank Tinyman0001 and Reborner for starting the original story, without which this storyline never would have happened. Following this note is a summary of the chapters they originally wrote, to give you a better idea of how my storyline begins.)

SUMMARY: This story follows the adventures of Chris, a young man who one day finds himself teleported to a high fantasy world where he's only an inch in height. Before he can find out more from the sorceress who summoned him, a rogue on a bounty hunt assassinates her, leaving Chris stranded. The rogue, named Elisabeth, decides to take Chris in as a member of her party, which also includes Sophie the catgirl druid, Kari the ice giantess, and Zelana, an elven warlock possessed by a demon.

After a month, Chris is already thoroughly unhappy with his new world and wishes to return home, but his selfish and constantly horny party refuses to let him leave. Sophie is randomly assigned to watch over him, preventing his escape and punishing him for attempting to leave, which she elects to do via a magical prank. She ties Chris up with string and enchants him so that he gives the next woman he comes into contact with the worst gas they've ever had. The prank goes awry, however, when a centauress deliverywoman knocks at the door, there to deliver a package. While Sophie is distracted, the oblivious centauress, named Trudy, accidentally sits on Chris, wedging him into the buttcrack of her horse behind. Entirely unbeknownst to her, she leaves the party's house with an extra passenger, Sophie also none the wiser as to where he's disappeared to.

Things quickly go from bad to worse as the enchantment Sophie placed on Chris kicks in, giving Trudy terrible gas. Chris tries to climb up the centauress's rear to hopefully get her attention, but he manages to fall into the tailhole cut in her dress, and ends up wedged right up against her anus. Our story properly begins for Chris and Trudy as Trudy arrives back at her home, having made her last delivery of the day.

Chapter 1 - A Centauress's Household

Trudy pushed open the door to her cottage and stepped inside. "Done early today!" she called out. She took her messenger's bag off from around her shoulders and hung it on a nearby hook, the action sending a small ripple through her enormous chest.

"Oh, good. I wasn't going to be able to eat all this stew by myself, anyways," a soft voice responded from a nearby room.

"Ooh, what'd ya make, Juney?" Trudy walked over to where her partner, Juniper, was standing at the table. Like Trudy, Juniper was also a centaur, though the two looked quite different from one another. As opposed to Trudy's brown hair, theirs was a dark shade of red, also sporting a differently colored coat on their horse half. Additionally, while both had the same signature rear end of a centaur, Juniper's breasts were considerably smaller, though decently sized nonetheless when compared to a human's.

"Nothing special. This is mostly beef and vegetables."

"Hmm, that's pretty similar to what I ate earlier today... but you know I never pass up an offer for food!"

"One of the many things I love about you, Trudes." Juniper leaned over and wrapped their arms around as much of Trudy's torso as they could, pulling the two centaurs' human halves into an embrace. They held that position for a few minutes, quietly enjoying each other's company, when Trudy's backside suddenly decided to spoil the moment.

Taking another harsh gust of centauress gas directly to the face, you could tell that Sophie's charm from earlier in the day was still in full effect. You had missed the majority of the interaction happening above you, as Trudy's enormous butt muffled your perception of the outside world. Since the minute you fell into your current hell, you had been trying to climb your way out, but you still had a long way to go. Your progress had been hampered further by the constant motion of Trudy's cheeks as she galloped her way home. Even after she had arrived, her butt continued to jiggle periodically as she fidgeted her hooves around. Did this girl ever stand still?

Back up above, Juniper waved a hand in front of their face. "Trudy, I'm glad you feel comfortable around me, but you could have picked a better time."

"I'm sorry, hon. Ever since my last delivery my guts have been acting up like crazy! I don't know what's going on with me, but I just can't control it!" Emphasizing her point, she let out another long, loud burst, the smell beginning to leak out of her dress and into the room.

"Hmm," Juniper met Trudy's gaze, their eyebrow arched in concern, "I hope you didn't eat that old meat before I had a chance to throw it out."

Trudy said nothing in response, but her mouth spread into a sheepish smile.

"Trudy you didn't. ...Oh my god you did. What am I gonna do with you?"

At this, both centaurs burst into laughter, until they were once again interrupted by a prrrrrrrt from Trudy. Suddenly, Juniper's eyes lit up.

"Wait, I know what I'm gonna do with you. At least for now. Stay here." They left the room for a moment, then came back holding a plain wooden staff with a polished red orb on its end. While Trudy was a simple messenger by trade, her lover had formal training in sorcery, and would occasionally sell potions and enchantments to supplement their income. That being said, they were much more inclined to use their sorcery as a lazy fix for problems around the house, and now looked to be one of those times.

You, meanwhile, were just inches (from your perspective) from the top of Trudy's crack when suddenly everything turned a hazy shade of pink. You were confused, but you tried to press on, only to be stopped right at the edge of salvation by a force you couldn't see. You tried to hoist yourself up again, with no better luck the second time. You beat your fists against the pinkness, but it wouldn't budge. "Okay, stay calm, you can figure this out," you thought to yourself, but then you heard a bellowing PFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT from below you. You choked and sputtered on this latest release, waiting for the air to clear, but... this time it wasn't going away. Whatever was preventing your escape was also keeping the gas locked in with you. PPPPPPPRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTT. Another blast erupted from Trudy's anus below, the smell compounding on the previous fart that refused to dissipate. ...This might be an even bigger problem than you thought.

"You put a force field around my butt?" Trudy shrugged her shoulders. "I guess that works! Now let me grab a spoon for this stew before it gets cold..."


Three hours later, the pink bubble around Trudy's butt shimmered and slowly faded away. Catching sight of it in her peripheral vision, she glanced over to the corner of the room at the ward Juniper had prepared a little while ago. She watched as the ward started to glow a pale green, indicating it was drawing in the odors of the room.

"Thank goodness you set that up, Juney! I can't imagine how bad the smell would have been otherwise. Three hours' worth of the stuff..." Trudy shuddered at the thought.

"No need to thank me. These are the sorts of things I studied perception magic for in the first place."

"Really? You studied a whole school of magic just to deal with your wife's farts?"

"Okay well I mean when you put it like that..."

Fresh air. You thought you'd never get to experience it again after what you had just been through. You weakly sat up from where you had slid to the bottom of Trudy's horse-sized panties, unable to keep your grip on her butt after about thirty minutes of breathing in nothing but her gas. It seemed like whatever part of the summoning ritual had made you invincible had also made it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to lose consciousness. After an hour, you had wished so badly that you could pass out, but even after you stopped getting oxygen, you remained awake, your lungs tingling but somehow still working. Even once the bubble was completely full of her gas, further farts only seemed to increase its potency. You doubted anyone in any dimension had experienced a smell as bad as what you had been through in the last hour of your torture.

Now that the air was clear, you knew you should turn your efforts back to escaping this oblivious centauress's ass, but you couldn't muster the willpower to stand. Not yet. You just needed a few minutes to lie here and process what just happened, and you'd be ready to go in no time. Maybe a quick nap wouldn't hurt either...


Click! The odor ward snapped shut once it had fulfilled its purpose. The two centaurs looked over at it briefly before turning back to their conversation. Trudy was giggling at what Juniper had just said when her stomach gave a loud groan. At this, Juniper cocked their head to the side.

"Still having trouble? Your stomach's been at this an awfully long time now."

Trudy just nodded.

"Well that won't do. Let me see if I can fix you up something, darling."

Juniper got up from the large pile of hay the couple shared as a bed and walked over to the bookshelf, pulling down an enormous tome and thumbing through it.

"Hmm. Indigestion spells have their own section in here somewhere, but I can't remember where they are."

Their eyes glanced over rows of spells as they flipped to random pages throughout the book, haphazardly looking for a spell they had only a faint memory of. They paused when they hit a particular entry on a certain page, their lazy nature acting in full force.

"Ah! Well, this isn't what I was looking for, but it'll do basically the same thing. C'mere, Trudes."

Juniper had no idea you were the reason for their wife's intestinal distress, albeit indirectly. Given the volatile nature of magic in this world, your presence, as well as the presence of the charm cast upon you, could reshape Juniper's magic in a number of unpredictable ways. But what was it exactly that Juniper had decided to cast?

Chapter 2 - Larger Problems

Trudy looked down at the page Juniper had flipped to.

"Reduction spells? How's that going to help?"

"Well, reduction magic can be applied a lot more broadly than you might think. Most people use it to shrink individual objects, but you can get more abstract with it, if you want."

"...I still don't get it."

"Basically I'm going to shrink your gas, dear. It won't be a problem if it's too small to feel, right?"

"...I guess that works. Seems like kind of a weird way of doing it, though!"

"Who's the one with the advanced magic training, again?"

"Alright, alright," Trudy stuck out her tongue in playful resignation, "just don't mess up my guts. I need those."


"Okay, preparations should be all done. This spell lasts about half a day, at which point if it's needed again I'll have to recast it."

"I really hope everything's back to normal by then! I can't remember the last time I felt so bloated." Trudy let out another long, roaring fart, this one lasting a good fifteen seconds. "Sorry!! This isn't super easy to control!"

"It's okay, dear. Do try to hold in the rest until after I cast the spell, though."

With that, Juniper waved their arms, reciting a long incantation they had copied onto a piece of parchment. As they neared the end, Trudy once again lost control of her bowels, another blast slowly leaking out from her crack. However...


As gradually as it had begun, it faded away, its sound blending back into the silence surrounding the two centaurs. There was something unnatural about its disappearance, a change to the sound that Trudy could never have produced with her own rear. Rather than dying out, it seemed to simply vanish into thin air.

"Sorry! Didn't quite make it the whole way."

"Oh well. Problem's fixed now. And now that we don't have to worry about that, perhaps we could have a bit of... fun?"


You awoke feeling much better than before. The panties of a giant centaur girl certainly weren't the first place you'd choose for a nap, but in all honesty you were surprised at how comfortable your sleep had been. Feeling reinvigorated, you grabbed two handfuls of horse butt and restarted the long trek up and out of this woman's underwear.

Your body tensed as you heard another deafening explosion from the anus above you, but while the smell was bad, it soon passed. You breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the worst must surely be already behind you. After climbing for several minutes, you knew you were making good progress as you reached the same height as the asshole that had caused you so much torment today. You were honestly unsurprised when, moments later, it opened up and lazily blasted more rotten wind into your body. You were however caught off guard by a strange dizzying sensation that accompanied it. Figuring it must be your imagination, you turned back to your climb, only to realize that you were somehow much farther from the exit than you had been just a second ago. That didn't make sense, though, you were just level with... You turned your head back to look at the anus in front of you and were astonished to see that it was now at least ten times as large as before. Where it had once been only a little bigger than your body, it now completely dwarfed you. What the heck was going on?

First that weird pink barrier, and now this... something fishy was definitely going on, but you'd never be able to get to the bottom of it if you couldn't escape from the enormous, smothering girth of this woman's ass. Her pudgy cheeks left little room for light or sound from the outside world. Until you were able to escape, all you'd be seeing, hearing, and smelling was the ass that surrounded you. With this thought in your head, you went back to grappling your way upwards, hoping that if you kept at it long enough, you'd be able to at least get out of here. All these other problems could be solved after that.

However, before you could make it very far, you felt your entire world shift dramatically. The centauress whose butt you were in must be moving again, you thought. The second thought to cross your mind was the realization that you were no longer holding onto the flesh you thought you were, and had started falling. Falling right towards the one place you least wanted to be.


Trudy struggled a bit to wiggle the straps of her dress off her shoulders and around her massive breasts, using her lower half to step out of the dress once it had fallen off her torso. Juniper waited to follow suit, thoroughly distracted by seeing their wife's breasts bounce free from the restraint of her outer layer, held back by an enormous brassiere. Following her spouse's eyes, Trudy spoke up, "Alright, there's my part done! Your turn!"

"Sorry, I just never get tired of seeing that," replied Juniper, before lifting their robe over their head and tossing it into the corner.

Wasting no additional time, the centaur couple locked lips, savoring the feeling of their tongues running along one another. Juniper slowly ran their hands up and down Trudy's back, prompting her to do the same in return. Their passion building, they soon moved on to the next step, each undoing their respective bras before leaning back in for another kiss, this time with the added pleasure of their unrestricted boobs pressing tightly together. As the moment struck them, they explored each other's bodies with hands and tongues as they had done many times before.

"You ready?"


Trudy knelt down with her front legs and presented her hindquarters to her lover, ass high in the air. Juniper grabbed hold of Trudy's panties and pulled them out of the way. It was time for the main event.


You rebounded off of the squishy surface of the giant anus, thankfully not landing near enough to the center to have fallen in. You knew you needed to avoid that fate at all costs, as escape from there might truly be impossible at your size. With very little time to come up with any further plans, the darkness around you gave way to a blinding light. You blinked to clear your vision, and saw a feminine face drawing close to you. Your heart swelled with sudden hope. Somehow, after all this time, you must have been noticed! This person must be looking for you!

You waved your arms to alert them to your presence, but they looked right past you. Their face drew closer and closer, reaching an altogether uncomfortable distance. You figured maybe they were looking for a person smaller than yourself, and that's why they had brought their face so close. But then, their tongue darted out of their mouth, and they took a long, deliberate lick.

This proved too much for you, sending you into a state of complete and total panic. Even after everything that had happened, the last thing you expected to deal with was the danger of being eaten. Without prompting, your legs sprang into motion. You didn't know where you were going, you just needed to get away from this crazy person and their huge tongue. You felt the heat and moisture of the tongue at your back as it came in for a second pass, roughly dragging along the hole in the opposite direction from before. You lost track of all reality as a number of things suddenly seemed to happen at once. The ground beneath you shuddered suddenly. Your legs fell out from under you, sending you sprawling forward. And for the fourth time that day, you found yourself falling.


Your landing wasn't so much a straight shot to the ground. It was more like the walls around you angled up to catch you, and you eventually slid to a halt. You had fallen a long way, so deep that no light penetrated the depths to give you a better idea of where you were. The smell, however, was a dead giveaway. Adrenaline still pumping through your veins, you desperately scrabbled your way back up the wall, but this was completely different from your earlier climb. The walls were coated in a thick layer of slime, and no matter how furiously you grabbed, you inevitably slid back down to where you started. All the while, far above you, you heard the distant moans of the centaur who'd unknowingly trapped you down here with their careless actions. They had no idea you existed, but in some way, their moans of pleasure seemed as though they were mocking your cruel fate. They were sharing a wonderful moment with their lover, while you were trapped hundreds of feet deep within a horse's ass. Taking stock of your situation, you knew that you at least wouldn't die here, what little reassurance that was. You only hoped you'd be able to find a way out of here before death seemed preferable in comparison.

Chapter 3 - Don't Hold Your Breath

For several hours, you had been stuck here, a mere tenth of an inch tall inside a centauress's rectum. Though the path to the exit was no longer a vertical climb, you had so far made little progress due to your prison's constant motion. Every time you made it a short distance forward, the ground would shift under you, knocking you to your knees. If you kept at it, you'd be out of here eventually, but for now it was slow going.


"Trudy, would you mind grabbing the jar of phoenix feathers for me?" Some time after the glow of their lovemaking session had faded, Juniper had gone back to work, fiddling with an enchantment for some client.

"It's always work with you, isn't it? You should take more breaks, read a book or something!" Trudy walked a short distance over to a multi-tiered storage rack located next to the bookcase of tomes. Struggling to reach the highest shelf, she stretched her front legs up as far as they'd go, her fingertips grazing and eventually grasping onto a small glass jar.

"I do read books! Oh, those are fire salamander scales. Bird stuff's on the bottom shelf."

"Now you tell me," Trudy said, replacing the jar where she found it with some difficulty, "and anyway, books about magic don't count. I mean like storybooks!"


Juniper hummed noncommittally, unable to come up with a snappy response.

"Tell ya what, tomorrow after I get done with work, we'll go visit Agatha. She's got so many books, I'm sure she'd let you borrow one!" Having bent way over to scour the lowest shelf for the needed ingredient, Trudy straightened back up and carried it over to Juniper's desk.

"Thank you, dear. I suppose I could stand to have a little more fun. Outside the bedroom, anyway." At this, they shot Trudy a smug look, which was met only with rolled eyes.


You weren't keeping track of how far you'd traveled, or how many times you'd been knocked over by sudden movements from your host, and there was virtually no light deep within Trudy's bowels, so you had very little reference for how much time had passed since you fell down here. At times you began to doubt if you were even going in the right direction. However, one particular jerking motion from Trudy's rear brought with it a sudden change in gravity, and before you fully realized it you began tumbling downwards.

As you clumsily fell down the intestinal walls, a distant light faded into view. You allowed yourself to feel hopeful as you realized this could only mean one thing: the exit! The walls eventually tilted back to their original orientation, but you were now only about a hundred feet from the anus, and salvation. You'd still have to figure out a way out of this woman's panties after that, but you'd cross that bridge when you came to it. For now, you got to your feet and started running.

You knew you shouldn't have been surprised. Clearly you'd done something unimaginable in a past life to deserve all this. But nevertheless, it came as a shock when the tunnel beneath your feet sprang into motion again, this time in the opposite direction from before. Mere yards away from reaching her anus, you were suddenly yanked backwards as gravity took its course, and you rolled all the way back down to where you had started. Unnoticed by your host, a small gust of gas blew past your defeated form as you lay on the ground, beaten. Your efforts had turned out to be completely inconsequential, your fate decided entirely by the unaware goddess who kept you trapped in her giant ass. If that was how things were going to be, you saw no point in moving from this spot.


After some time had passed, the world around you finally became still. Maybe she's fallen asleep, you thought. Waiting a few more minutes to be sure, you got back to your feet and began your slow trek once more.

The heat and moisture inside the rectum bore down on you, your lungs heavy in the thick atmosphere. Though not quite as intense as the three hour fart session you had endured earlier in the day, this was no cakewalk. The smell of waste was unavoidable in here, much stronger than it had been from the outside, and eventually it won out over your stamina. Your legs buckled, and you dropped down on your stomach. You knew you had to keep going, but you simply couldn't muster the strength. All you could think about was this centaur's horrible butt and the terrors it had put you through. Even if you somehow survived this, you knew it would take a long time for you to fully recover. Really this was all Sophie's fault. If only she hadn't tied you up in the first place...


"Alright, first up on my route is... oh, hmm. This is a lake, isn't it. Well, okay! I know how to solve this, at least!"

Partway into her first delivery of the day, Trudy encountered an obstacle. The house she was delivering to just so happened to be at the bottom of a lake. Though unusual, this was not the first time she'd had an underwater delivery, and she knew just who to ask for help.

"Oh, you're home early. No deliveries today?" Juniper looked up from the sword they had been enchanting, its blade glowing a bright red.

"Oh, no, I've got one, but it's underwater again..."

"Ah. Say no more. Give me a moment to wrap up this fire sword and we can head out."

A short while later, the centaur couple arrived at the lakeside, Juniper carrying their sorcerer's staff with them.

"Okay, now remember, when I begin the incantation, focus on the lake. Or water in general is fine too. Otherwise the spell won't know what medium to apply the breathing effect to. Oh, and remember to hold your breath towards the end, too."

"Got it! Thinking about the lake, holding my breath." Trudy held her body tightly together, trying to clear her mind of all thoughts but the lake she was about to dip into. Juniper began to chant the words of the breathing spell, their own mind deeply focused. The edges of Trudy's body began to glow a dull green, indicating the spell was being applied successfully. But as the spell neared completion, a sudden noise cut through the air, a loud, bassy blast.


With all her efforts focused on making the spell work, Trudy didn't realize she had been clenching her muscles a bit too tightly, resulting in a violent eruption from her rear end.

Juniper, unfazed, finished the rest of the spell, slowly opening their eyes. "Well. I see the shrinking spell from yesterday has worn off. Do you want me to reapply it?"

Trudy's face flushed a bright red. She opened her mouth to respond, but remembered she was supposed to be holding her breath and simply shook her head no instead. As her oxygen ran low, she trotted over to the lake and dipped her head underwater, grabbing a big mouthful. Her lungs having successfully adjusted to breathe underwater, she flashed Juniper a thumbs up.

"As always, I'll be right here in case anything goes wrong. Have a good delivery!"

Trudy smiled at her spouse, then turned around and walked headfirst into the lake. This job could be so much trouble sometimes, but she still loved doing it.


You had slept fitfully, but well enough that you had the energy to resume your journey. Your nap within the panties had been much more comfortable, though a lot of things were more comfortable than your current situation, to be fair.

Just as you started walking, the walls around you lit up, reflecting a strange green glow coming from your body. What was going on? You really hoped you weren't about to start shrinking again. Not knowing what to make of this development, you tried to shrug it off, when all of a sudden a massive burst of rotten wind blew past you, absolutely flooring you. Unbeknownst to you, while the shrinking spell from earlier hadn't worn off for you, Trudy's gas had returned to its original size, meaning it was now ten times as powerful as it had been yesterday. The violent strength and smell was so overwhelming that it was all you could think about in that moment. "Is this how centaurs' guts act all the time?" you wondered between coughs.

The smell eventually died back down to the normal background levels of Trudy's colon, but your coughing fit continued. Your breathing became more and more ragged, your chest seizing. You flailed around, barely able to keep your lungs under control. That is, until another burst of gas flew past you. The scent was unbearable, but your lungs greedily sucked in as much of the fart as they could. As the gas traveled beyond you, however, you once again felt your lungs struggling to function. Putting two and two together, you quickly realized you needed to get back within range of the gas, so you began crawling deeper into Trudy's rectum, figuring her gas would be more concentrated on that end. Sure enough, you soon reached another small pocket of farts, your body instantly reinvigorating as soon as you huffed them down.

You couldn't believe what had happened to you. First you fall into this centauress's butt, then you shrink and fall into her colon, and now you have to constantly inhale her farts just to be able to breathe?! Liz, Sophie, anyone... Save me...

Chapter 4 - Mind Over Matter

"Phew!" Trudy sighed in relief as Juniper recast their earlier spell, allowing her to freely breathe air once again. Deep within the depths of her intestines, you noticed yourself glowing green in tandem with your host, sending your mind into a frenzied panic. Were you going to shrink even smaller? No, you remembered, this was the spell that made your lungs stop working before. You had to do... something! Maybe if you thought about breathing fresh air again? You focused your full attention on crisp, clean air, but right as you began, the unnatural glow of your body faded away, leaving you in darkness. Cautiously, you took a breath of the gas around you to see if you had been successful. You gagged at the awful taste of rotting vegetables, but your lungs held steady. Damn your slow thinking. Bracing yourself for another burst of stench as best you could, you resumed your struggles, regretting each new breath of fart fumes just as much as the last.


After stopping at home for some lunch, Trudy dragged Juniper off to their mutual friend Agatha's home. As she had promised the previous day, she wanted her spouse to lighten up and enjoy themselves more, and thought this might help. Soon the centaur sorcerex and the drider librarian were deeply engaged in conversation about some bestiary or another. Trudy did her best to keep up with the conversation for as long as she could, but neither of her companions let her get a word in anyways, so she simply sat down on the floor and watched them go at it, happy to see her spouse so lively.


As your captress sat fiddling with some knitting, you were given plenty of time to mull over your options. Escape was at this point definitely out, as you were pretty sure you wouldn't be able to breathe anymore once you got to the other side. Briefly you tried battering the walls around you, kicking, punching, and biting the lining of the colon. However, this elicited no response whatsoever, Trudy still completely oblivious to your existence. You were just too small to be felt. The whole time, you still had no choice but to gulp down mouthful after mouthful of rank farts as Trudy produced them. Your lungs were full of the stuff now, and you felt like it had poisoned your very essence. If you ever got back to normal, you knew you'd never forget the smell.


Juniper absentmindedly glanced out the window of Agatha's library, realizing with a start that the sun had almost set. "Oh, when did it get this late? I still have work to do today!" Trudy and Juniper quickly said their goodbyes and excused themselves, galloping off towards home.

"Shoot, I really gotta make sure I finish this enchantment tonight, it's on special order!"

"You've got time!" Trudy displayed a reassuring smile. "At least you had fun, right?"

Turning to look at their wife as they ran, Juniper smiled back. "...Yeah, I did!"


Arriving home, Juniper at once set to work drawing an ornate pentagram in colored dust on the bedroom floor. It took several minutes of careful arrangement before they were satisfied with all the fine details. As the client had requested, they carefully placed a jeweled goblet on one end of the circle, then uncorked a bottle of mead and poured a small amount on the opposite end.

"Want to know what this does?" they asked, turning their head to look at Trudy. But Trudy gave no response, already fast asleep in the time it had taken to construct the enchantment. Giving a light chuckle to themselves, they nestled in next to their wife, knowing the hard part of the enchantment was already complete. All they had to do now was wait a few hours for the alchemical infusion to set.


Trudy got up roughly, making no effort to shake the sleep from her eyes. She hadn't wanted to leave her bed at all, but she couldn't avoid nature's call any longer. Making her way to the door, she was suddenly caught by surprise as her back hoof loudly clattered an unseen metal object to the floor. Shocked wide awake, she immediately tried to back away, but her hooves met magic dust instead of the dirt floor she was used to, and her entire lower half buckled beneath her. She landed on her rump with a loud THUD, the impact of her butt with the floor dislodging a fart that she had been trying to hold in until she made it outside. Were it not for this, she might have heard a small, crystalline sound, a passive indication that an object's properties were being alchemically infused into another object. Instead, all the fanfare of Juniper's spell was drowned out by a quick but forceful BRRRTTT from Trudy's hindquarters.

All this deafening commotion naturally startled Juniper awake, and they jumped out of bed as soon as they realized what was going on.

"Awww, Trudy...."

"I'm really sorry!! I didn't see it, and my hoof slipped, and-"

"No no, it's my fault, you didn't even know it was there. I should have cast a nightlight charm or something."

"But now your thing's all wrecked..." Trudy started to well up, embarrassed that she had messed up Juniper's hard work.

"It's okay, really it is. The enchantment only takes a few hours, so if I redo it now, it should still be done in time to send it back to the client tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay, well if you have to stay up to fix it, then I'm staying up too. It's only fair."

"Alright with me." Juniper gave their wife a peck on the cheek. "...You're so good to me."

Juniper diligently recalibrated the infusion spell as it had been before, not yet realizing that the previous spell had actually been a partial success. The infusion process worked perfectly, but Trudy's sudden interruption right at its climax had caused some... unintended consequences.


You figured from the centauress's lack of movement that she had fallen asleep, and thought it best to follow suit, circumstances allowing. You laid down on your back, and tried not to think about the bizarre, slimy texture of the intestines you were lying on, or the horrible smell that was magically keeping you alive. After a short while, you managed to drift off...

You slept for a few hours, but had no dreams that night. It was as though you were asleep one minute, and awake the next. As you woke up and got up into a sitting position, however, you wished that you were still dreaming. Right in front of you, you could barely make out in the pale light leaking in from the outside world, an enormous, thick log. Given where you were, you immediately knew the only thing this could mean. Struck with fear, you backed all the way up against the anus behind you, but even relative to you, the gargantuan turd was only a few yards away.

All of a sudden you felt your world shake as your captress stood up, and you knew in your heart that your end must be near. Everything around you jiggled as Trudy walked towards the door, and your life flashed before your eyes for a brief moment before the whole world seemed to erupt into violent motion. You felt a powerful gust of fetid wind blow around the log of shit, now somehow above you, and past your body, through the anus as it opened underneath you. Consumed in a flash of blinding light, you closed your eyes as your ears rang with two sounds at once, one like an icicle shattering, and the other an all-too-familiar fluttering of cheeks. And then... nothing.


You opened your eyes expecting to see the inside of the centaur woman's panties once again, but instead you saw nothing at all. Taking stock of your other senses, you immediately recognized what the muggy smell in the air was. But how did you end up back here? Weren't you just...? You tried to take a step forward to get your bearings, but your leg wouldn't move. Where was your leg? Your arms? Where were you?? It was as though you were weightless, floating around within the confines of the centauress's colon with no control over your movements. Far ahead, you saw more light as the anus opened once again, followed by the unspeakable sight of the shit from earlier passing through. This confirmed your suspicion that somehow you had been teleported back into the depths of her colon, but how, and why? Your confusion only deepened as you were suddenly jerked forward by an unseen force, building and building in speed until you followed the shit out of the anus, the fart around you loudly clapping the surrounding ass cheeks together. You suddenly had a few precious moments of actual sight: you saw the forest, lit up by the moon, and as you looked behind you, you saw the massive ass of a horse dwindling from sight as you flew away from it. And then, before you could fully process what had just happened, you blacked out.


You opened your eyes to yet more blackness. The oppressive smell of the inside of the centauress's colon was back, this you knew. But you couldn't wrap your head around this newest spell, or what you assumed was a spell. At this point you figured this woman must surely be torturing you on purpose, but you had no way to communicate with her to beg forgiveness or demand that she stop. All you could do was wait for the next time you were blasted out of her ass, only to return here. Again. And again.


"It worked! Okay, check this out." Juniper held up the goblet from last night, its enchantment now complete. "Empty, right?" Trudy looked into the cup to confirm, and nodded. Slowly, Juniper tipped the goblet over, and soon mead came pouring out onto the floor, its source unclear.

"Whoa!! How'd you do that?" said Trudy, impressed.

"Alchemical infusion! Basically, I took the properties of mead, and fused them to this goblet. Now any time you want something to come out of it, mead magically appears!" Juniper gave a dramatic bow, and Trudy applauded in response.

"Alright, now that it's done, let's get this thing delivered."

As the two wandered off to the town post, you were left reeling at the state of events. What on Earth had happened to you this time? And more importantly, what would happen next?

Chapter 5 - Unexpected Salvation

It had been a few weeks now since your soul was embedded into a centaur girl's gas, seemingly the end of a horrific series of events that had sent you deep into her disgusting colon at a fraction of your normal size. You were aimlessly floating around her intestinal tract, reflecting on the events that had made your life a living hell, when you felt an uncomfortably familiar tugging on your shapeless form. You were soon drawn helplessly forward, unable to fight back or even move as your gaseous body flew through your captress's anus. Upon reaching the other side, you careened straight into the inside of her panties, your body splattering all over them and soaking into the fabric. With nowhere to go, your trapped consciousness could do nothing but stew in its own muggy stench. Just like the last few times, the centauress you now belonged to gave no indication that she was even aware she had just farted. Your existence was entirely beneath her notice, as it had been from the very start.


"Hey Juney, you ever messed around with divination spells?" said Trudy, breaking the silence of a calm summer afternoon. Juniper looked up from the book they were reading.
"A few times, a couple years ago. It's sort of a pseudo-magic though, depending on who you ask. Not always reliable. Why?"
"Oh, Cassandra and I were chatting the other day, and she gave me this little divination charm!"

Trudy held up a small, triangular trinket for Juniper to see. Inside of its metal rim was a smaller triangle, the two shapes connected by a thin rod. Their interest piqued, Juniper got up from the floor and went over to investigate.
"Whoa, this looks… rare. Never seen one before."

"Wanna give it a go?"

"Sure, as long as you promise it's not cursed." Juniper stuck out their tongue playfully.

"Of course not! Probably…" Trudy joked.
"Anyway, to activate it, she said you just spin the middle bit here!"

As prompted, Juniper reached out their hand and flicked the center triangle, causing it to spin lightly. Its spinning grew faster over time, its edges blurring, until a strange, shaky voice emerged from within.

"Juniper… your future career looks… promising." With only those few words, the charm deactivated, its inner triangle slowing to a halt.

"Well that wasn't much to go on. Nice to hear if it's true, though."

"Ooh! Me next!" Without a moment's pause, Trudy spun the triangle herself, eagerly awaiting her fortune.

"Juniper… your future career looks… promising," the voice repeated.

"Huh? That was just yours again! What a rip-off!"

Juniper laughed. "It must not have a targeting component to its spell. I guess it just picks a random person in the room. That's one way to cut corners."

"Well there's only two of us, so it's gotta pick me eventually! I'll just keep doing it," said Trudy, giving the triangle another spin, but once more, Juniper's fortune rang out.

"Come on, you stupid thing!" Trudy spun again.

"Chris… True happiness awaits at the end of a difficult choice…"

"...Chris?? Who the heck is Chris? This thing's definitely broken!!" Trudy continued to flick the charm in her hand in exasperation, but next to her Juniper's face went pale.

"Trudy… New friendships are on the horizon…"

"Yes!! Finally! Hey, that's a good one, too. Who do you think's gonna be my friend, Junes?" Trudy turned to look at her spouse, waiting for a response. "Juniper? You okay?"

"I have a feeling something is very wrong here."


Trudy and Juniper stood at their kitchen table, Juniper fiddling with a plain-looking glass ball as Trudy looked on.

"You sure we need to do all this? Cassandra said the charm was kinda old, and you said yourself that this divination stuff only sort of works! Sounds like a fluke if you ask me."

Juniper put a hand on their wife's shoulder. "Trust me, a spell that simplistic wouldn't just pull a name out of thin air, and it only works within a few feet. Which means, whoever this 'Chris' is…"

"Is in the room with us??" Trudy glanced behind her nervously. Juniper, in lieu of a response, wordlessly returned to the crystal ball, an urgency to their actions.

"Crystal ball, show us… 'Chris'." Juniper addressed the globe with a firm resolve. A cloud of smoke swirled within, and then… the entire surface of the crystal ball turned an inky black.

"Somewhere dark…?" Juniper thought aloud. They pondered what their next move should be, when suddenly the image changed. A bright light broke through the darkness as an aperture opened, revealing a brilliant sapphire color.

"It turned blue! What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm not sure, but if we can find this blue object, we'll have our intruder. What in our house is this shade of blue, though?"

The two centaurs set to work, scouring their house for blue items while keeping an eye out for anyone who might intend to ambush them. Their search proved fruitless, however, and eventually the two were forced to give up their search.

"Maybe it was a fluke after all. That makes no sense, but maybe it was. I'm going to deploy a protection ward, just in case."

"Alright, I'll just be changing over here. All that searching worked up a sweat!"

Hearing this, Juniper turned to look at their lover as she undressed, their eyes drifting down her back to the slope of her rear, neatly contained in a pair of sapphire blue panties.

"…Oh my god."


"There's nothing back there? I'm so confused!"

After putting the pieces together, Juniper had Trudy standing against the wall as they peered into her buttcrack.

"Hold on. The first image we saw was darkness, right? I think he's…"

"Don't tell me."

"I'm sorry, but I have to check. If he is in there, you'd want to know, right?"

"Yeah…" Trudy shuddered at the thought of some strange man crawling around in her ass.

"Just, I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but while I've got my head right here, whatever you do, don't-"

Juniper was suddenly interrupted by a loud rapping on the door. The sudden noise startled Trudy, and she squealed in surprise as her butt released some gas she hadn't realized she'd been holding in.

"Bleagh!!" Juniper reared back, shooting their wife a dirty look.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry Juney I promise that wasn't on purpose!!"

Collecting themselves for a moment, Juniper responded, "I still love you, of course. But after we solve this Chris business we've got to do something about your gas. This is ridiculous."

The same loud knock from before rang out again, turning the couple's attention back to the door.

"Ah. Right."


Upon completing another cycle of the spell, you were prepared to be catapulted back into the panties all over again, but as you came out of the anus, you were shocked to see a humanoid face instead of the usual underwear. In fact, you recognized this face as the one whose giant tongue had forced you inside this centauress's asshole several weeks ago and further intensified your torment. But before you had any further time to process this information, your flight path continued, and you were sent straight up their nose.


"Hold on, you don't know where he is?" Liz, Sophie, Kari, and Zelana sat around the kitchen table of the centaurs' home, having finally tracked down their missing party member after many weeks of searching.

"Well, we have a general idea, but we don't exactly know what's happened to him," explained Juniper.

"Wait, you do? Where is he then??" asked Sophie, excitedly.

Blushing, Trudy leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"Hahaha, that's our Chris all right! He always seems to end up places like that!" The rest of the party grinned at this, leaving Trudy and Juniper confused.

"Um… but yes, if we could perhaps get some privacy to um… retrieve him, then he should be able to speak with you as well."

"Of course. We'll wait outside until you're done," said Liz, answering on behalf of the party. She quickly stood up to leave, the others following behind with some reluctance.


"This is so boooring! It's been like, three hours, is Chris ready yet or what?" The always energetic Sophie moaned in discontent, pacing back and forth in front of the cottage.

"I know, I'm eager to see him too, but there's nothing we can do but wait," offered Zelana.

Soon the doors to the house opened, and a stone-faced Juniper stepped out. Without saying a word, they extended their open palms to reveal your form, intact and in one piece, though still only an inch in height.

As you looked up at the faces of your former party, as well as Juniper, and Trudy, quickly joining them in the doorway, you struggled to form words. It had been a long time since you had last spoken, or breathed fresh air, or even had a throat at all.

"C'mon Chris, let's go home," Liz suggested, breaking the silence.

When you still didn't respond, Juniper opened their mouth to speak, their expression suggesting they had thought carefully about what they were about to say.

"I don't think any apology will ever be sufficient for what we have done to you. I know I've broken several laws from the Treatise on Ethics in Wizardry the last few weeks."

"B-but we didn't know! Please believe us!!" Trudy interjected.

"If you can possibly find it in your heart to forgive us, we will do everything we can to make it up to you."

"We promise!!"

The six figures all looked down into Juniper's hands expectantly, waiting with bated breath to hear what you had to say after all this time…

Chapter 6 - A New Family Found in a Much Larger World

You turned to face the two centaur folk, one looking pale and visibly shaken and the other on the verge of tears, and cleared your throat to try to speak. "You two, uh… What were your names?"

Trudy shook her head as if snapping out of a daze. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, we never introduced ourselves!! You've seen the inside of my… and you don't even know my name!"

Juniper, seeing Trudy looking lost and distraught, went first in an attempt to keep the conversation moving. "My name's Juniper."

"A-and I'm Trudy! And again we're really sorry about what we did to you!!"

You addressed the couple with a sense of calm you had practiced over the last several weeks. "Trudy, Juniper, I forgive you." As you saw Trudy's face begin to soften somewhat, you thought to add, "Actually, I was starting to enjoy that a bit… At least towards the end. It was kinda… relaxing."

Hearing this, Trudy began crying for real, Juniper quickly reaching over to embrace her. Meanwhile, you were shocked at what had just come out of your mouth. Had you really meant that last part, or were you just trying to make them feel better? At this point you couldn't honestly tell.

From the looks on their faces, your party was just as surprised. "Chris? I thought you hated getting farted on! Have the fumes finally gone to your brain?" Kari blurted out. Presented with the sudden question, you had no idea how to respond. "I… uh…"

After a few moments of silence, Liz reasserted herself as the leader of the party, demanding, "We can figure the details out at home. It's time to go. C'mon Chris, hop into my hand." You looked at her outstretched palm, but you knew right away what your heart was telling you to do. "…No. I'm not going back with you, Elisabeth. From the minute I got to this world, you've made every decision for me. This time, I'm choosing for myself."

Turning your back on a dumbfounded Liz, you looked up at Juniper's face. "Um, you said you'd do anything to apologize, didn't you?" Juniper nodded in response, not completely sure what you were getting at. "Would you… let me live with you for a while?" Trudy looked over at Juniper, and for the first time since meeting them, you saw both of them smile. "Of course! We're glad to have you!"


One week later, you were glad you had gone with your gut. The centaur couple were the nicest people you had met in this world, never forcing you to do anything you didn't want to and always looking after your needs. You had thought that after spending a month in Trudy's panties, you'd harbor some kind of resentment towards her, but upon meeting her properly, it was clear she didn't mean you any harm, and it had truly all been a freak accident.

As you turned your attention back from your thoughts, you realized your face had gotten flush. Was this from thinking about Trudy's panties…? You tried to put the issue out of your mind for now. Wanting to clear your head a bit, you wandered over to the centaurs' bedroom, where you could hear them discussing something.

"Ah right, I forgot the healer's on a quest right now. I could do the shrinking spell again, but it only lasts a day, so I'd have to recast it fairly often."

"Shrinking spell?" You didn't like the sound of that.

"Oh! Hi Chris! Didn't see you come in. Don't worry, we were just trying to figure out a solution to that little… personal problem I've got," said Trudy. "Do you want me to put you on the desk?"

You nodded, and were soon standing on Juniper's work desk, about waist level with the two centaurs.

"I guess I could see if any of my artifacts would work for this… I don't know, healing magic is kind of outside my area of expertise."

Rummaging around in their numerous storage shelves for a while, they eventually pulled out a small wooden statue and held it in the air.

"Hmm, here's this scent totem. Maybe this could work?"

"What's it do, Juney?"

"It alters the perception of odors for a chosen target, so while we couldn't get rid of your gas completely, we could at least make it smell like something else."

"Sounds good to me!"

"The thing is, though, it only works on one person at a time. So that wouldn't really be fair to the two who get left out. Hmm, I'll see if I can find something else."

As Juniper went back to searching, you felt the gears turning in your head, and something stirring in your heart.

"Here's an enchanted cotton ball that… Wait, no, this is a regular cotton ball. Whoops."

You gathered your courage, steeled yourself, and spoke up. "Um, Juniper? I have an idea that could work."

"Really? What is it?"

"Well, uh, you said the scent totem only works on one person, right? Couldn't you use it on me and then um, put me so that I block the gas from escaping? That way only I would have to smell it."

Juniper and Trudy both stared at you in disbelief, amazed that you would suggest such a thing after everything you'd been through.

"…No way. We couldn't do that to you. Not after what happened."

"……Actually, Junes… Maybe he's on to something."

"Trudy?! Are you sure?"

"We can just try it for a few minutes, right? See if it works? And then if we don't like it, we can stop."

"Yeah, that sounds good!"

"If you two are absolutely sure, then okay. I'll get it ready."


Soon you found yourself back in Trudy's panties once again, pressed up against her anus (though thankfully on the outside this time). You heard Trudy shout from up above, "Okay, Chris! I'm gonna do it now!"

And just like that, Trudy's anus opened and expelled its gaseous waste all over you, a sensation you found oddly nostalgic. You took a cautious breath in, and were greeted with only the delicious smell of cooking bacon. You had picked that scent because you figured something savory made the most sense as a substitute. Immediately you wanted more, but Trudy instead took you out and brought you up to her face.

"Was it okay? We could still smell it a little bit, but you did help!"

"…Yeah, no, it was great! I could do it some more!"

"Okay! If you're sure! I'll check on you again in a few minutes!"

As the day wore on, Trudy, seeing that you were holding up just fine, gradually lengthened the time between check-ins until you were breathing in her gas for an hour at a time. Once dinner was being made, she took you out and let you wash up so you could join them at the table. This really was perfect for you, you got all the benefits of being in her panties, but she still knew you were there, and treated you like a person.

After a few days of this had gone on, Trudy was comfortable enough with your new relationship that she left you in her ass as she went to bed. You could hardly sleep, you were enjoying yourself so much, but after a few hours, you drifted off too. In this way, you officially became her live-in fart filter, though she still took you out for meals, bathroom breaks (for her), and any time you simply wanted to talk. At first, she also took you out whenever she and Juniper wanted to have some alone time, but as you got to know the two of them over the coming months, eventually they gave you permission to join them in the bedroom. After you admitted to her that breathing in her gas now gave you an enormous hard-on, Trudy also consented to letting you relieve that tension while you were still in her underwear. "I've got so much meat back there that it's hard to even tell that you're in there sometimes, to be honest!" she had said. You truly had everything you could ever ask for.

After about a year of your new life had passed, Trudy and Juniper answered the door one day to find your ex-party member Liz standing there. After a long apology on her part, she invited you to come back with her to see the others, which you agreed to on the condition that your centaur caretakers could come too.

The other members of your former party were amazed when they learned how you had been spending your time, and immediately wanted to borrow you for themselves. Sophie had jumped at the chance first, to which you responded, "Do you promise to play nice, and take me out if I ask you to?" Though she hated following rules, she knew she wouldn't get another opportunity if she misbehaved, so she begrudgingly agreed.

Eventually the others got in on the agreement too, and you arranged to visit them once a week so that everyone got a turn to use you how they wanted. Liz would take you out on missions with her, Kari grew to be one of the tallest giantesses in her people's history, and Sophie and Zelana gave you plenty of kinky, magic-fueled experiences.

Rumors eventually spread throughout the land of your existence, and visitors flocked to your home for a chance to try your services. Over time, thanks to this, you sampled every kind of gas the many races of this fantasy world had to offer, but at the end of the day Trudy's was still your favorite.

You still wondered sometimes if this had been your destiny all along, or if you were meant for a different fate and had simply taken a wrong turn somewhere. You recalled the human world you had left behind, and wondered if they'd even believe you if you told them where you'd been. Ultimately, though, you decided you could save such thoughts for another time. For right now, you had no regrets. You were truly happy.


"Hey wait, the scent totem isn't glowing anymore. We haven't checked on this thing in months! Can you get Chris out for me?"

Nodding, Trudy fished Chris out of her backside.

"Hey, Chris, it turns out the scent totem has been inactive for some time. Why didn't you say anything?"

"Wait, it has?"

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