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A Da Vinci museum object inspires a imaginative journey.
As I looked at the object Da Vinci designed,
I felt reverent awe and a chill in my spine.
I was carried on back to a time long ago,
in the presence of one man whose talent did flow….

…Leonardo Da Vinci’s great dream was to fly,
to construct a machine that would soar in the sky.
He designed many models and prototypes, too;
but he felt such dismay because none of them flew.

Leonardo is defined as Renaissance man;
genius diversely talented--motto: “I can!”
Painter, sculptor, musician, inventor for sure;
architect, scientist all add to his allure.

Since he was so enamored with the thought of flight,
he endeavored to apply those concepts, all right.
Helicopter was one--quite unique in the day;
he was truly ahead of his time, I daresay.

For in truth that is why there was no breaking through;
the technology at the time just would not do.
No machines were around to empower design;
but that hardly detracts from a beautiful mind.

Perhaps even the birds in the quaint countryside
somehow soared right above him in avian pride.
Leonardo had dreams that transcended all words,
even writing a codex* on flight of the birds.

He envisioned the future of flight as his dream,
and the paintings he painted still garner esteem.
Mona Lisa still grins from her canvas purview,
so perhaps she knew one day his dream would come true.

*A codex is a book made up of a number of sheets of paper, vellum, or similar, with hand-written content.

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