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My thoughts on hope
There is a saying ”hope springs eternal.” When I look at this saying and the definition of hope which is that of an expectation of a desired thing to happen, I would have to conclude then that hope is an eternal wanting or longing. Eternal meaning forever? Wanting something forever may sound like it is the right thing. For me it seems that it must be something that I will never receive, thus the forever wanting of the thing. Hope, then, can only be a resting place. It is okay to hope in the beginning; however, if hope does not lead to faith then hope will not bring the right results.

Hope is like the baton in a relay race. Faith is watching for hope. Faith sees hope coming closer and begins to run. Faith reaches back and grabs hope and hope falls back to allow faith to go forward. See? Hope cannot take you to the finish line. Hope has its’ place. The Bible says, “Now faith is the substance of things HOPED for…” In other words, hope has to lead you to a tangible, solid presence. So, what does hope mean to me?

Hope means I am on the way to being free.
Hope is the springboard to all things possible.
Hope means happiness and joy returning to me.
Hope means opportunity meeting destiny.
Hope means my passions can be fulfilled.
Hope means from everlasting to everlasting can be real.

There is another saying “keep hope alive”. This should probably be stated as “keep hope alive until faith connects” because once faith connects hope is no longer needed.

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