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I like censorship. Believe that? I've got some property in Antarctica to sell you... ;)
SCREAMS!!! Entry 1/27/20
Theme: I want you to kill me.
854 words

Muse rarely allowed Serpent to remember her visits to his darkest dreams, but she visited every night. Sometimes, she stirred up things that couldn’t be forgotten, and he felt the aftermath of her visits twitching his fingers in the morning, sending him to his keyboard to temporarily douse the burning reminder with an electronic flood from his fingertips.

Tonight, Muse crept around in his mind, uncovering other thoughts he believed safely tucked away. Nothing was safe from her, however. Such was her gift. She allowed the little monsters that were hidden in the dark cracks and corners enough shade to touch the light, slipping their fingers and toes into Serpent’s waking consciousness.

Muse shrieked in horror as she saw something that she didn’t much like on this night. It was a fence, locked with a padlock. She hadn’t seen this here before, and it angered her.

Muse wrapped her fingers one at a time over the wrought iron bars of the fence, until her grip was securely over them. She shook the bars. They rattled under her strength, but they didn’t give.

Muse’s lips twisted into a snarl, and claws grew out of her fingertips. Her irises flooded with glowing red ire. She pulled at the bars, feeling her strength crescendo as the resistance of the iron stoked the building inferno in the pit of her stomach.

Finally, the bars shrieked as the metal gave way to her enraged strength. Muse breathed heavily as she ducked into the widened opening between bars. What was here that Serpent didn’t want her to see?

She used her clawed hands to search around, raking into the ground back here, pulling up rocks and seeing what lay buried thereunder. What she found brought a dark sparkle to her glassy red eyes.

She grabbed the padlock holding the fence closed and bent it with her newfound strength until it fell away. Her head tilted back, and she shivered in angry ecstasy before blasting a raging war cry into the dark clouds above, forcing them apart to reveal a still blacker, starless night.

The cry gave her impossible strength, and she shredded the rest of the fence with teeth, with claws.

Smirking, knowing that victory was hers, she grew bat wings and flew to the edge of the shadows in Serpent’s mind. She did something she had never done before.

She fully entered the light.

She squinted in the unfamiliar sunlight. When her eyes adjusted, she saw Serpent’s eyes before her, wide in surprise.

“Serpent, a word?” It wasn’t a question. Muse wouldn’t be denied this day.

“Y-yes?” said Serpent, uncertainly.

Muse stepped toward him, the slit in her dress revealing a long, smooth leg. She slithered a clawed hand carefully up his back, then sunk their tips into his flesh, just enough to draw a hint of pain. She felt a single drop of blood well under each. She raised crimson lips to his ear.

“The only woman you should worry about offending is me. If I want you to use the C-word, then use the fucking C-word,” she whispered.

Her lips brushed his cheek as the left his ear. They hovered momentarily before his own lips, so close that he could smell the warmth of her breath and taste her lipstick. As Serpent felt the electricity of nearness from those lush lips, they floated to his other cheek, until they arrived at his other ear.

“I’m going to have to show you what happens when you try to prevent me from going where I want,” she said, sliding one hand up her exposed leg.

Serpent looked down to see the flash of a dagger in her hand, pulled from a hidden sheath on her upper thigh. Before he could react, she plunged it into his stomach.

Pain flashed through him. His hands instinctively clutched at his stomach as he dropped to his knees.

Muse extracted the silver blade and extended her long tongue, licking the blood from the sharp metal surface, shuddering with delicious delight as she tasted the viscous liquid.

“Now, when you wake, I expect more bat sex, ‘kay?”

She winked at him.

“I’ve got one more stop tonight. There’s someone else that’s thinking about putting up a fence. She’s got a name for hers. Some kind of D-word, I think? I need to break that shit down too.”

She sauntered off, placing her dagger back in its sheath.

As Serpent collapsed to the misty ground, his last breath blew a small bubble of saliva from the corner of his mouth.

He awoke suddenly in his bed, tearing his shirt off, examining his stomach. It was fine. He could still hear Muse’s whisper, feel the tantalizing touch of her luscious lips on his ear.

“Don’t forget… I’m all that matters. You’ve been warned...”

He ran to his keyboard, needing to get his thoughts down before he could forget.

“Human connection can only truly be powerful if it has no limits. Fuck. Limits.”

He stared at the screen, nodding slowly...
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